31 Best Blackstone Griddle Recipes- You have to try them!

The variety of recipes that you can cook in a griddle is almost endless.

These 31 best Blackstone griddle recipes are among the options that I usually cook on my griddle. 

Blackstone Griddles are perfect for cooking hotdogs, burgers, and even steaks.

They also shine when you use them for your breakfast but you are not limited to those recipes alone as there is a lot to cook. 

Pancakes are my favorite to cook in my griddle since they are very easy to do.

I always revert to that recipe whenever I want a quick breakfast or simply enjoy pancakes with my coffee.

However, you get to cook a lot more than just breakfast food in the Blackstone griddle.

It is one if not the best brand for griddles in the industry and you should get one yourself.

 I assume that you already have one and you are just searching for quick ideas of what you should cook first in your griddle. Luckily, I have researched online for the best recipes.

I also have experienced making and tasting most of the recipes on the list, so I will make the description as realistic as possible so you know which you should cook.


1. Pancakes For Breakfast

 Starting with a simple recipe for pancakes, you will surely learn how to work that griddle properly.

These pancakes are not your simple pancakes in the morning but they are delicious.

I admit that I make these more than twice a week. With a mixture of buttermilk and sugar, this recipe will give you the energy you need in the morning to start your day the right way.

 You can edit the end product by putting syrup, whipped cream, butter, strawberries, blueberries, or anything that you want on the delicious pancakes. 

2. Steak Quesadillas

This recipe is something that you can do when you have a longer time for preparation.

 I usually cook this recipe on the weekend when I and my family have fun in the backyard.

The American steak and Mexican quesadilla combination in this recipe gives you the perfect meat snack or meal.

It gives you just the right savory taste and a bit of spice in every bite.

The steak quesadilla recipe also incorporates a little bit of Southeast Asian flavor, specifically Filipino by mixing adobo seasoning soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, and onions.

 3. Texan-Mexican Breakfast Haystack

Although the finished product might seem simple with just a mixture of ingredients, this recipe incorporates a lot of flavors that make the whole food full of delicious and unique flavors.

The combination of salsa, meat, and vegetables is perfect for a healthy meal to start your day. 

You also can make the recipe a bit milder if you do not like food that is too spicy.

Take a look at this recipe.

 4. Birria Quesa Tacos

One simple street food that I have experienced tasting is the Birria Quesa tacos, a combination of cuisines in the south American continent with all the spice and fresh herbs.

It comes with bouillon seasoning as well as chilis to give its signature heat.

It is perfect for those who enjoy spicy food but it is not that spicy that you cannot taste the savory flavor.

The fried tacos are perfect for adding texture to the food and the healthy vegetables added will make you feel less guilty with this very addictive food.

 5. Peanut Butter And Jelly French Toast

As you might have already observed, most of the best recipes to be cooked on a Blackstone griddle are a combination of cuisines.

This American and European combination is great breakfast food.

It uses milk and butter to make the toast a little sweeter plus strawberries to make it healthier. With the addition of peanut butter and jelly, you will surely love your mornings with this food.

DO try this recipe as it is easy yet gives a nice twist to the usual peanut butter and jelly toast.

 6. Waffle Monte Cristo

Aside from pancakes, my favorite quick breakfast is waffles. This recipe brings a twist to the delicious food by putting apricot, cheese, deli turkey, and deli ham into the mix.

While you get the familiar sweetness from the waffles themselves, you also get a savory and salty mix in between from the meat and cheese to wake you up for your upcoming day.

With softened butter and maple syrup on top, you will not have your waffles the same way after tasting this delicious recipe.

 7. Grilled Cheese And Avocado Sandwich

If you ever get tired of breakfast that is too sweet, then you can go with savory. Sandwich is one of the best recipes that you can cook on your Blackstone griddle.

This recipe includes a savory mix of cheese and avocado as fillings. The sour bread also adds to the flavor that makes it a little lighter in the stomach and makes you full.

 8. Grilled Green Goddess Wraps

The Grilled green Goddess wraps are a very healthy and easy meal to make on your griddle, the Grilled green Goddess wraps are perfect for making your kids eat healthier and delicious meals.

It comes with many herbs and spices such as parsley, onion, garlic, and baby lima beans to make the flavor savory. The lemon juice added to the recipe makes it even lighter.

Even the wraps used on this recipe are gluten-free so do not worry about adding body weight. You just need to grill it for a few minutes and you will have a delicious meal ready.

Check out thiss recipe here.

9. Sausage-stuffed FRENCH TOAST Roll ups

A great holiday treat to allow your kids to help with preparing the food. You can let them place the delicious sausages and cheese on the french toast and you can cook them on the griddle.

This recipe is really easy to make and it also adds healthy side dishes. With eggs and cheese on the stuffing, you will be having a savory meal or snack before the main course.

You will just need to cook the sausages first on the griddle according to the package instructions. From there, toasting the Italian bread will be a very easy task to do.

