How to choose Kamado grill

How To Choose Kamado Grill? {Tips+ IMportant features}

Kamado grills are famous for their ceramic build and these cookers are excellent in absorbing heat. 

If you are buying a Kamado grill, this guide on how to choose Kamado grill will help you pick the right grill.

It is essential to know how to select and choose a Kamado Grill for you to know how long it will last, how much space it needs, and if your backyard can accommodate it.

There are only a few factors to consider when you choose Kamado Grill but they are all essential and you will need them to get the best out of the money you spend.

Kamado Grills are sometimes very expensive but it is almost always worth the purchase only if you choose the right Kamado Grill.

So you will need to know exactly what you will get for the grill to last long and I have put together this list that will help you pick the best Kamado Grill for yourself.

How to Choose a Kamado Grill

So, what is a Kamado Grill?

Kamado-style cooking, first invented in China, is a technique most superior so that it evenly produces heat, durability, and the overall cooking.

Because of these features, along with many more, Kamado-style cooking has spread worldwide and innovations have been made to make them more elegant, yet function the same.

Kamado Grills are slowly evolving and some manufacturers have made a metal version of the grill.

The ceramics are still more popular because of their ability to create an evenly heated interior.

Slowly, these amazing grills are making their way to the top of the list of the best grilling equipment.

They are known worldwide and they can surely make your life easier.

Despite their popularity, all of us may know what they really are or are just starting to do so, and now, you want to make a purchase but you are not sure which.

This post will give you all the information you need to consider to purchase the best Kamado Grill that you can find and that will fit your preferences.

So without further ado, here are our guidelines for how to choose a Kamado Grill.



The important factor on how to choose a Kamado grill is the setup area you have available.

If you have a large backyard or patio, you would not need to consider this as you can buy any size of the Kamado grill.

But you will need to consider the size of the grill if you have a small space.

There is also the difference between the setup of the Kamado grills themselves.

Aside from the shape and size, their stand can be considered as a space-taking factor.

First, you have to know the right measurements of your patio or your backyard space where you plan to set the grills upon.

From there, you will have a better idea of which grill stand to buy.


Nest for Kamado Grills

The first type of stand for Kamado Grills is the cart type and the other one is the nest like you see on   the Big Green Egg.

Best Kamado grills come with the nest type stand and this stand makes setting up and moving around the grill easy.

All companies produce this type of stand for their Kamado grills and it saves up a lot of space.

These so-called nests are just basic stands that are not wider than the grill themselves. So if you buy a free-standing Kamado, then you would not need a lot of space.

These nests are also mobile since they have wheels that will allow you to move the Kamado grill easily when storing or when you want to reposition it to a better and more accessible space.

Along with mobility, Kamado grills with nests are also great because they do not always need to be under a roof.

You can set them up outside and then just cover them or move when not in use.

The downside, however, of having a narrow cart that holds the Kamado grill is that it can easily tip over when you are moving them since they do not have big wheels. 

Built-in Kamado Grills

This is creating the space and the stand for the Kamado Grill to be set up in. 

You can do this by choosing from two different ways. If you are going to choose a Kamado Grill for yourself then this is going to be helpful.

The first one is the drop-base which is the space in a cutout. 

This means that you can set the grill beside your other appliances outdoors by cutting a wooden or concrete set.

This cabinet design allows the grill to be set on the right height with more stability and it also allows it to get the proper airflow by having an opening for full airflow access.

The other thing is to make a drop-in space for the Kamado grills. 

This technique requires opening another hoe for airflow and cleaning so this one is a bit more tedious.


2. The Shape of the KAMADO Grill

The main thing about Kamado Grills is that they are measured via their diameters because most of them are round. 

However, other grills differ in their shape for versatility.

They still pack the same power but they can cook in two different ways. You will need to look at which shape fits your standards better.

Of course, there is no need to say that the shapes are amazing and can cook in the same manner, but there are some differences worth discussing.

It is difficult to decide which shape of the Kamado is makes the best Kamado Grill because both have their pros and cons.

So do read up on both these shapes in order to pick the best Kamado Grill so that you can choose a Kamado Grill for cooking.


Round Kamado Grills

This is the more common shape for Kamado Grills. 

The Big Green Egg, which is the most popular Kamado grill and the Kamado Joe Grills are all round-shaped.

This setup or shape brings a center point for the heat to build up.

How to choose Kamado grill
Big green Egg Kamado Grill

This way, the grill produces an evenly-distributed heat even in areas without direct flames.

This even heat is perfect for almost all kinds of cooking. 

You can bake, smoke, or sear in this setup and it will all turn out great because of the uniform heat distributed inside the grill.



Oval Kamado Grills

Primo is a the pioneer of oval-shaped Kamado Grills.

While it might sound weird at first, oval Kamados have a very special feature that a round-shaped Kamado can hardly do.

The purpose of having an oval shape is to create uneven heat.

Pretty ironic, right? Maybe, maybe not but this is perfect for cooking different recipes all at once.

Don’t get this wrong, the oval-shaped grills can still produce and even heat inside them but the oval shape specializes in creating two areas in the grill with two different temperatures.

This is called dual-zone cooking where the firebox is installed with a removable divider to load it with only half part of the firebox leaving the other half empty.

This way, one side of the cooking grates will get direct heat from the fire while the other side can cook by letting the heat roll over the lid and back to the grate.

You can only do this efficiently with the oval shape. 

See, you get to manage the heat by concentrating it on one side to sear meat while you cook vegetables on the other side.

