Blazing Bull Infrared Grill Vs. Otto Wilde Grill Original

Blazing Bull Infrared Grill Vs. Otto Wilde Grill Original

Cooking with a salamander grill is a little different from cooking in your conventional grill. But it is pretty easy, especially when you have the Blazing Bull infrared grill or Otto Wilde grill original.

 Salamander grills are inverted grills. Instead of cooking food with the fire below in the firebox, you cook your food with the fire that comes out of the grill roof.

 This gives you a better view of the food and how it is cooking. You get to see the crusts off your steaks without actually flipping them and doing so only when it is necessary.


Blazing Bull Infrared Grill

 Otto Wilde has been in the grilling industry for quite a long time, and they have produced a lot of impressive appliances. They have made amazing salamander grills that are loved by many.

 However, not too long ago, a competitor emerged in the scene with Blazing Bull. they have had success in the few years of their operation because of their amazing salamander grills.

 So we figured it is best to compare these two with their flagship products. That way, we will see how they do against each other and see which one of them you should buy.


Setting Them Up

 These are salamander grills which means that they do not need that much of an assembly. Once they arrive at your house, you can start cooking in them in just under 15 minutes.

 Both of these grills are that they do not have legs, so you will need to get a tall enough table for you to cook while standing. I think this is one of the only few downsides.

 Both of these salamander grills use propane gas to fuel the fire in them. After setting them up on a table, all you need to do is connect them to a propane gas tank and start cooking.

 The main difference between the Otto Wilde Original and the Blazing Bull Infrared grill is the weight. The Blazing Bull is around 62 pounds or 28 kilograms which is pretty heavy.

The Otto Wilde Grill

 That means that it is light enough for you to maybe transport it from the backyard and into the storage area, but you can hardly make it to long distances. It is bulky, but it is easy to carry.

 The Otto Wilde Original is a lot lighter than the Blazing Bull as it is only 39 pounds. This means that you do not need one, but you still have to set it up on a durable and sturdy table.

You can easily carry this salamander grill even in long distances considering its weight. However, it is difficult to carry because it does not have handles on the side for carrying.


The Main Features

 So to compare these two properly, we need to look at the main features of each grill. That way, you will see how they can cook and what they use to do it.

 Notice that there will be many similarities between the two. Still, there are also some differences, so concentrate on those as the differences will determine the factors you choose.


The Burners

With this feature alone, there are many differences between the Otto Wilde Original and the Blazing Bull Infrared grill. They do have similarities, and that is they have two burners each.

The burners of the Otto Wilde Original are great, and they can reach temperatures of up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. You can cook perfect pizzas at that temperature in just 60 seconds.

The burners are ordinary, and they use direct flames in cooking, but they do use a bit of indirect heat when you pull the food away. With that, you can adjust the burners’ power when cooking.

The Blazing Bull Infrared grill does not stray away as it has its pair of burners. These burners can also get up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, so they have the same range. 

What makes them different is the infrared technology in the Blazing Bull. It gives off a nice and even heat around the food and cooks it with both intensity and mildness on the surface.


Individual Burners

 The advantage of the Otto Wilde Original is the independent burners. What I mean by that is the burners inside the grill can be controlled and set to different degrees at the same time.

That improves the grill’s versatility as you can cook vegetables on one side with low heat while you sear steaks on the other with intense direct heat blazing without affecting the vegetables.

The Blazing Bull does not have this feature, so you have to cook the same recipes at a time and then bring the heat up or down depending on your next recipe, which is a bit of a hassle.

For the burners, I think the clear winner here is the Otto Wilde Grill with its controllers on the burners to let the user cook different recipes simultaneously.


Adjustable Grill Grates

 Another amazing feature that you find in both of these salamander grills is the adjustable grill grate. You can do this in both of the grills, but they have different ways of doing it.

 The Blazing Bull Infrared grill has a small stainless steel lever on the side with seven different height adjustments. You can move that so that you do not have to remove the grate and adjust it.