 10. Greek-style Chicken And Salsa

If you need a quick meal during the weeknights, then the chicken is there for the rescue. This recipe is quick and healthy to eat or make it anytime you want to have it as a meal.

Complemented with tomatoes, onions, cheese, mint, and many more for the salsa, this hearty meal is heavy enough to make you full but with light ingredients making it healthier.

The herbs on the salsa complement the savory taste you get from the chickenThe salsa is slightly sweet which counters the saltiness of the chicken for a burst of flavor in your mouth.

11. Chicken Fried Rice On A Griddle

Now if you want a proper meal, then you do not need a lot of side dishes. Just a mixture of beautiful aromatic herbs, rice, and chicken is perfect for any meal of the day.

This recipe is common for Asian countries and it is about time it gets its recognition. This chicken fried rice recipe is full of amazing flavors accentuated by the heat it is cooked in.

By using vegetables, eggs, and meat, you get a whole meal in one simple recipe.

The savory flavor is amazing and you can add your favorite type of meat aside from chicken.

 12. Bacon And Cheese Sandwich

Another familiar recipe that kids and adults love is the bacon and cheese combination along with the onion.

Making this recipe will give you a satisfying meal packed with saltiness and savory flavors in one bite.

The mayo added to the bread just made the recipe is also perfect to make a little twist. You can always add another spread of your choice if you do not like mayo as much.

The melting cheese that almost goes over the bread has a great texture to combine with the crispy grilled bread.

 13. Chocolate Protein Pancakes 

Even if you are working out, you still need sugar to help your blood and energy to recover. These protein pancakes topped with chocolates are not only delicious but are also really healthy.

It contains Greek yogurt with reduced-fat content and maple syrup to add to the sweetness of the pancakes. The recipe includes ingredients that are carefully picked to keep you in shape.

While it may not be your usual or daily choice for breakfast, you can introduce it to your friends and family who love to work out so they can still enjoy sweet foods.

Check out the amazing recipe here.

14. Mac and cheese smash burger

If you are having your cheat day then you can definitely enjoy this mac and cheese smash burger.

This is one of the juiciest burgers I have made and it is so filling and everyone in my family just loved the creamy mac and cheese in the burger along with the saltiness of the bacon.

You have to try the mac and cheese smash burger as it is one of the best recipes that I have tried.

It does take some time to make this but it is so worth my time.

 15. Sesame Salmon With Fennel And Orange Salad

 This is a proper meal filled with healthy sides and beautifully grilled fish. The light combination of oranges and crunchy fennels along with the salmon makes it a very satisfying meal.

 While the original recipe mentions baking, you can cook it on your Blackstone griddle. I had better results when I cooked the salmon in the griddle instead of the oven.

 The flavors come together really well and it brings you almost to the side of the sea eating a freshly-caught salmon while enjoying a light salad on the side.

16. Bacon wrapped meatloaf

This recipe is very simple to look and it was actually easy to make it as well. I love cooking outdoors on my Blackstone griddle when the weather is right.

This recipe is perfect to make when it is nice and pleasant outside and it is not very complicated as all you need is some ground beef and bacon strips.

Of course, there are other seasonings and ingredients as well involved in making the overall taste of this meatloaf so good that it will blow your mind.

It is one of the easy Blackstone griddle recipes and probably one of my favorites.

 17. CHEESY Quesadillas on blackstone griddle

This simple and light recipe is a whole meal with some ground beef. The savory taste from the cheese and fully-cooked ham are perfect for any weather.

It tastes great and familiar so you can have the kids help and enjoy the food with you. After a long day, you want a light meal before working again for dinner.

You can even have these as a whole meal.

Just a few of these tasty quesadillas can make you full, and since they are easy to make, you can also have them as breakfast.

 18. 30-minute Mediterranean Fish

While this recipe was made in a cast-iron skillet, I prefer making it in the Blackstone griddle. It is easier to mix it on the griddle, and you also have this extra savory taste and flavor.

You can choose whichever fish you want, from halibut, cod, or Mahi. These rather bland types of fish will become savory with vegetables to the mix and delicious seasonings.

Fish is easy to tenderize so cooking this recipe on the griddle will be extra crisp on the crust. Thus, adding texture to the fish makes the food more exciting.

 19. Fluffy Pumpkin Pancakes

This recipe teaches you how to make the whole recipe from scratch. You learn how much flour, sugar, and baking powder to use to attain that fluffy texture on the pancakes.

The pancakes are quite sweet so I love countering that sweetness by cooking some bacon on the side while the pancakes are being cooked so I do not get tired of the sweet flavor.

20. Methi Thepla

Methi leaves usually have a slightly bitter flavor but go well with Thepla. This recipe adds mint leaves to the flatbreads to accentuate the flavors even more.

You can eat the flatbreads after it is cooked as they are already delicious themselves. However, adding more to the mix will only make it better.

The recipe adds garlic, green chilis, and other spices that mix well with the flavor of the flatbreads and it tastes amazing.

