Has Lodge discontinued the Sportsman Grill?

Lodge Sportsman Grill Discontinued? – Better Alternatives!



Is Lodge Sportsman Grill Discontinued?

A short answer to the question is Yes. The Lodge Sportsman Grill is discontinued and this post is about other grills you can choose from.

 The discontinued model is often considered one of the best hibachi grills by many users. 

It is a very convenient and easy-to-use grill where you can cook the best foods right in front of you.

 Sadly the model is discontinued, you might want to look at similar other options.

Lodge Sportsman Grill

Lucky for you, we have the best ones on this post, and we will review every one.

 Some people mistake the Hibachi grill for teppanyaki or the cooking appliance with a flat cooking surface that you usually see in Japanese restaurants or street food places worldwide.

 If you want a true hibachi grill, all you need is food to cook directly on, and the space between the food and the fire is much closer than usual.

 It is a style of cooking that uses direct heat to cook food quickly. You also eat the food right away, that is why it cooks in front of you, so let us take a look at the best alternatives.

1. Heston Blumenthal Cube’s Everdure

 This one is a great hibachi grill that you can use when you are eating outside. This modern hibachi grill packs a lot of power and features while also being lightweight for transferring it.


What I Liked

  • Portable And Compact
  • Easy To Clean
  • Can Be Used On Any Surface

 Despite the already amazing features, what I liked most about this grill is the all-in-one feature. It has food-grade storage covered with a bamboo preparation board for your food. 

You can store charcoal within the grill and not carry extra if you are going out of the house to cook. You can also easily carry this grill anywhere you want to cook.

There is an integrated plaque under this hibachi grill which means that it does not heat up underneath. This helps to set up the grill and cook on any type of surface.

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 After cooking, there is not much need for cleaning. Just remove the food residuals, store the extra charcoal inside the grill and carry the compact hibachi grill ready for the next cooking.

2.Giantex Charcoal Grill, Portable Cast Iron Barbecue Grill

 This hibachi grill is unlike most charcoal grills as it is pretty large. You can cook many foods in it and despite its large cooking area, it is one of the cheapest options that you can find out there.


What I Liked

  • Budget-Friendly
  • Repositionable Grates
  • Aesthetic
  • Effective Vents


This hibachi grill is one of the most affordable grills on the market considering its size.

You can get yours from the large online shops at a lower price compared to other hibachi grills.

The best feature of this grill, or at least my favorite, is the 3 positions available for the grates. With the large cooking space, you can cook at high temperatures on one side of the grill.

You can then put the other ingredients on the other side of the grill at a lower temperature.

Two wooden handles also help you position the grill easily and more conveniently.

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With the two air vents underneath the grill, you will control the temperature and the flames produced by the charcoal fuel.

This is also where you can make two-zone cooking.

3. Kinka BBQ Diatomite Hibachi Charcoal Grill

 If you want to cook with two different temperatures in one grill, this is the hibachi grill that will fit your preferences. It is one of the best grills that can retain heat no matter what. 

What I Liked 

  • Sturdy Construction
  • Retains Heat Well
  • Unique Cooking Grate
  • Easy-manage Vents

This grill has diatomite material which means that it is very durable.

The diatomite along with black stainless steel that adds to the sturdiness and aesthetic of the grill.

 This material resembles chalk in its rawest form due to the powdery component.

This helps the grill retain the heat produced inside it and does not heat up on the outside.

 This hibachi grill has a wire mesh cooking grates instead of the common grids on the cooking grate, this means that you can cook smaller cuts of meat without them falling.

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 There is a large firebox that you can fill up with charcoal.

The firebox has two separate boxes, and you can control the temperature on each box for two-zone cooking.

4. Cuisinart CGG -180T Tabletop Gas Grill

 This grill is something that you can use indoors or outdoors. You do not need to worry about toxic fumes as this grill is properly built and uses propane gas to operate and cook your food.


What I Liked 

  • Portability With Folding Legs
  • Durable Build
  • Impressive Grill Grates
  • Easy To Manage

 If you want a grill that you can use when tailgating, camping or having a picnic, then look no further.

This grill is perfect for your travels as it is very compact and easy to carry.

 It is very portable and can fit in the tightest spaces in your car.

