Leftover Pulled Pork Burrito Recipe

Leftover food does not mean that it no longer has the same quality as when it was first used just as long as you store it properly.

So here is a leftover pulled pork burrito recipe that you can use.

 Mexican food is one of my favorites as it is mostly filled with spices and different flavors.

You also do not need expensive ingredients as you can use commonly available ingredients. 

That is why it is only fitting that you use leftover pulled pork for your burritos.

This recipe is really easy to do. I manage to cook or make it at least once a week despite having a hectic schedule. 

So if you are also busy and want a homemade snack or a meal for your family while you watch your favorite shows, then this is the perfect recipe you can make at home. 

Check the leftover pulled pork if it is still good and safe to use before making the recipe.

Proper storing of leftover food is important so you do not put it to waste right away. 

So if you are looking for a recipe that will help you get the best Mexican snacks at home without ordering from expensive restaurants and expensive ingredients, then use the recipe below.


Leftover Pulled Pork Burritos


  • 380 grams of leftover pulled pork (you can use more depending on how many burritos you want)
  • 125 ml of BBQ sauce
  • 250 grams of cooked brown rice
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1/2 chopped large red onion
  • 1 red bell pepper
  • 1 juiced lime
  • 8 large tortillas
  • 120 grams of cheddar cheese
  • 400 grams of black beans
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • Coriander


Step 1: Cook The Fillings

Get a large pan that is big enough for all the ingredients for the fillings to fit in.

Heat the oil and then add the onions, garlic, and pepper, stirring them frequently to prevent burning.

Make sure that they soften evenly by stirring until the onion becomes translucent, this will take around 8 minutes. 

Add the remaining ingredients and then stir them frequently as well.

Put the rice, leftover pulled pork, and beans first.

Mix them well and allow the leftover to heat up a little bit and the rice and the beans before adding the other ingredients to the mix.

Once the rice and leftover pulled pork start to heat up, pour your favorite BBQ sauce into the pan.

Add the lime juice and chopped coriander as well, and then mix them well.

Do not forget to taste the fillings and season them accordingly.

While you wait for the BBQ sauce to heat up, prepare the tortillas that you are going to use as wrappers.


Step 2: Prepare The Tortillas

 Right before the fillings cook, prepare the tortillas by softening them.

Put the tortillas in the microwave for a few minutes to make sure they are softer before laying them on a tray.

 Fill up the tortillas with the fillings by using a spoon to place them on the wrapper.

Go bigger on the top portion of the tortillas and adjust the filling you put according to the size of the tortillas.

 Sprinkle some cheddar cheese on the fillings as well.

This will enhance both the texture and the flavor of the burritos once they are ready for serving.

Fold the tortillas by first folding the top part and then the sides.

Roll the tortillas tightly to ensure that the fillings do not fall off, and then set them aside as you do the same with the other tortillas.

Serve the burritos while they are still warm.


Tips And Notes

You can wrap the burritos in aluminum foil to hold them together more firmly.

This is easier and in my opinion, less messy as you eat the burritos as you remove the aluminum foil.

There are also other ways to make sure that you get to spend all the leftover pulled pork.

So say, you still have leftover pulled pork but you have run out of the other ingredients for the burrito.

 Just lay the burritos on a baking dish and then spread the remaining leftover pulled pork over them.

Sprinkle some of the cheese and then cook them in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

This will take around 20 minutes to 30 minutes depending on how brown you want your cheese to be.

You can also do this in the grill to get a slightly crispier burrito for you to enjoy.

If you want the burritos to be crispy, try frying the tortillas, but only after filling them with the fillings.

Heat some oil on a pan and then fry the burritos until browned. 

Flip over the burritos to cook the other side and then remove them from the pan once you get the browning and crispness you are looking for to prevent the tortilla wrapping from burning.

It is best to serve the burritos with your favorite toppings and sauce.

This recipe goes well with salsa containing some vinegar, tomatoes, cucumber, and onions.

You can also go with guacamole, greek yogurt, and even sour cream.

They can give the burrito a more familiar taste and improve the flavors that you get from the fillings.



 This recipe is extremely easy, and you can easily make it at home. You do not need expensive ingredients as you can see, so it is really fun to make, plus it does not take more than an hour to do so. 

You can find time to cook and prepare a decent meal even if you are busy.

Just make sure that you only use leftover pulled pork that is still safe to eat and not the slightly bad.

Always make sure that you store the leftovers properly so you do not get food poisoning from them. 

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