Top 7 Best Kamado Joe Accessories

Top 7 Best Kamado Joe Accessories {you have to try them}

Kamado Joe has been dubbed as one of the best Kamado-style Grills on the market.

 In this post, we are talking about the top 7 best Kamado Joe Accessories that can help you make more grilled recipes on your Kamado with ease.

Their products have a lot of power and can be versatile as well. However, that does not mean that they stop with the main product as they produce a lot of accessories that can also help.

See, cooking in a kamado grill is fun, so why not add some more to that fun by purchasing the best accessories that are made for the Kamado Joe and make the cooking and grilling easier.

Kamado-style cooking started in ancient China with the concept of letting food cook inside a clay to make sure that they keep all the heat needed to cook the food.

Top 7 Best Kamado Joe Accessories

This way of cooking has spread all over the world and many manufacturers have made their own innovations. That is where Kamado Joe ranks best because of their creative features.

If you want to cook Kamado-style, then we recommend that you purchase one of the many models from Kamado Joe. They are all perfect for starters and even pitmasters.

When you already have a Kamado Joe Grill, then we suggest that you turn it up and get some of these amazing accessories that you can use for grilling, smoking, and many more.

Here, we have a list of the top Kamado Joe accessories that you can purchase. So go ahead and take a look and they will surely grab your attention and make you think that you can do more with your Kamado Joe Grill.

1. Kamado Joe Classic Joetisserie 

This Kamado Joe accessory is compatible with the Kamado Joe Classic, so if you have one of those, you should definitely try the Joetisserie accessory.

It is one of the best Kamado Joe accessories that you can use along with your Kamado grill.

That’s right, you can turn your Kamado Joe Classic into a nice rotisserie. 

This accessory is a motorized stainless steel rotisserie that continues to spin the meat while cooking.

It is fully automated and you do not have to turn the meat every now and then. With the steady and constant rotation of the meat, you get to keep all the moisture and juices on the meat.

It has a powerful 120V motor that does not make any sound. It is great for any kind of meat and the rod that holds the meat is very sturdy that it can handle up to 40 pounds of meat.

The Joetisserie fits perfectly on top of the Kamado Joe Classic Joe Grill and the fork within the wedge-shaped ring is adjustable so it can balance any size of meat making it the best Kamado Joe accessory.

2. Kamado Joe Electric Starter for Charcoal

Another one of the best Kamado Joe Accessories is this one can and it can be used in any Kamado Joe Grill that you have.

 Since Kamado Joe Grills use charcoal, you are going to need a starter that will light up the grill in no time.

It is made out of stainless steel and is designed to sit perfectly at the bottom of the Kamado Joe Grill. It can effortlessly light up the charcoal that you load up into the firebox.

Firestarters are the common way to light up charcoal grills. However, they are sometimes risky and they are messy because you need to get them deep into the charcoals in the firebox.

Now with the electric starter, you do not have to go through that hassle as you can just set the starter up and load up the grill with charcoal and let the starter ignite the flames.

It is so convenient that it just tops the list of one of the best Kamado Joe Accessories.I have a Kamado Joe Jr. and this makes it one of the best Kamado Joe Jr. accessories as well.

When you use charcoal as fuel, it is obvious that the charcoals have spaces in between them so you will need as many contact points as possible to make them fire up faster.

The Kamado Joe Electric Starter is triple-looped meaning it offers maximum surface contact so the charcoals in the firebox are heated up properly and evenly to start the fire quickly.

The Electric Starter offers a 600W of power. Enough to light up a full load on the firebox, plus, it has a three-year warranty for your comfort.

3. Kamado Joe Updated Classic Grill Cover

The Kamado Grills are pretty heavy so if you decide to set them up in an area where it is exposed to rain and sun, it is most likely going to stay there for a while.

So, do you need a cover for Kamado Joe, well it depends on where you live. I always recommend using a cover for Kamado Joe.

In my head, I never had this question so the answer to – do you need a cover for Kamado Joe is always going to be a YES from me.

