Kitchenaid Vs Weber E-335 Grill- Better Propane Gas Grill?

Cooking in grills is probably one of the most fun activities to do.

With this Kitchenaid vs Weber grill comparison, we will be seeing which grill you can get for a better cooking experience.

 There are a lot of brands that claim they have the best grills on the market.

Unfortunately, this makes it hard for most users to choose which grill is the best, so we are here to clear that a bit. 

These brands produce high-quality grills as well, so they are on top of the list.

Kitchenaid 720-0953A grill 

 These two companies are already known worldwide, so they surely have grills and features worthy of being the top brands on the market.

That is why we are here to compare them.

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 We have chosen the Weber E-335 grill for this comparison while we got the Kitchenaid 720-0953A grill model.

These are great gas grills that have the best features from each company. 

We will be looking at the famous features included in these grills to see which one is better.

Read on as we will also be looking at how well they were when it comes to cooking.


Setting Up And Assembly

 These grills fall under the medium size of grills so they do not usually come fully assembled.

As a result, both grills need some work before you can cook with these amazing grills.

 They arrive at your house with some parts hidden within the larger parts.

That is why you need to assemble them first to become fully functional before cooking your favorite food.

 Both of these grills have shelves on the side that needs assembling.

After that, you just need to screw them in place and make sure they are sturdy enough to support a decent amount of weight.

 The doors on the bottom shelves also need to be secured with some screws to ensure proper installment.

Connect the wheels as well so you can move them around later on.

 From there, you can start securing the screws all over the grills to make sure that they are tight.

Some might have loosened during transportation so make sure that they are tight enough.

 After assembling the grills, allot at least an hour to season the grills especially the Weber grill.

It has a heavy-duty cooking grate so you will need to preseason it before cooking on the grate.

 Do this by firing up the grill and letting it reach the maximum temperature.

Once the grills reach their max temperature, let them burn for at least an hour to remove contaminants inside.

 There might be pieces of the box, paper, dust, bacteria, and other contaminants that have gotten inside the grills during transportation.

After that, you can start cooking with the grills.


Weber Specialty

 Weber is known for producing grills that have the best materials and technology.

As a result, you can be sure that you do not have to learn many things to use their grills.

 You can rely on features such as smart grilling and apps that the company provides.

They are easy to follow and use since they have the best technology you can find on a grill.

 They are also known for their amazing accessories that are included and sometimes sold separately.

There is an endless range of things you can do and learn with the grills of Weber.

Weber E-335 Grill


Kitchenaid Specialty 

On the other hand, Kitchenaid, known for producing multiple appliances that help you cook many recipes. As a result, you get powerful and versatile appliances that can cook anything. 

They are also known for their great design team that produces models of grills that can fit into any setting. Not only that but they also have grills that can even improve your kitchen’s looks.

That is why if you need appliances that will add beauty and functionality to your kitchen, then you should look into Kitchenaid and see what they can offer to make your kitchen functional.


Build Quality And Materials

 Both of these grills have stainless steel which is pretty noticeable at first look.

However, the sturdy look of these grills is seen in the design as they have a similar build and look.

 There are some shades of black on both grills, which means that they will fit any type of modern kitchen.

You can also bring more beauty to your backyard with the grills.

The Weber grill boasts its functionality from the design alone as it has a red indicator line on the knobs to let you know easily what temperature the grill is exactly on and on which burner.

The stainless steel build on both grills is perfect for outdoor cooking as they can resist any kind of harsh weather.

In addition, you can clean it easily, and they will not rust or corrode quickly.

Both of these grills have wheels which means that you can move them around easily.

You can cook in your backyard and easily bring the grills to your patio when it suddenly rains.

 The Weber grill is easier to move since it has a better and large wheel. By simply lifting the other two smaller wheels, you will be able to move the grill even on rough terrains or slopes.

