Juicy Beef Burger Recipe Cooked On A Traeger Grill

Juicy Beef Burger Recipe Cooked On A Traeger Grill

Hamburgers are easy to make, but some challenges come with them. So to make the process less hassle, you can follow this juicy beef burger recipe on a Traeger grill.

 When you have a Traeger grill, you can get the best results on any cooking style you want to do. They have very versatile grills that you can sear, roast, smoke, or grill anything on. 

Things are advancing with technology, and that includes our cooking appliances.

Traeger gives a perfect example of how this development goes with their advanced grills that are so easy to use.

Burgers are great on grills as they can get the right crust, so they do not break down when cooked.

They are easy to cook, but the challenge is to keep them juicy and tender when cooked.

You can cook frozen burgers or fresh burgers as long as you cook it for a right amount of time, you will get the best flavour on your burger.

 There are no secret processes behind this, but you need to master some skills to make juicy burgers.

With this recipe, we will be teaching you how to cook burgers with those results.

 Read on and follow the step-by-step instructions below on how to cook burgers and keep them juicy.

Here, we will be using a different technique than just grilling them straight on the grill. 


What You Will Need

 Maybe you already have a favorite mix of ground beef that you love making as burgers.

You can use that to not have to go through the hassle of mixing and grinding meat. 

However, if you are a beginner and just want to make burgers from scratch, you need specifics. There is a mixture of fat and lean meat that makes the optimal juicy burger. 

For this recipe, I recommend using 80% lean meat and then 20% fats.

That is everything you need and no other ingredients that you put to keep the shape of the burger patties.

You even have burgers with 73 27 ratio and if you like that then you can try this recipe with it as well.

 Some recipes might say that 7% to 10% fat is all you need, but that is too low. Just go with 15% to 20% fat in the mixture as not all the fat will be part of the burger, and it helps in making it juicy. 

For the cut of beef that you would want to use, I recommend getting either ground sirloin, ground rounds, or ground chuck. They have the best lean meat that is perfect for burgers. 

As for the seasoning, you need to always keep in mind that less is more. There is no need to add ingredients to help the burger patty get more flavors as it will overpower the meat.

Remember that you need to accentuate the meaty or beef flavor of the burger patty and not add any flavor.

So for me, the best seasoning for burgers is just salt and pepper, nothing else.

The other ingredients you need are the bun, cheese, and vegetables.

You can choose whatever you want or go with the more common lettuce, grilled onions, and tomatoes for the vegetables.


Juicy Beef Burger Recipe


Step 1: Prepare The Patties

 Once you get the meat you want for your burgers, you can start mixing them in a bowl and the fats. I suggest you request to grind the meat in the butcher shop for less hassle.

 You do not need seasonings here just yet; just make sure that the fats are distributed evenly throughout the lean meat.

2 pounds of meat will account for up to 8 large burger patties.

 Once you get to mix the fats and lean meat, you can then shape the burger patties.

It tastes best when prepared by hand, so you can control the firmness of each patty by pressing them together.

 Lay each burger patty on a cookie sheet, and then use your thumb to press a dent in the middle of each patty.

This will be helpful in the cooking process later as it helps cook the middle.


Step 2: Season The Patties

As I have mentioned before, seasoning the burgers do not involve other ingredients that add too much flavor.

Remember that the beefy flavor is all you need, and you just need to accentuate it. 

So with a simple and light sprinkle of salt and pepper on the burger patties, you will be able to season them properly.

Make sure not to overdo it, as you can season again later while cooking. 

However, if you want to go with the original Traeger recipe, you will need to purchase the Traeger Beef Rub and then add Worcestershire sauce to the mix and use it as seasoning.


Step 3: Preheat The Grill And Prepare Other Ingredients 

Once the patties are ready to be cooked, cover them with plastic wrap for a few minutes and while waiting, load up your Traeger grill’s pellet hopper with the pellet of your choice.

There are many types of pellets that you can choose from Traeger.

For me, I recommend fruity wood pellets for this recipe if you want a little bit of sweetness on the smoke that goes into it.

Apple, hickory, and cherry wood pellets are great for this recipe. Once you are ready to cook, preheat the Traeger grill and set the temperature to 180 degrees Fahrenheit and close the lid.

Wait for at least 15 minutes and if your grill has it available, use the Super Smoke feature.

This will help give the burger patties a more accentuated flavor and a smoky BBQ taste to them.

Prepare the other ingredients, so you do not have to worry about them later on.

Slice the buns in half, cut the vegetables to the right size, and then prepare the cheese if you are putting one.


Step 4: Cook The Burgers

Once the grill has reached the desired temperature, place the burgers inside the grill and close the lid. This is the smoking stage, so you do not have to do much in this part of cooking.

 Let them smoke directly on the grill grates for two hours, and then flip them at the one-hour mark. Keep the lid closed to get as much smoky flavor as possible and consistent heat.

 After two hours, check the burgers if they are cooked by inserting a meat probe into the thickest part of the burger. I recommend going for 145 degrees Fahrenheit for medium doneness.

However, you will need to remove the burger patties somewhere around 135 degrees Fahrenheit.

Let them rest for a bit on a cutting board and then crank up the temperature on the grill. 

Raise the temperature to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and then close the lid. Once the grill reaches the set temperature, grill the burger patties again for 15 minutes until they reach 145 degrees. 

Flip the burger patties only once at the halfway point, and then place the cheese on top, so it melts over the patties. After that, remove the burgers from the grill and let them rest.


Step 5: Rest And Serve

After cooking, it is crucial to let the burger patties rest before serving them.

Letting the burgers rest gives them the juicy finish that we have talked about as the meat starts to gather the juices.

Letting them rest for at least 5 minutes will give you some juicy burgers.

Arrange them with the buns and the vegetables, and then serve them while the burgers are still warm and juicy.



 As you can see, there are no complicated instructions on how to make the perfect juicy burger.

You can even make these juicy burgers on a gas grill, as long as you have a grill the results are going to be amazing. There is just something about a grill, makes everything taste good.

However, this takes practice, so do not worry if your burgers did not go well on the first try, 

Just remember not to overdo the seasonings, as the beefy flavor of the burgers will be enough. Make sure not to go all the way with fewer fats on the mixture, or the burgers will dry out. 

Letting the burgers rest is just as important as cooking them. By resting the muscles inside the burger, you allow them to absorb more of the juices, so always remember that before serving!

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