Prime Rib vs Sirloin Steak

Prime Rib Vs Sirloin Steak? Which Is The Better Cut?

When cooking with your grill, there are many cuts of meat to choose from.

I am here to answer your question “Prime Rib Vs Sirloin Steak? Which is the better cut?” for your next cookout.

I have had arguments with myself on this question since I have been cooking many steaks recently.

The different cuts of steaks that you can buy can sometimes be confusing.

There are cuts of steaks with fats on top of the meat while other cuts have a more incorporated fat.

What I mean by that is that you will see the lines of fats in between the meat.

These are only a few of the reasons why steaks are delicious and versatile.

The different fat content gives them different flavors that I enjoy and I think you do as well.

Fat content is also one of the major differences between prime rib and sirloin steak.

You get to see that from the first glance but there are some other differences that you need to know.

This post will explain to you the differences between prime rib and sirloin steak so you can easily decide on which cut of meat you would like to cook for your next backyard cookout.

What Is Prime Rib?

Let us start by describing each of the cuts of meat and see what specific things you can find in them.

Starting with the prime rib, you can mistake it for another cut of steak because of its look.

Prime rib is on the upper rib of the animal and it comes with a bone as well.

You might mistake it for a T-bone steak or a porterhouse steak because of the bone-in structure.

There are also other names for the prime rib and I recommend using these alternative names when you are looking for a prime rib cut in the butcher shop.

Some people also call it a standing rib roast.

Other people call prime rib the beef bone-in rib roast.

I find it easier to ask for the standing rib roast whenever I am in the grocery store or looking for it in the butcher shop.

The prime rib is the rib section of the cow and it contains ribs from 6 to 12. 

Prime Rib Steak

The cut makes it different as it includes the eye of the rib or the round part at the top of the rib.

A prime rib cut can also vary in terms of the number of ribs included. Small cuts include two bones or two ribs while other prime rib cuts can have all of the 7 ribs.

The outer fatty area is also included in the prime rib so you will find a large fat cap on the steak cut. This is what makes the prime rib delicious and tender even on direct heat.

What Is Sirloin Steak?

Sirloin is the cut from the back of the cow. It s not necessarily from the ass of the animal but instead, it comes from the top part where the rump is found and divided into two parts.

The top sirloin is a little more tender than the bottom sirloin. The top sirloin is also great for a healthier diet as it does not contain too many fats once you trim it on the outside.

Red meat overall is not considered healthy so the fact that I say something is healthier is all relative here.

Since it is the top-most part of the sirloin, the top sirloin only gets fats on the outside. When you buy one, you can easily remove or trim off the fats so you can have a lean, protein-filled meal.

The bottom sirloin is a little bigger than the top sirloin. The muscles on the bottom sirloin are more used and stressed during the animal’s lifetime giving the bottom sirloin slightly tougher meat.

Sirloin Steak

When you go to the grocery store and look for sirloin steak, you usually get the bottom sirloin. So I recommend going to your local butcher shop and asking for a top sirloin steak.

The bottom sirloin is bad since it still has some fats that can help make it more tender but you will have a slightly softer or more tender result with the top sirloin steak.

Although the sirloin steak is a prime cut of meat, it is also one of the cheapest.

That means that you do not have to break the bank to buy a high-quality steak for your dinner.


There are some basic similarities between sirloin steak and prime rib when it comes to cooking.

You need to first make sure that they come to room temperature before you start cooking them.

The most common way to cook these two cuts is to throw them on the grill and sear the outer part.

That way, you have a great crust that will add texture to the cooked meat.

You can also cook both of these steaks in the oven to make the meat even more tender.

You should also always use a meat thermometer or a meat probe to measure the temperature.

The difference between sirloin and prime ribs when cooking is the timing.

You would need 15 minutes to cook every pound for the prime rib, which is a lot since the prime rib is pretty big.

When roasted in the oven, the prime rib will take about 2 hours to cook.

This, however, gives the meat a tender finish so just measure the internal temperature for your preferred doneness.

As for the sirloin steak, the most common way to cook it is to sear it on the grill for a few minutes.

It does not take as long as the prime rib so it is a great cut for a quick meal.

Depending on the thickness of the sirloin steak and your desired doneness, it will take around 2 minutes to 5 minutes to cook each side of the sirloin steak.

Letting it rest is a key part as well.

Once done cooking either the prime rib or the sirloin steak, you can then let them rest to cook them further.

It will also give the meat a juicier finish as the liquids cook the meat.

Storing the cuts of steak is also similar.

You just need to place them in a clean container and seal them before putting them in the fridge or the freezer.

If you decide to store the sirloin or the prime rib in the fridge, they will last for only four days maximum.

Storing them in the freezer will give them a much longer shelf life that can last up to months.

Prime Rib Vs Sirloin Steak – Which Is The Better Cut?

If I were to choose, I would always go with sirloin steak.

It cooks quicker and is cheaper than prime rib, which means that I could cook it daily.

However, if I were to cook something for an occasion, I would go with prime rib.

It has less fat and the fats are in the meat, making it easily tender when cooked.

If you are not a fan of the fats in the meat, then the sirloin is your best bet.

It has a huge slab of fat on top, but you can easily remove or trim that before seasoning and cooking.

The choice depends on your preference or the occasion on which you are going to cook.

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