The Kitchenaid grill has four small wheels that help it move. However, the small wheels supporting the heavyweight of the grill means that it can hardly move on soft ground or grass.


Cooking Space

 The cooking space will use the grill to make the best foods you want to cook.

You need to look for many things in a grill, and this is one of them. 

The cooking space of the Kitchenaid grill is one of the best stainless steel grill grates.

They use conventional round grates that allow you to cook anything and put sear marks on them.

Kitchenaid 720-0953A grill 

 The steel rods heat up easily so you can make the best steaks, burgers, and other cuts of meat with it.

There are many other recipes that you can cook with this great cooking space.

It also provides a decent amount of space for you to cook on.

The Kitchenaid grill has 645 square inches of cooking space which is large enough for a whole turkey or multiple steaks.

 The Weber grill has a slightly larger cooking space of 669 square inches.

 This can be extended with a warming rack and a side burner to cook multiple foods at a time with no hassle.

 You can also use the side burner to sear your vegetables for your meal while you cook the main dish on the main cooking space of the grill.

The grill grates of the Weber grill are also different. 

The cooking grate of the Weber grill is made out of cast iron and coated with porcelain.

This material does a better job of absorbing heat which means that it can put better sear marks.


Other Features

 There are also other features that you need to know about these two grills to see clearly which grill is better for you.

These are smaller features that can help you cook better recipes.

 The Kitchenaid grill has an electronic meat probe that allows you to measure the internal temperature of the food you are cooking.

As a result, you can adjust the temperature while your food cooks.

This is especially useful when you are cooking steaks as the temperature will determine the steak’s doneness.

You do not need to open the grill lid to see if your food cooks.

 The Weber grill boasts a technologically advanced feature to see what you need to know on your mobile device.

This is made possible by the iGrill app from Weber.

 It connects the thermometer to the app and gives you real-time measurements on your phone.

This is sold separately, but I recommend you get it since it makes cooking so much easier. 

The Weber grill also has “flavorizer” bars which is a feature underneath the grill grate.

It is an angled platform that burns the moisture from the food to bring the fumes back up.

 This helps in keeping the food juicy and full of flavor.

In addition, the bars angled so that they do not allow the drippings to hit the burners and extinguish the fire while you are cooking.


Cooking In The Grills

 You can cook with these grills, and it was really easy when I first used them.

The controls are easy, and I was able to be as creative as I wanted to be. 

Since both grills have separate controls for the burners, I could cook on two different spots at different temperatures.

As a result, I was able to cook vegetables and meat at the same time.

 The Weber grill was easy to use because of the app.

However, I did need to make sure that the food cooks perfectly looking into the grill to see if the food cooked the way I wanted it.

Weber E-335 Grill

The Kitchenaid was the same as it was easy to use, but it did not have the app option.

However, the internal temperature display on the side was helpful as I knew exactly how my steaks are.

It was pretty easy to cook with these grills as they were easy to control and they were able to retain heat as long as you do not frequently open the grills’ lid to check the food.


Cleaning And Maintenance 

 You should always clean the grills after every use to make sure they are ready for your next cookout.

Wipe the stainless steel outer parts and wash all the grill grates and warming racks.

 All the parts are safe to wash with water and soap.

However, I suggest you rinse the Weber grill grates more thoroughly as the cast-iron grates might absorb the smell and chemicals from the soap.

 After cleaning and discarding the grease from the grills, you need to cover them if you plan on leaving them outside.

You can also roll them inside a shed to protect them from animals.



 These grills are the perfect companion for your next cookout as they can cook any food you want in large quantities. They are great at parties and gatherings with your friends. 

If I were to choose, I would go with the Weber grill because of its more advanced features and it is much easier to use.

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In addition, it is powerful and is perfect for putting some nice sear marks on the food.

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The Kitchenaid grill can still do this, but the Weber grill does it better.

The thing is, it will depend on your preference so you can choose which grill fits your lifestyle better.

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