KBQ C 60 Review

KBQ C 60 Review- Is it the best Smoker out there?

With so many choices on the market right now, it can sometimes be hard to choose the right smoker that you want. It takes time and research before you can decide which is the best.

Thankfully, companies have been making improvements and innovations to narrow down choices, like KBQ’s C-60 Pit, a truly amazing smoker.

This smoker can make any professional happy, and it is also great equipment for beginners to make amazing smoked meats like a pro pitmaster.

The KBQ C-60 uses real firewood instead of gas, pellets, or charcoal. Just plain logs cut into smaller pieces to fit in the firebox of this amazing machine.

If you want to have that authentic smoky taste seep in every cut of meat, then we encourage you to purchase this smoker for a unique cooking experience as early as this part of the post.



The years spent on research and development have brought us this cutting-edge design that features simplicity without removing its performance quality.

As you may have experienced before, you would want a smoker with a slow and low-temperature cooking capability to enhance the smoke that gets in your food.

While this might be true, the mastermind behind the KBQ C-60 argues that you might get too much smoke in your food, causing black creosote, a compound made mostly of tar, might seep in your food.

That is why they designed the KBQ C-60 to have a fast-burning capacity so that it still produces smoke while preventing tar and soot from getting in your food.

So if you are already interested, you can read along and see the best features that the KBQ C-60 brings and why it should be the one that you choose.


The Boxes

There are three different boxes that you will find with the KBQ C-60. They have different functions, and we will dive into each of them and see what they bring to the table.


As you may have already guessed, the Control Boxwell is where you will control the temperature of the smoker and the heat as well as the smoke that gets in your food.

It contains features and controls that will bring the smoker to the smoker’s desired temperature to cook at its most efficient capability.

The control box contains two high-temperature fans who will control the draft and the smoker’s convection that will cook the meat inside it.

It also contains the temperature controller in the form of a dial-controlled thermostat. This way, you can accurately control the temperature inside the smoker.

It is slightly off compared to digital thermometers that you can find in most smokers and grills right now, but it does get close to the set temperature.

The control box also contains all the electronic parts, so when storing the whole smoker, you can easily remove the control box and set it where it will not get wet.


  1. The Firebox

This second box is where you will put your fuel in. it can handle a lot of wood so you would not run out of fuel, and cooking can last the whole day.

The firebox is 14 gauge 304 stainless steel, a high-heat and a high-durability kind of material to withstand the hottest temperatures that the smoker can get.

The firebox, weirdly enough, sits on top of the main chamber where you put the meat. There is a reason for this unique design that will blow your mind, and we will get to that later.

Although this smoker does not primarily use charcoal, the firebox has a charcoal tray recommended to be full before piling wood into the firebox.

The firebox will naturally need some air to keep the fire going, so the solution was to cut an opening in the middle of the firebox where it draws air inside.

There are also two valves on the firebox that function as controls for what type of smoke gets in the meat you are cooking.

The upper valve draws thick smoke into the cook box to create more flavor going into your food, while the lower valve gets clean smoke from underneath the fire and gets a moist finish on the meat.

The firebox also has its ashtray that can handle many ashes for cooking in the smoker for long periods.


The Cook Box

The Cook Box has a slightly different material used for building it. It is 18 gauge 430-grade stainless steel, which is durable and heat-resistant.

This smoker, take note, is a vertical smoker, so it only makes sense that the cook box or the chamber stands upwards with four sturdy legs to keep it steady at all times.

The door is hinged at the bottom and opens downward like the door on a conventional home oven. It has 12 inches 20 inches shelves where you can put grates or your classic steam pans.

You can adjust the height of the grates. You get 12 racks where you can place the grates or steam pans on to make more space for large amounts of food.

The diffuser column at the back of the cook box has a convection fan that will let the heat and smoke from the firebox and distribute it evenly inside the cook box.


The Inverted Flame

Since the firebox is on top of the cooking chamber, it allows the chamber to pull in heat and smoke from the firebox downwards. 

By getting the smoke from the middle opening, the smoke gets all the unnecessary stuff burned off.

The smoke gets to the bottom of the firebox, and in the process, the smoke comes out easily, leaving a clean blue smoke getting in the cook box for cooking the meat.

This way, the meat is cooked perfectly without having all the nasty soot and tar getting on your food, leaving a moist and smokey-flavored finish.



