PKTX Vs. PK Original Grill- The Better Charcoal Grill?

Grilling is one of the best ways to cook during summer while you enjoy the sunny days and breeze, along with some great food.

 This PKTX vs. PK Original grill comparison is about two of the best grills on the market.

 PK Grills have produced a lot of models that you can choose from. One of the pioneers of the construction, materials, and features is the Original grill model that is still available.

 It is one of the first models that PK grills produced, and many users are fond of this model. It is a very simple grill but has some features that you cannot find in ordinary charcoal grills.



The PKTX is one of the newer models, but it is not necessarily a new release. It is one of the grills made after the Original model and some improvements on the features. 

It is better for transporting and setting up, but it has downsides compared to the original model. So here, we will try to figure out which grill is better in what kind of performance. 

Read on as we take a deeper look into each grill’s simple yet amazing features and see which one is better at cooking. You can take notes to see which grill suits your lifestyle better.


Setting Up The Grills

 One of the many things you need to consider when buying a grill is the assembly and the setup process. Many great grills need a lot of effort and even professional help.

 Luckily, you do not need too much time or effort to get them ready for cooking with these two. Within 30 minutes or less, the grills will be ready for cooking the best recipes that you have.

 There are different setups for these grills, depending on the type of cooking you want. However, the general setup process of these grills takes less than 15 minutes with all assemblies done.

The cooking chamber itself is usually attached to the legs with the PKTX grill. You just need to secure the screws and make sure they will hold up when you put a weight inside the grill.


PK Original


You do need to get the Original grill ready by installing the legs properly. Once you screw all the parts together, a simple hook attaches the main grill to the legs, so it is also easy.

 If you would like to get your grill to cook something different, there are water pans in each grill model to cook at slow and low temperatures.

You also need to set up the vents properly to take advantage of the low smoke content of the fuel you are using. We will also be talking about that feature later on in this post.

 So as you can see, there are not many processes needed for the setup, and within minutes of the grills arriving at your doorstep, they will be ready for cooking in your backyard or the patio.


Building And Material

 There are many ways to compare these two grills, but before we get into the smaller details, we will first look at the more general look of the two and compare them by design and build. 

For most charcoal grills, the main material used for building their chambers is stainless steel. This is great since they absorb heat and distribute that heat into the grill to cook your food. 

However, it does not necessarily retain the heat, and it can cool down pretty quickly. That is why PK grills have produced grills made out of another material with better-retaining capability.

 Both the PK Original and the PKTX grills are all aluminum which is a better material for absorbing heat. The thick construction also helps in retaining the heat.

 Since aluminum conducts heat four times faster than steel, it can get as much heat as possible and redistribute it towards the grill grate and make the heat inside the grill more even.

The thick construction also helps the grill stay hot even when it is raining or cold outside. You can cook with the grills in any weather because of the insulation from the thick aluminum. 

 These grills have their stand, so you do not need a table to set them upon. Bring them wherever you want to cook and then fire them up; you will be cooking within minutes.


The Features

 This part of the post will look at the smaller or, the more subtle details on the grills. To be fair, these two grills do have the same look on them to be challenging.

While there are some obvious differences in the design of the stand, you cannot see the differences just by looking at the grills. So we will be looking at the features and comparing them.


Cooking Area

 The main space where you are going to cook your food is the grill grate. Both of these grills have the same grill grates, so there is nothing much to compare to that.

 The grill grates are 22.5 inches long and take up the whole width and length of the grill. It is in the middle of the grill chamber to make space for the smoke and heat underneath.

 The cooking grates are stainless steel, which absorbs a lot of heat to put some nice sear or grill marks on your food. This is also easier to use when it comes to grilling and cleaning.

 With 305.3 square inches of cooking space, these grills can cook a whole turkey or some steaks for up to 8 people at once. Perfect for a nice meal with your family and friends.



 Now, the main difference that you will see between the PKTX and PK Original grill is the stand that they have. They have very different stands, and so you can choose which is better for you.

 The Original grill has a squatty cart that has a side shelf as well. The cart contains a space underneath that you can use to store your tools or place some ingredients that you need.

 There are two stable legs with rubber bottoms to hold the grill in place, while the other two legs have wheels. This means that you can move around with the grill using the cart.


 Most users have complained about the cart being too bulky and sometimes gets in the way when transporting. That is why PK grills improved with this cart.

The PKTX no longer uses the classic cart on the Original grill. Instead, it has a foldable cart that has better handles and a more portable design so you can bring it anywhere you want to cook.

 The cart of the PKTX has high-quality stainless steel. This grill is perfect for your tailgating and camping trips as it is not that heavy and is also very easy to transport.


Cooking In The Grills

 The most important thing about this review is the cooking experience. There is not much difference between these two since they use the same capsule for cooking.

The main thing I liked more about the PKTX when compared to the Original grill is the height. I am a little taller than average, which means that I need something tall to cook on.

 The Original grill has 34.7 inches which is pretty tall for cooking, and I do not need to stoop or bend down to reach the food that I am cooking inside it.

 However, I find it great that the PKTX is taller with a height of 37.3 inches, as I could lean back a little when the grill gets too hot while also reaching the food that is cooking.

 The food cooked in these grills is great, and the fact that I could cook in many different ways was even more amazing. You can grill in them or smoke meat for a longer duration.

 The grill heats up like any other grill with charcoal under the cooking grate. Just place the charcoal evenly into the firebox and start the fire with the vents open to heat it.

PK Original

 There are four vents on each of these grills, so you can control them to set them at the right temperature. Two vents are at the top, while the other two are at the bottom in the firebox.

 I was able to cook in slow and low temperatures by placing the charcoal on one side of the grill and the water pan on the other. From there, I closed the vent directly under the burning charcoal.

 That way, the smoke, and heat will travel across the whole length of the grill chamber and slowly cook the food in the cooking grate. The water pan helped in keeping the food moist and tender. 


Cleaning And Maintenance

 There is not much needed when cleaning these grills as they can get up to high temperatures, which you can take advantage of and burn the food residuals in the grill.

 That way, you rarely need to wash the grills with water to avoid getting rusts on them. When needed, you can wash them with water and remove all the soot and food residuals.

 I would avoid using soap when washing with the heavy-duty aluminum build as it can absorb some of the chemicals and smell of the soap, which can be unpleasant when cooking.

 Just warm water will do, and then brush off anything that does not belong to the grill. Ensure to clean the grill every after use, store it in a dry place, and cover it, so it does not rust or gather moss.



PK grills have made simple yet truly easy and convenient grills to use. These grills are powerful enough to sear steaks in minutes while also being versatile enough to smoke meat.

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 The PKTX is my favorite between the two since it has a slightly taller stance and is more portable. You can bring this grill anywhere you want by folding it and rolling it with the stand.

 The cooking capabilities of both grills are pretty hard to compare since they both use the same chamber. So when it comes to power and cooking, you can go with either one of the grills.

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