It has folding legs so it does not burn the surface that you put it on plus it has a very thick handle so you can carry it easily.

 The grill grate or the cooking grate of this grill is porcelain-enameled stainless steel, which you do not often see with portable grills, let alone hibachi grills.

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 It is very easy to control the temperature in this grill with the knob at the front.

You do not need to bring sacks of charcoals as you can connect this grill to two small propane gas tanks.

5. DINY Hibachi BBQ Grill

 This grill is the perfect grill for your next outdoor meal.

It is completely portable and you can bring it wherever you want to cook with the light materials used for the body and the grates. 

What I Liked

  • Very Light
  • Easy To Use
  • Adjustable Racks
  • Wooden Handles

Not only is this grill perfectly functional and easy to use, but it is also very aesthetically pleasing.

The black overall body made from heavy-duty steel matches with the brown wood handles.

You can see the handles on both the grill grates and the grill’s handle for carrying and the legs.

You can be sure that the heat will not travel to these areas of the grill.

 Speaking of the grill grates, you no longer need to pay too much attention to controlling the temperature as you can easily hook the grates to the height to adjust the heat they receive.

 The large holes in the firebox were also useful in keeping the grill clean.

All the ashes fall into the holes, and you can easily pull out the ash catcher underneath after cooking.

6. Cookmaster Hibachi Grill

 This is also a cheap option if you want to cook in small portions. This hibachi grill is perfect for any recipe with the features you usually find in larger and more expensive hibachi grills.

What I Liked 

  • Affordable
  • Durable Construction
  • Two-zone Cooking
  • Retains Heat Well

 This hibachi grill might not be the cheapest option on the market.

Still, considering the materials used in making it, it is worth every penny as it is very durable, powerful, and easy to use.

 The grill’s cooking grate and handles are all stainless steel. 

This is perfect for cooking meat as the food hardly sticks on the cooking grates while the handles do not heat up.

 The firebox of this hibachi grill is all enamel which means that no matter how hot the interior is, the stoneware does not allow the heat to get outside the firebox and burn you.

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 There are also two chambers in the firebox which means that you can set one box at a certain temperature while setting the other to another temperature for efficient two-zone cooking.

7. Jiaboyu Japanese Hibachi Table Grill

 This is another affordable option that you can buy if you want a hibachi grill. It consists of high-quality materials, so you can be sure that this grill will last for years with no damages.

What I Liked

  • Affordable
  • Beautiful And Durable
  • Portable
  • Has Its Stand

 This grill is perfect for your next indoor or outdoor cooking.

You can use this grill on any surface as it has a wooden stand that reduces heat transfer from the firebox to the table.

 It is especially important as the grill has aluminum alloy, which can absorb heat quickly, another benefit since your food will cook faster with it.

 The sides of the walls of this hibachi grill are painted with Japanese writings.

It is perhaps one of the most beautiful hibachi grills with the naturally dark gray color of the aluminum alloy.

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 It is also a portable grill since it is only 24 inches long. 

You can bring it to your camping trips, tailgating, and picnic tables so you can have freshly-cooked food anywhere you go.

8. Cajun Classic Round Cast Iron Charcoal Hibachi Grill

 This traditional hibachi grill is patterned or designed from the classic round Japanese hibachi grills.

It also has a pretty large cooking area so you can cook whole steaks on this grill.


What I Liked

  • Durable Build
  • Portable
  • Made Of Sturdy Material
  • It Is Pretty Heavy

 This grill is cast iron which means that it can be pretty heavy.

It weighs about 40 pounds, so you will need help carrying it, especially if it is full of charcoal fuel.

 The weight can be noticeable, especially that this grill is pretty small.

That means that you can bring it anywhere, but I suggest you carry it with nothing inside it as it can be too heavy.

 It is ideal for your next camping trip or tailgating trip. It can get hot as it does not have a stand or something that will stop the heat from transferring to the surface, making sure it does not burn the table.

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 The cast iron material used for building this hibachi grill helps it reach high temperatures while also retaining the heat you produce, so you also avoid using too much fuel.

 After cooking, you can easily clean out the ashes by using the damper at the bottom of the firebox.

There is easy access under it, so you can easily discard the ashes under the firebox.


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