Ooni Koda 12 Vs Bertello Pizza Oven- Pizza Oven Review

Pizza is nothing new to most of us; it is very delicious and fun to make. This post is all about Ooni Koda 12 Vs Bertello Pizza Oven, the two best outdoor pizza ovens.

Yes, pizza is delicious, but not everyone and not every appliance can cook it. You need to get and know certain things before you can perfect a pizza in one cooking.

It only gets even more complicated when you want an authentic pizza since there are rules before you can call a pizza an authentic one. So yes, it is simple and complex at the same time.


Ooni Koda

With that said, the first thing that you need to consider when getting an appliance that will cook your pizza is the appliance that can achieve the highest temperature from the options.

That way, you can be sure that it will cook the pizza in the fastest way there is. The Ooni Koda and Napoli Bertello pizza ovens are examples of what pizza ovens should be.

These are portable pizza ovens that you can certainly use in your backyard. They can heat up pretty high and cook your pizza to perfection, so let us see what they have.


The Set-Up Process: Easy And Convenient

As mentioned above, these pizza ovens are portable, meaning you do not need much effort to move them around. They are also pretty easy to set up, so you can do it by yourself.

There is not much assembly needed with either of the two pizza ovens. They come out of the box pretty much assembled, and you only need to do a few things before you get cooking.

They are pretty similar, so once you pull them out of the box, you can then slide their dedicated pizza stones in, connect the hose to the propane gas tank, pull the legs out and then cook.

That is pretty much all you need to do when setting up the pizza ovens. They both have collapsible legs, which means that you can put them on any type of surface or tabletop.

The legs help make the pizza ovens safe from burning or damaging the tabletop they are on. It also means that if you need to use it on a wooden table on your patio, go ahead.

In less than 20 minutes, you will be able to cook with these pizza ovens. Ooni suggests putting at least 3 feet of space on all sides of the Koda; I recommend the same with the Napoli Bertello.

They are both meant for outdoor use, so just to be sure that there are no accidents, make sure that you set the pizza ovens up in an area where they are a bit far from any flammable object.


Ooni Koda 12 Vs Bertello Pizza Oven

Where Can I Use It?

The most viable place to use these pizza ovens is in your backyard or on your patio. The backyard option is the best when you have the perfect weather without too much wind.

The patio option is what I observed to be the better option when the weather is a bit cold or too windy. That way, you will not have to deal with the loss of temperature inside the pizza ovens.

However, you can also bring these pizza ovens anywhere you want. They are very portable, and you can fit them in your car so you can bring them over to your friend’s house and cook pizzas.

They are also both great for tailgating or camping trips. Their foldable legs and portable design, such as the lack of a chimney and other protruding features, make them great for traveling.

Their shells are also both powder-coated, which protects them from any weather. The amazing coating helps the pizza oven maintain heat and resist corrosion from both the rain and sunlight.


How Do I Heat Them?

Pizza ovens are the best option that you can get for having an authentic pizza. While that may be true, not all of these pizza ovens can produce authentic Neapolitan pizzas.

You must fire the pizza oven with wood to keep it authentic.

That is only available with the Napoli Bertello pizza oven. It is one of the unique pizza ovens because of this feature, while the Ooni Koda is a bit common with its propane gas option.

It is not that bad since propane-fueled pizza ovens do a great job of cooking pizzas. The Napoli Bertello even uses propane gas with its initial burner.

That is right, although the Napoli Bertello uses wood, it does have another option for propane gas. It can even combine the two and use the gas to heat the oven while also using wood.

This attachment comes with the product, so there are no additional costs or purchases needed. The Ooni Koda comes in with an installed gas-burner attachment and a dedicated regulator.

So when it comes to authenticity, the Napoli Bertello pizza oven takes over. It can make amazing pizzas with the wood option’s help and the consistent heat from the propane gas.


How Powerful Can They Get?

It is a no-brainer as these two pizza ovens are examples of the most powerful burners in any pizza oven on the market. They can produce high temperatures in just a few minutes.