The round Kamado Grills can do this by modifying the grates just like the Kamado Joe’s half-moon grates but they do not do it as efficiently as the oval grills.

So, when you choose a Kamado grill it is important to choose the right shape that fits your needs and preferences.


3. Material USed to make a KAMADO grill

There are also two common materials used in creating a Kamado Grill. One is the more common ceramic and the other is made out of lighter metal.`

They can both reach high temperatures but they also have differences. So if you want to take a look, here is our comparison of the two.

So when you buy a Kamado grill, you have to choose which material of the kamado grill is more preferable to you making it an important aspect while you choose a kamado grill.


Ceramic Kamado Grills

Ceramic is the more common material in making a Kamado grill. Ceramic absorbs so much heat and distributes it along the body evenly.

Despite the amazing capabilities of a ceramic grill, it has some downsides. One is that even with the smaller ceramic Kamado Grills, they are all very heavy.

This means that you need to take good care and precautions when handling them. You need to avoid slamming the lid on the body to not create cracks on the ceramic.

They are also sensitive to heat meaning every time you fire them up, the ceramic parts of the grill will have micro-tears that will eventually weaken the entirety of the grill.

However, companies have made efforts to resolve these issues. For example, Kamado Joe has produced the AirLift Hinge in some of their products that will assist you and take most of the lid’s weight.

They also created fireboxes with multiple parts so that when the ceramics are heated, they can expand more and if one part breaks, it would not damage the other pieces of the ceramic.


Metal Kamado Grills

Metal Kamado Grills are more durable and lighter than ceramic ones. This means that you can move it around easily so you can change the set-up any time you want.

The best ones are made with cast-aluminum which is highly durable and heat-resistant. They can withstand rain and sunlight and even saltwater so they never rust.

Since they are made with metal, they can also produce more heat than ceramic ones but they radiate this high temperature up to the surface and outside the grill itself.

You will need some protective gear when handling the metal Kamado grills to prevent burns and other accidents. 

The downside with metal Kamado grills is that they are not as efficient as ceramics when it comes to fuel. They use up a lot of charcoal to heat the entire interior of the grill.

They also do not retain as much heat as ceramics. See, metal grills cool down faster so you will need to avoid opening them constantly when cooking.


4. Accessories and Other Features

It is important to know what comes with the grills when you purchase them. Kamado grill Accessories are important to make the workload lighter when cooking.

Here are some of the accessories and features you might want to consider finding in a Kamado grill when planning to purchase one.


The Nest on a KAMDO GRILL

This is one of the most important accessories that come included in a Kamado Grill. Even though you will set up your grill in a built-in island, you will still need this to move it during emergencies.

It also acts as the actual stand for the Kamado grill if you do not have a decent top for the Kamado to be set upon.

So when choosing a Kamado grill, I will always recommend that you go with one that has this nest case in which you can move around your grill.


Side Shelves on a kamado grill

Side shelves are a great addition for a Kamado grill as they help you make space around the grill for when you are preparing or simply letting your food rest.

This means that you will not need another table for preparing your recipe and it can come in handy when you want to place some cookware near you.

It is very handy when Kamado grills have such side shelves as I can even hang my cleaning and cooking tools on either side of the grill. 

These two are 


5. Cleaning a KAMADO grill

It is important to maintaining clean a Kamado grill for it to last for years. One step in maintaining one is to always keep it clean to produce food with the best quality.

You should consider getting accessories such as grate grippers and an ash tool.

This way, you can clean the ash and the food residuals from the interior of the grill.

You can also thoroughly clean the grill grates and I usually do a deep cleaning once in two weeks if I cook often or once a month.

Always read the manufacturer’s label on the do’s and dont’s on the cleaning of a Kamado grill.


The Vent

Kamado grills have an airway under them to suck in the air needed for the embers to heat up. They also have vents on top to control the temperature.

It is always good to find vents that are easy to control and have protective hoods. The hood will block all liquid such as rain from entering the grill and disrupting the temperature.

So if you have a Kamado grill with a great vent and a hood, then you can use it even when it is pouring outside.


6. Price

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when you buy a Kamado grill, or any item for that matter, is the price and the budget that you are willing to pay.

The price of a Kamado grill is not always cheap. You just have to be observant and always find the best deal to get what your money is worth.

That is one of the reason I created this post to help everyone understand how to choose a Kamado grill so they get their money’s worth.

One way to do this is to ensure that you get the most accessories you need with the grill.

It is a bummer when you buy an amazing grill and do not have the proper tools to operate it or you need to pay extra.

I always look for the best deals and you should do the same. Sometimes, I visited multiple websites to get the best deals on these grills.



Kamado Grills are becoming more and more popular and you should consider getting one. 

They are very versatile cooking equipment that can handle lots of recipes.

They can get up to very high temperatures where you can even cook authentic pizzas in a Kamado grill and go as low as the heat you need to smoke a rack of honey garlic ribs.

We know that purchasing one is a hard struggle and that is why we wrote this post to give you some pointers on what to expect from a Kamado grill before purchasing so you don’t settle for anything less.

Just be vigilant, make sure that you inspect the overall body of the grill, and get the best deal that you can get to make sure that the grill is worth all the money.

You can follow the guide written above and you will get a great Kamado Grill from those guidelines.

It will all boil down to your preference but it is always nice to know about the item and what features you get when you purchase something.

So keep these in mind when you are shopping and enjoy your new grill!

I hope now you have a better idea on how to choose a Kamado grill and get the best deals out there!

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