The AutoDraft feature helps the inverted flame in maintaining the temperature. This is where the chamber keeps the heat even without you adjusting the temperature.

The Draft Fan causes this process at the back, which automatically turns itself on or off depending on the chamber’s needs.

The heat drawn in by the fan will then combine with the natural convection inside the chamber, which makes the heat inside it as even as possible.

With this even heat, you do not have to rotate the meat inside. Even the meat at the bottom, farthest from the firebox, will cook simultaneously as with the one on the top rack.


Cooking Capacity

As we have already mentioned, the cook box has a large capacity and shelves adjusted into twelve different heights.

This allows you to put as much meat as you can to cater to a large group of people for when you are on a picnic or a gathering.

The cooking chamber has a whopping 60-pound capacity meaning you can get as much meat in the chamber as possible to maximize the space that the cook box provides.

When the twelve racks have fully equipped with grates or steam pans, you get 960 square inches of total cooking area for smaller or thinner meat cuts.

The adjustable shelves also provide flexibility for when you are cooking large meat cuts so you can adjust the other pans and give way for the large meat.


It Still Needs Attention

Although this smoker automatically controls the temperature, it is still NOT considered a set-and-forget smoker as you will need to do some things while cooking.

Of course, initially, you will need to prepare the meat that you will be cooking by yourself and then set the racks and steam pans to the proper height.

You will also need to keep an eye on the firebox as you need to refuel it every thirty minutes. You will also need a specific size of wood for the firebox.

The firebox burns the wood at maximum heat, so, logically, the firebox will run out of fuel in a short time. Therefore, you will need to refuel while waiting for the meat to cook.

The pieces of wood used for the KBQ C-60 are cut in a specific size, not larger than a typical brick but not as small as those used in pizza ovens and other grills.

Other than that, you can just set the smoker at the desired temperature, and it will automatically reach that temperature without you manually controlling it.


Pros of the KBQ C-60


Great Materials

Although the materials used in making the KBQ C-60’s firebox, cook box, and control box are different, they are of high quality and are rust-resistant.

This means that the materials would not flake away like paint, one of the most common problems in smokers when exposed to very high temperatures.

The materials are give a smoothe finish so you can clean them easily. So use them outdoors, and there will be no problems with cooking and cleaning them.


The Trinity Trademarks

The three trademarked features of the KBQ C-60 are pretty amazing. They bring a lot to the table and will help you consistently cook amazing smoked meats.

The first one is the trademarked Inverted Flame which handles the smoke from above and enters the chamber to create smoky flavors on the meat when they finish cooking.

Speaking of smoke, the second one is the trademarked Smoke Selector, which lets you switch from clean blue smoke to stronger, thicker smoke depending on your choice.

Finally, the trademarked AutoDraft uses two fans to create convection heat in the cook box, preventing cold and hot spots from occurring for a more even cooking.


Cons of the KBQ C-60

There is not much when it comes to the downsides of this smoker. However, we cannot just ignore those few, so here they are.


Log Sizes

You will need a specific size of wood to put in the firebox, and since you are going to refuel quite often, you will need to get those logs ready and chop them in the required sizes.


Uses Electricity

Due to the convection fans, you will need to plug it in an electric source to make it work. Therefore, you need to set it up where there is an electric outlet nearby.


Tricky Setup

While you need to set this smoker up in an area near an electric source, you cannot set it up near flammable materials.

So it is best to get an extension cord and set it as far from your house as possible since it uses open flames for cooking.



The KBQ C-60 has hidden wheels at the bottom of the cook box, making the heavy smoker easy to move for setting it up or for when you are storing it.

Since this smoker is a type of vertical offset smoker, it does not take up too much area in your yard, so even if you have a small space, it would not be a problem to set this smoker up.

The cook box’s large capacity allows you to cook up to 60 pounds of meat on twelve different racks, which can cater to guests up to 10 people or even more.

The racks also offer flexibility, so you can cook large or small pieces of meat at any height. Either way, the cooking time for the bottom and the top racks will be the same.

Since it is very easy to use and only requires refueling every half an hour, beginners can use this to make perfect smoked meat or barbecue. 

So whether you are a pro pitmaster or just a beginner in the game, you can go with the KBQ C-60 to create the perfect smoked meat for you and your family to enjoy!

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