So although the ceramics and other materials used to build the Kamado Joe grills are of high quality, they still need to be protected from long exposure just to make sure that their integrity is kept.

That is why Kamado Joe produced the updated and branded Kamado Joe Cover to protect the grills from the sun and rainwater that might deteriorate the ceramics and other parts of the grill.

This Kamado Joe Cover is obviously water-resistant and is designed to perfectly fit the Kamado Joe grill.

It can be put on the grill easily just by sliding it and the same motion can easily take it off.

When the weather is windy, you do not have to worry about the Kamado Joe cover being blown off as it has easy and quick-connect straps to hold the cover in place.

It really holds up and it has a handle at the top to make it even easier to put on or take off. It does not fade even after years of exposure to sun and rain.

This is one of the most important and best kamado joe accessories and you need to get the right cover for the kamado joe model.

I have a Kamado Joe Jr. and this makes it one of the best Kamado Joe Jr. accessories.

This cover will help prolong the lifespan of your Kamado Joe grill and it also helps in keeping the grill clean to make it look good as new as every time you use it.

I got this Kamado Joe accessory on Amazon and it is the best investment. 

If you wonder where to buy kamado joe’s accessories then you can buy all Kamado Joe accessories on Amazon or their official website.

4. Kamado Joe Big Joe Half Moon Cooking Grate

So since the Kamado Joe Grills have only one source of heat, there might be some other recipes that you want to be cooked at the same time but with different heat.


This is where the half-moon cooking grates take place. They are part of the “Divide and Conquer Cooking System” of Kamado Joe and they are very helpful.

This is for someone who loves to cook in more than one way on their Kamado grill, making it one of the best Kamado Joe accessories.

With the half-moon cooking grates, you can sear steaks at the bottom rack and use these grates to grill some vegetables or heat up some food that was cooked earlier.

These half-moon cooking grates are made out of stainless steel so they will not rust no matter how long you get them exposed to the fire and the moisture from the foods you coon ion it.

With the half-moon cooking grates, you have the opportunity to cook with a multi-level and multi-surface cooking area to make dinner faster.

5. Kamado Joe Classic Joe Half Moon Reversible Griddle

This accessory will truly let you cook multiple recipes at the same time. It truly does so well when you are cooking many recipes with different temperatures and durations.

It is specifically designed for the Kamado Joe Classic Joe grill and is made out of cast iron. It is also reversible so you do not have to clean it when you need another griddle to cook on.

It is also half-moon so this means that you do not have to remove a whole rack to cook in it. You can go ahead and cook with a half-moon grate on one side and this half-moon griddle on the other.

This accessory can also fit with the Divide and Conquer system so it allows you to cook in multi-leveled areas at the same time for more flexibility.

It is perfect for searing meat as the lumps on this griddle effortlessly drain the grease from the meat as well as all the moisture that is not needed when cooking.

6. Kamado Joe Pizza Kit

If you love making pizza on a grill then this is the best Kamado Joe accessories.I love this one as it helps me make amazing pizza on a Kamado Joe.

The smoky flavor that you get when you grill a pizza is unbeatable and hence you have to get this Kamado Joe accessory.

If you really want a Kamado Joe accessory that will allow you to get the maximum versatility of your Kamado Joe grill, then this Kamado Joe accessory is one of the best and you should definitely invest in it.

The Classic DoJoe Pizza Kit accessory is a great cast-aluminum pizza kit that can make your Kamado Joe grill even better than home ovens when it comes to cooking pizzas.

When you are trying to cook a Neapolitan pizza, you will need a temperature of about 900 degrees Fahrenheit and as you may have already noticed, you cannot achieve that in a home oven.

So Kamado Joe made an innovative pizza kit with a distinctive wedge shape that allows it to reach temperatures of up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit and retain that heat for a long time.

This Pizza Kit also includes a pizza stone made out of ceramic and it is perfect for pizzas or when you want to make other baked goods.