Both pizza ovens can get up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit, which is pretty powerful and can cook pizzas in less than two minutes. That is great for pizza parties at your house.

The Ooni Koda pizza oven goes a bit higher at 932 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing it to cook pizzas in just 60 seconds. The Napoli Bertello pizza oven also claims the same max temperature.

However, when tested, the Napoli Bertello only went to around 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Nonetheless, it was still able to make the pizzas cook in just 90 seconds with perfect crusts.

Both of these pizza ovens also do not have problems with heating up. They both took only 15 minutes to reach their maximum temperature and start cooking the pizzas you put inside them.


How Are The Pizzas Cooked?

The wood from the Napoli Bertello option is helpful as the coals fall right on the pizza stone. These coals help replace the heat that is being released by the stone into the oven.

It also means that the pizzas cook evenly from all sides. The same goes with the Ooni Koda as the burners’ heat tries to replicate charcoal in replacing the heat on the stone.

With that said, the pizzas cooked in these pizza ovens were not that different from each other. They both cooked pretty fast, and the bottom of the pizzas was charred to perfection.


Because of the intense heat that both pizza ovens release, the crust was able to rise quickly, therefore releasing excess moisture inside, and the finish was a crispy crust.

It did make a difference having the wood-fired option on the Bertello pizza oven. It cooked the crust faster, and the sides had a nice browning, but it was not too far from the Ooni Koda’s pizza.

While cooking in these pizza ovens, you should always remember to rotate the pizzas now and then. That way, you will not burn one side of the pizza when cooking.

Since both pizza ovens produce amazing heat and since both of their burners are at the back, that side is usually hotter, so make sure to use a pizza peel and then rotate the pizza every 20 seconds.


How Do I Clean And Store Them?

Since these pizza ovens do not have a large body, you can store them in a small cabinet. They are also lightweight, so you do not have to worry about your storage cabinet collapsing.

Cleaning them is very easy, and there is a way where you will not need water. Once done with cooking, you can leave the burners on at maximum temperature for at least 1 hour.

The heat and the longevity of the fire will eventually kill all the bacteria in the pizza ovens. It will also burn away any food residuals stuck inside the pizza ovens, especially on the pizza stones.

Once you have heated the pizza ovens, take the pizza stones out and then use a brush to remove the food residuals. You can then wipe the shell of the ovens and store them.

You also do not have to worry about the ash when you use the Napoli Bertello pizza oven as it has its ash-catcher—making it easy for you to get rid of the coals and ash once done.

You can also opt for a cover if you do not want to put it inside the storage area every after use. Both covers of each pizza oven are sold separately by their respective manufacturers.

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What Else Do I Get?

One important thing that you need to remember when shopping for your pizza oven is the accessories you are getting. Make sure to maximize your budget and get all you can.

The Ooni Koda is one of the simpler pizza ovens, which means that it comes as it is. It has its gas regulator, a pizza stone, and of course, the pizza oven itself out of the box.

The Napoli Bertello, on the other hand, has a lot more options as it has its pizza peel included in the product. It also has several burner attachments for the multi-fuel option.

You get the gas-only burner, the wood-only burner, and the hybrid burner, where you can combine wood and gas in cooking your amazing pizzas for the maximum authentic taste.

Both pizza ovens come with a cordierite pizza stone known to be far more durable than ceramics. It is one of the best pizza stones as it can retain and redistribute heat very well.

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Pizza ovens are great since they allow you to cook your pizzas at home. They can be the perfect companion for making other recipes as well since they are very versatile.

The Bertello pizza oven is a great pizza oven that is portable. You even can use wood in cooking when you are camping and run out of propane gas.

The Ooni Koda comes from a company considered by many as the best pizza oven maker in the industry. That is why it is made of high quality and performs very well.

Both pizza ovens are great, and it is really hard to choose between the two. It all comes down to your preference, so make your choice; neither of these two will disappoint you.





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