Cooking Burgers Using 73 27 Ground Beef

 There are many ways to cook burgers and there are also many appliances that can cook burgers.

But how does it go when cooking burgers using 73-27 ground beef for burgers?

You have to remember that the most important thing about cooking burgers is to make them juicy.

You do not want a burger that tastes like sand or wood shaving because of the dryness.

To do that, you need to have the right temperature and cook the burgers at the right timing.

If you cook them too quickly, you will get a slightly browned outside and raw interior.

Cooking the burgers for too long can cause them to dry out and even get burnt on the outside.

So you need to make sure that everything is correct down to the fat content of the burgers.

See, cooking burgers starts with the process of making the patties.

You do not need a burger that is all lean meat and no fats in it as it will taste beefy but it will also quickly dry out when cooked. 

So here, we will look at how a 73-27 burger does and see if it is truly juicy enough.

We will also look at the best way to cook your burgers and the best ratio of meat to fat.


Is 73-27 Beef Good For Burgers?

73-27, if it is not clear yet, is simply the ratio of lean meat to the fats in a burger.

This makes the burgers stand out in the juiciness and the tenderness if you cook them the right way.

73-27 is a good ratio for burgers as it means that the burgers have enough fat in them.

You need to make sure that the burger patties are mixed well to distribute the fat evenly on the burgers.

 It is good for burgers as the fat will help the whole burger cook better.

 Rendered fat in a burger makes it better since it also helps cook and make sure that the burgers stay juicy.

This will give the burger a crumbly computer part or crust since lean meat is larger.

However, it does not dry out the burger since it has enough fats to make it moist.

 With this ratio, you can even use the mixed lean meat and fats as taco fillings or use them in nacho dips.

You get to be creative and make other recipes with this kind of burger mixture. 

Some would suggest an even better ratio with more fat but if you choose to go with 73-27, you will avoid dryness on the burgers while also tasting that delicious beefy flavor.


What Is The Best Percentage Ground Beef Is Best?

There are many standards as to how much fat you should put in a mix when cooking burgers.

Some may suggest going as high as 25% fat on the burgers and some tell you to go way less.

 This depends on the finish that you want on the burgers you cook.

There are many cuts from beef that also have different fat contents, so you cannot say a single ratio for burgers.

 I mean that the best percentage of fat to be used in burgers depends on which cut of beef you use.

In general, the 75-25 ratio of lean meat to fat is good for a juicy result.

For cuts like the chuck, you will need about 15% to 20% of fats in the mix.

For slightly fatty cuts like the sirloin, you will need only about 8% to 10% of fats to make the burgers juicy and tender.

There are also standards on how much fat you should put in ground beef.

For lean ground beef, you will need to meet the requirements while also going over 22% fat in the mix. 

Extra-lean ground beef means that the mix does not have that much fat in the mix.

These mixes usually have a fat content not exceeding 15% to get a beefier flavor in the burgers.


Best Way To Cook 73-27 Ground Beef

As I have said, the best way to cook 73-27 ground beef for burgers or for meatloaf is to make sure that they stay juicy, and to do that, while also keeping all the nutrition in them, you will need the right amount of heat and a timer for a perfect finish.

If you mix the fat and lean meat yourself, you should know this simple trick to cook the burgers up to the middle.

First, shape the 73/27 ground beef for burgers with your hands and make a dent in the center.

Use your thumb to press the middle of the 73/27 ground beef for burgers or 73/27 ground beef for meatloaf and then create a shallow hole.

Do not push the burger potty through creating a donut hole, you just need to press the middle of the burger.

 That way, the middle of the burger will become a little thinner, so the heat will get into it quicker to cook it.

Always preheat your grill and never place the burgers on a cold grill. 

Set the temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit or high heat if you are using a gas grill.

Allow the grill to preheat properly by closing the lid for 15 minutes to distribute the heat evenly.

Once it reaches the set temperature, spray some oil on the grill grates and place the 73/27 ground beef for burger patties or 73/27 ground beef for meatloaf on it.

Let them cook while you toast the buns on the side as well as your toppings. 

Allow the burger patties to cook for a minute and then flip them over.

That way, you will get a balanced finish on the burgers and close the lid while cooking to create radiant heat to cook the burgers evenly.

After about 2 minutes, remove the burgers from the grill and let them rest for 5 minutes.

This is an important step as you need the juices to come back to the meat by rest after cooking. 

Serve with your favorite toppings and sauces while the burgers are still hot!


Is 73-27 Taste Better In Burgers?  

73/27 ground beef for meatloaf or burgers is good since they add a more tender texture to the burgers. I understand that it can be bad for you because it has many calories.

There are about 320 calories which is pretty bad for the body, especially if you do not equalize it in your workout. Bad calories, when not burned, can lead to obesity and other bad effects.

Having more fats compared to other mixes is the main secret to juicy burgers on grill recipes.

They also create crumbles that can be used on sauces and dips and other recipes you want.

 However, you will find a slightly different taste with 73/27 ground beef for meatloaf and burgers when it comes to the flavor.

They exert more flavors as the fats enhance the beefiness of the meat when it is cooked.

So yes, 73-27 burgers taste better vs 80-20 burgers or other burgers with higher lean meat content. 73-27 vs 80-20 burgers are a great mix but I can see how 73-27 is better than 80-20.

73-27 vs 80-20 is better since you get just the right amount of lean meat and enough fats, including calories, which is the secret to juicy burgers on a grill.

However, you need to make sure that you cook them properly or get dry burgers.

Aside from the best way to cook burgers included in this post, you can also slow cook the 73-27 burgers. 

One of the secrets to juicy burgers on grills recipe is to cook it at 130 degrees Fahrenheit, they will take around 2 hours to cook properly for a juicier, softer finish. 

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