The pizza stone acts as the base for cooking. It perfectly retains the temperature inside the grill and absorbs the moisture from the crust of your pizza to make it crispy on the outside.

7. Kamado Joe Cookbook: Hot Coals

While this might not sound like an accessory that you will be installing into the Kamado Joe, it is still really helpful. It also has the same purpose and that is to make the Kamado Joe cooking better.

So now, you have purchased your new Kamado Joe grill and that is a great decision. So all you need is to master how it works and in no time, you will be making the best foods out of it.

This cookbook features 13 techniques to let you master Kamado-style cooking. It also specifies some techniques that you can apply to a Kamado Joe and be better with using it.

Some Honorable Mentions

Joe Blow Electric Starter

This Kamado Joe accessory does not have the ability to light up the charcoals on the firebox. However, it can make heating up faster by using hot air through a powerful fan.

So this is the perfect combination for the electric starter on the list above. You get to light up the charcoals with the Electric Starter and speed up the heating up process with this blower.

It also fits perfectly at the bottom of the Kamado Joe grill so you do not have to manually fan the charcoals. It will also keep your hands clean so you can prepare the food while the grill is heating up.

The Grill Expander

Aside from the Half-moon Grill Grates that Kamado Joe offers, they also have a grill expander that adds up almost 60% of space to the total cooking area.

It can be one of the best kamado joe accessories if you are looking for more cooking space on your Kamado Joe grill.

This is perfect for parties where you need to cook for many people. It offers a lot of extra space so you can cook multiple meals and foods at the same time.

It is made out of stainless steel which is very durable and sits on top of the grates of the Divide and Conquer Cooking System to give you more area for cooking.

Kamado Joe Pizza Stone

Pizza stones are great for making that crispy finish on the crust and chewy texture on the inside. That is why we are so glad that Kamado Joe has its own pizza stone.

If you do not already own a good pizza stone then this is one of the best Kamado Joe accessories for someone looking for a Kamado Joe Pizza Stone.

Just like their grills, the pizza stones that Kamado Joe produces are made out of ceramics. This allows them to retain heat for a long time without breaking.

With the help of the pizza stone, you can cook a wood-fired pizza on the grill. It absorbs the excess moisture on the crust so you create a perfect pizza every time.

The porous nature of the pizza stone also makes it perfect for almost any topping on your pizza. So you can put vegetables and meat on the pizza and the crust would still be perfect.

The Chicken Stand

Beer-can Chicken is a pretty common recipe when people are having barbecues on the weekends.

 So Kamado Joe made a nice tribute to the recipe by providing a Kamado joe accessory for it.

The chicken stand that Kamado Joe produces can handle over 5 pounds of chicken and the can of your choice. This is a really fun recipe that you can do in the Kamado Joe grills.

This recipe helps keep the moisture on the chicken while in the grill and infuse some flavor from the beverage of your choice.

So it is nice that Kamado Joe considered making an accessory to accommodate this amazing recipe.


If you own a Kamado Joe grill and you want to get started with cooking, then you can just go and grill or sear in it as it produces so much power that is enough for almost any recipe.

But you can make it better if you have accessories to help you ease the job. That is why Kamado Joe has produced these amazing accessories that are listed above.

You can make different recipes at the same time with the grates that Kamado Joe provides. They also removed the hassle of manually lighting and blowing the charcoal to heat it up.

Plus, you get accessories that are specifically designed for a particular recipe like the pizza stone and the chicken stand which is very great so you do not have to improvise.

There are other accessories such as the thermometer that Kamado Joe sells but those accessories are really replacement parts since they are included in the grills when you purchase them.

If you wondering where you can buy where to buy kamado joe’s accessories then you can buy them on Amazon.

So if you are looking for a better way to cook in an already amazing grill, get these affordable accessories that Kamado Joe provides to help you in your grilling!

I hope you found the best Kamado Joe accessories in this list that suit you best, if you have more let us know in the comments below!

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