It is a perfect snack that you can cook on your griddle any time you want so do check out the recipe here.

 21. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Why go out of the way for complicated recipes when you can make a simple, familiar, and delicious recipe on your griddle? That is what this recipe brings to the table.

The butter used for the sandwiches is perfect for adding flavor and making the bread crispier. The mix of cheddar and parmesan cheese makes the sandwiches even better.

The recipe also adds more types of cheese that go great together so you do not have to deal with a single flavor. The taste brings a party to your palates with every bite.

22. Quick And Simple Grilled Salmon

Fish is one of my favorite foods to cook on the Blackstone griddle.

Albeit adding some aroma to the cooking surface, fish is really easy to clean and this recipe is no different.

Combining very common ingredients for the rub, the salmon develops a rich flavor that everyone will enjoy.

Cooking Salmon on the Blackstone griddle is one of the quickest recipes.

 I recommend using a flat-top cooking surface to get a more even crust on the salmon. Do check out this amazing recipe here.

 23. Chicken Quesadillas

This recipe is something that you will surely enjoy. Not only is the video made by the seaside but the actual food looks and surely tastes amazing.

Combining cheese with chicken might not be the most common way to cook the protein but it is delicious. It is savory and the cheese gives the right saltiness to the chicken.

Adding other seasonings such as onion powder makes the flavors come out.

The recipe also uses ready-made flour tortilla wraps to cook a very quick and easy recipe.

 24. Philly CheatSteaks

From the name itself, this recipe is surely not for those trying to look after the amount of food they eat. It is a recipe that is full of meat cooked with herbs and spices.

The combination of meat fried on the griddle with onions is sure to make a savory meal.

The toasted buns add texture and one serving is enough for up to two persons.

 25. Chicken Kebab Patties

From the looks of it, these round chicken patties will make you drool. This chicken recipe is something that you can make on your griddle quickly and easily.

Cooking chicken kebab patties on Blackstone griddle is pretty easy and once you follow this recipe, you would be able to whip them up in a few minutes.

The chicken patties are full of flavor from the spices such as onion powder, garlic powder, cumin, paprika to give it a little bit of spice, black pepper, and the optional chili powder.

The great thing about this recipe is that not only does it make the chicken patties more delicious, but it also allows you to add optional seasonings such as chili if you want it to be hotter.

 26. loaded smashed potatoes

This recipe is not common but delicious and easy to make. It is a sure savory meal to serve with bell pepper, potatoes, and added seasonings such as grated onions.

The potatoes are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

The delicious combination of flavors can be served as appetizers or simply a meal any time.

27. Steaks On Griddle

You cannot go on the recipes you can cook on a griddle without steaks. This steak recipe is easy and the finish on your steak is almost always better than when you do it on the stove.

The Blackstone griddle gives the steak a beautiful crust and juicy interior. You just need the simplest of seasonings and the food will turn out great.

It is also easier to control the heat when you cook on the griddle.

That way, you get to adjust the steak’s doneness to whichever you want, and follow the video to get your steaks perfectly cooked.

Cooking Steak on a Blackstone griddle is fun, and the results are just delicious.

Cooking steak this way is one of the best things, and you should definitely give this a try.

 28. Cheesesteaks On The Blackstone Griddle

Bread, cheese, and meat are perhaps the best food you can cook on a griddle. That is what this recipe brings to you with the beautiful aroma from the seasonings.

It uses bell peppers and onions to give that slightly sweet flavor to the meat. The caramelized onions bring out the flavor of the meat and make the meal even more delicious.

Just stuff the meat and fillings inside the toasted buns and you have yourself a delicious snack or meal while you are chilling in the backyard.

 29. Smashburger On The Blackstone Griddle by The Gallery Backyard BBQ

Burgers are, of course, very common with griddles. You can follow this recipe and make the most delicious burgers combined with two types of cheese for your next meal.

Cooked in butter so the flavor of the meat gets accentuated, these burgers are perfect for a simple and quick meal filled with delicious flavors.

You can check out the recipe and video, which will guide you through.

It is a very simple recipe to get the basics of the process and then add your favorite ingredients later on.

 30. Big Easy Breakfast

This is a recipe that combines many different foods for a big yet easy-to-make breakfast. Bacon, sausages, eggs, sandwiches, tater tots, and toasts all in one big cooking process.

This is perfect for camping or just enjoying the weather in your backyard.

It is easy as all you need to do is to season and fry the food.

31. tortilla Pizza

This is one of my favorite quick and easy Blackstone griddle recipes. Pizza on its own is amazing but when you cook it on Blackstone griddle, the flavors go off the roof.

This tortilla pizza is easy to make yet it is so delicious and you can even make homemade pizza on a Blackstone griddle from scratch.

This is an easy Blackstone griddle pizza recipe so make sure you make it on your griddle.

Tortilla pizzas are easy, delicious, so do try this recipe and let me know how you like it.

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