Pork Loin Recipe on a Pit Boss Pellet Grill

Pork Loin Recipe on a Pit Boss Pellet Grill

There is no need for you to go to fancy restaurants to get the best food.

You can do it at home with the help of this Pit Boss Pellet Grill Recipes Pork Loin guide that we have for you.

 Recipes online tend to have complicated instructions and ingredients for you to follow. Pork loin is one of the best cuts you can get and many guides require a lot of work.

 With this recipe guide, you will not need too many ingredients.

This is one of the simplest recipes that we have made and it is great for your next barbecue or meal outside the house.

 This recipe only has three ingredients which means that you do not need to find so many specific spices or other ingredients that you will need to use to cook this recipe.

 With the help of this recipe guide and your Pit Boss pellet grill, you will be able to make the best food for your family. We also made this recipe in detail compared to the original recipe.

 Pit Boss has this recipe on their website, but I thought it was too general, so I made a more detailed version following the same recipe and instructions to follow it a lot easier.


What You Will Need?

 For this recipe, you will need to choose the best ingredients since you will use only three. Do not go for mediocre ones especially with the cut of pork loin that you will use.

 Pork loin is one of the cheaper cuts of pork so it is bought first.

That is why you need to go early to the nearest butcher shop and make sure that you get the best cut before anybody.

 One way to determine a good cut of pork loin is by looking at the meat itself.

It is one of the leanest parts of the pig so there would not be too much fat in between the muscles or meat.

 That is why you need to look for a cut that has a relatively better marbling.

Make sure you buy the cut that has a few white lines in between the grains of the meat of the pork loin.

There will also be a fat cap on the pork loin which means that the cut of loin will be juicy.

The outer layer of fat needs to be there so you can take advantage of the juices inside it.

Do not worry about a thick fat cap as you can trim it later before you cook it.

You can also go with frozen pork loins if you have no other choice but will prolong the process later.

As for the seasoning, you need to make sure that you only get the rich flavor from all the spices you use.

However, with this recipe, you will only need the Pit Boss Pulled Pork Rub.

This rub is perfect for putting a nice barbecue flavor to the pork loin without overpowering the flavor of the meat. For a 3-pound pork loin, you will also need a tablespoon of olive oil.


Smoked Pork Loin In A Pit Boss Pellet Grill


3-pound Pork Loin

1/4 cup of Pit Boss Pulled Pork Rub

1 tablespoon of olive oil as a binder


Step 1: Prepare Your Tools

 You will need to prepare the tools and equipment that you will need when cooking for the first part. Aside from the grill itself, you will have to get the usual tools that you will need.

 For example, you will need a spatula or a pair of tongs to flip the pork loin while cooking. The tray pan, cutting board, and the other necessary utensils that you will use later on.

This recipe does not require too much work but you will also need some special tools such as a knife or a meat claw.

That depends on how you want to serve the pork loins later when cooked.


Step 2: Prepare The Pork Loin

 If the pork loin is frozen, you will need to thaw it first before preparing it.

Leave it in the refrigerator overnight so that it defrosts properly without other things contaminating it.

 You can also thaw it in the sink by placing it on a tray and let cold water run slowly on the meat.

Do not rush the thawing process with warm water as it can dry out the outer part of the loin.

 Once the pork loin is defrosted, get a sharp and flexible knife and then start scoring the fat cap of the loin.

Create a criss-cross pattern with at least an inch of space between each cut.


Step 3: Season The Pork Loin

 Once you have scored the pork loin’s fat cap, you can then drizzle some olive oil all over it. Season the pork loin by putting the Pit Boss Pulled Pork Rub all over the pork loin.

 Use your hands to get the rub into the spaces between the scored fat cap. Make sure that you get it all over the pork loin so that the flavor of the cooked pork loin balances later.

 Let the seasoned pork loin sit for at least 15 minutes at room temperature to let the rub seep deeper into the meat. Cover the pork loin with paper towels so insects won’t get to it.


Step 4: Preheat The Pit Boss Pellet Grill

 Get the best pellets that you want to use with the cooking process. There are many different options that you can choose from Pit Boss and they even recommend pellets for recipes.

 For this specific recipe, Pit Boss Pellet Grills suggest using their very own Cherry Hardwood Pellets. You can also use apple pellets as they will also give a richer fruity flavor.

 So, fill up the pellet hopper with the pellet of your choice and then fire up the pellet grill.

Set the temperature to 250 degrees Fahrenheit and let it preheat with the lid closed for 15 minutes.



Step 5: Smoke The Pork Loin

 Place the pork loin directly on the grill grates and then close the lid of the pellet grill. Let it smoke for 1 and a half hours to 2 hours to let the smoke seep into the surface of the meat.

 At the halfway point, flip the pork loin to ensure that it gets even heat and smoke on all sides. Insert a meat probe at the halfway point as well to measure the internal temperature of the meat.

 Once the pork loin reaches an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit, remove it from the grill and rest on a cutting board before slicing it and serving while it is still warm.

 Let it rest for at least 15 minutes and then use your knife to slice against the grain of the pork loin. You can also use a meat claw to separate the meat and serve it with your side dish.



 When you cook pork loin in a Pit Boss grill, you do not need to do so much. Just make sure that it is seasoned properly and you get the timing and temperature right before cooking.

Some of the recipes that we made on the Pit Boss grill are Pork Chops, Grilled Flank Steak Fajitas, Pork Tenderloin, Pulled Pork, Smoked Salmon, Turkey Breast, Ribs, and Pork Butt.

From there, it will all be easy as you only need to wait for the pork loin to reach the desired internal temperature.

Letting it rest is also essential as it will make the juices flow back into the meat.

So do not forget these pointers and follow the guide above to make the best meal for your family with the help of your amazing Pit Boss Pellet Grill and Recipe!

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