 This feature allows you to control or adjust the height of the grill grate so that you can also adjust the temperature and finish on the food. The same goes with the Otto Wilde Original grill.

 However, what makes it different is that it only has five height adjustments. There is also no handle on the control part, or at least the lever is not permanently attached to the adjustment knob.

 The Otto Wilde Original has a separate lever called the Clever Lever and used in other parts of the grill. You can use it as a handle for the grill grate and as a bottle opener.

 The grill grates of the Blazing Bull Infrared grill have heavy-duty stainless steel, but I still prefer the cast-iron grill grates of the Otto Wilde Original, so this one goes to it as well.


Portability And COOKING IN the grills

 When it comes to portability, you might think that the Otto Wilde Original wins as it is smaller and lighter than the Blazing Bull, but I disagree. I prefer the Blazing Bull in this category.

 Yes, the Blazing Bull Infrared grill is heavier than the Otto Wilde Original, but it is more comfortable to carry. It has two handles on the side, so you can manage it while moving.

 The Otto Wilde is lightweight, but it does not have handles, and the only way to transport it is to lift it underneath. This can be risky as you can easily lose your balance or drop the grill itself.

The Otto Wilde Grill

 The Blazing Bull Infrared grill is also a great grill for tailgating trips.

I feel like the Otto Wilde Original will fit better on small family picnics or camping trips where you should bring lighter things.

Cooking in both the grills is super quick and easy as they get REALLY hot, however, I have to say that the Blazing Grill was my pick.

The Steaks came out having a nice and crisp outer coating along with a well-cooked inside. You have to move along the grill rack to different levels to get a nice overall texture.

You place the grill rack closest to the roof when you want to get the sear on both sides of your steak.

In order to cook the steaks from inside you want to keep it furthest away from the roof and cook it for a good few minutes depending on the thickness of the steak.


Blazing Bull Infrared Grill Review

Something you need to understand is that there is a learning curve with both the grills.

If you do not get your steak right in the first go then watch some videos to know how you should cook them inside such grills.

I personally felt for an indoor grill, these are amazing and you can cook your steaks so quick that it is almost an undeniable grill for a steak lover.

 So when it comes to moving in long distances, I would recommend the Blazing Bull Infrared grill. What I loved in both of these grills is the lack of assembly needed, so you can bring them anywhere.

 There are electronic ignitions on both of the grills, and so you only need to connect them to a propane gas tank. From there, you can cook your delicious steaks right away.



 Aside from the grills themselves, you also get bonus tools or accessories that come with them. For me, the best accessory is the Clever Lever that comes in the Otto Wilde Original.

 You can use it in many different functions of the grill.

You can use it as a lever for the height adjustment knob, as a handle for transporting the grill grate, and as a bottle opener.

 A handle also comes in the Blazing Bull Infrared grill, which you can use to slip into the hole of the grill grate and then lift it off the grill to prevent burning yourself during transportation.

 Both of these grills also have drip pans that you can use to catch the juices from the meat you are cooking. You can also use these pans to make sauces or dips for your food.

 You need to purchase the other accessories of these grills separately. I would recommend getting the covers of both grills as the cover will protect them from the outside elements when in use.



 The same care should go for these grills as they are both made with stainless steel. You should always clean them up every time you finish cooking in them to preserve their durability.

 Washing them is not that difficult as you can just wipe them with a paper towel on the inside. Doing this will prevent the accumulation of soot and food residuals, so you do not have to wash it down.

You can wash the grill grates with warm water and a little bit of brushing to ensure that no food residuals are on them. There is no need to wash them with soap, but yes, you can.



 If I had to choose between the two, I do not know if I would make the right one, but I prefer the Otto Wilde Original simply because it is easier to use with its controls on the burners.

However, I would go with the Blazing Bulls Infrared grill if I was a person who is always on the move. I am trying to say that you have to get the grill that fits your lifestyle.

If the standard is the features alone, then I would go with the Otto Wilde Original grill. That way, I can cook vegetables and steaks simultaneously or recipes with different heat requirements.

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