Ooni Pro vs Gozney Roccbox

Can’t Decide Between The Ooni Pro And Roccbox Oven?- Ooni Pro Vs Gozney Roccbox

Pizza ovens are meant to be extremely powerful and hot. This will help the pizza cook better with a crispy crust and the Ooni Pro and the Gozney Roccbox Pizza Ovens can do that.

Ooni has been in the pizza oven market for a long time. It has produced many models of pizza ovens and every single one of them outperforms most of their competitors.

Gozney is based in the UK like Ooni. They are also both discovered or started with the help of crowdfunding and from there, these two companies have taken over the pizza oven game.

The Roccbox Pizza Oven is a mini oven that replicates a brick oven. Brick ovens are traditionally used for baking and especially for pizza as they can retain high temperatures.



Gozney started frst in 2010 and its main goal was to supply pizza ovens that can produce authentic pizzas to restaurants and bigger businesses aiming for mass production.

However, as time went on, the pizza oven that Gozney has produced became more and more popular with the people who do not even own a pizzeria and just want to cook pizza themselves.

That is where Ooni came into the competition with their first design developed in 2012. They are now both top sellers when it comes to portable pizza ovens making them popular around the world.

These pizza ovens that we will be comparing here are not really portable, just to get that out of the way. They allow you to cook large pizzas so expect them to be huge as well.

Here we will see which one is better by using different comparisons and then hopefully, by the end of the post, you can make a decision on which one is better for you.


Design: Ooni Pro

One thing, if you are a fan of pizza ovens and you have already heard about Ooni, their designs are very distinguishable. You can spot an Ooni pizza oven in a group of other brands from a mile away.

The unique design of the Ooni pizza ovens is also left on the Ooni Pro. It has a sleek stainless steel overall shell and a tall chimney to enhance the heat-retaining capability of the oven.

Since the Ooni Pro is one of the largest models from Ooni, the company extended the design by making it taller and wider which means that it might not be as appealing as the previous models.

However, they made it that way to be able to maintain the unique Ooni design while enhancing the performance of the Ooni Pro. This way, no part of the pizza oven is wasted.

The Ooni Pro still keeps the foldable legs but it really does not contribute to the portability of the oven as it weighs 26 kilograms and spans at a length of almost three feet.

It has doors for both the Opening and the firebox on the backside of the oven. The doors have wooden handles so even if the pizza oven is piping hot, you can still open or close the door without getting burned.

As for aesthetics, the Ooni Pro was not really designed to please the eye. It has edges that are less smoother than most designs and it is just a silver pizza oven with no added color.


Design: Roccbox Pizza Oven

As for the purpose of this pizza, it is only right that it is designed like one. The Roccbox Pizza Oven is a mini version of brick ovens with a nice concave opening and a flat surface at the bottom.

Yes, it is a portable brick oven but that does not mean that it is portable, to say the least. It is a heavy pizza oven that weighs over 20 kilograms so it might be hard to move.

While that is light enough for moving every once in a while, repositioning the Roccbox constantly is not a fun thing to do because of its shape and the weight that it exerts.



It has the same foldable legs as the Ooni Pro so you can still say that it is a little bit portable. You can also choose between two main colors which allow you to fit the oven in any background.

Gozney offers two colors, one green and the other is gray. That color is for the main shell and the front plate of the Roccbox cannot be changed as it stays with a silver finish.

Despite its weight nearing the Ooni Pro’s, the Roccbox oven is almost only half of the Ooni Pro when it comes to length. It only spans at 16 inches in width and 20 inches in length.

It has a high dome design which means that you cannot cook large pizzas in it like in the Ooni Pro but it does make it better in retaining heat. So it is helpful in cooking pizzas for long periods of time.

The outer shell of the Roccbox is made out of commercial-grade silicone which Gozney claims to be safe-touch even when the oven is at its maximum temperature.

Both the Ooni Pro and the Roccbox have their own thermometers. The Roccbox has it built on the side of the oven while the Ooni Pro has its thermometer on the detachable door.


Adjustable Chimney

One major difference between the Ooni Pro and the Roccbox is the chimney. Ooni Pro has one and it packs features that make it more than just an exhaust for the heat.

The chimney of the Ooni Pro has a cap that is helpful since you will be using this pizza oven outdoors. It blocks debris and rain from entering the oven that can possibly disrupt the temperature inside.

Another popular feature that was included in the chimney of the Ooni Pro is the lever. The lever allows you to adjust the airflow on the chimney resulting in the adjustment of temperature as well.

The lever can either allow you to go fully open with the chimney or limit the airflow so that you can control the temperature inside the pizza oven. It is very helpful for recipes aside from pizza.


Roccbox Accessories

Aside from the power of the pizza oven, which we will be talking about later, the accessories of the Roccbox pizza oven are perfect for cooking pizza and they can really help in other recipes.

The Roccbox has its own pizza peel specially-designed for the Roccbox only. It is a small stainless steel pizza peel that fits perfectly into the mouth of the pizza oven.


It also has all the needed components when you want to switch fuel. The Roccbox comes in with both the wood and gas burner attachments so you do not have to make separate purchases.

You also get the dedicated hose and regulator for the gas attachment. So once you purchase the Roccbox pizza oven, you have everything you need to cook the best pizzas.


Hidden Air Vents

The Ooni Pro has another trick up its sleeve. You can switch the airflow inside the oven in so many ways, you are not stuck with the chimney cap and the lever on it.

See, when the Ooni Pro is closed with its door, the heat is retained and the wind will not cause temperature disturbances, however, you risk putting out the flames at the back of the oven.

That is where the ceiling vent comes in. When it is opened, the ceiling vent directs airflow so that the pizza oven can still have enough air for the flames to keep going.

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The air comes in at the back and the ceiling vent directs it upwards so that the pizza will keep on cooking at a constant temperature and then lift the air up to the chimney.

When the Ooni Pro is opened, airflow can sometimes be excessive. That is why you need to limit it, but if you really need to keep the oven open without doors, then there is a way to do so.

When the doors are opened, you can close the ceiling vent. This way, the air from the back will go directly to the front lessening the air that escapes from the pizza oven.

However, the pizza still needs a proper distribution of air inside to circulate the heat. That is why you need to keep the air sufficient and the ventilation running.

Ooni designed two air channels at the side of the oven so that even when the ceiling vent is closed, the oven still gets enough airflow to keep the fire burning and the pizza cooking.



When it comes to the power of these ovens, there is not much to compare. They can both reach temperatures of 932 degrees Fahrenheit when properly preheated so they can make Neapolitan pizzas.

The standard or recommended temperature for Neapolitan pizzas is around that temperature so there is no need to worry if the Ooni Pro or the Roccbox Pizza Oven can reach that temperature.

The way they differ from each other is fuel.

Yes, they both use gas but the Ooni Pro has two other options aside from gas so it is more versatile when it comes to the fuel being used.

The Roccbox uses wood and gas for fuel.

The Ooni Pro uses Wood, Gas, and Charcoal for fuel so you can use it in campings and switch fuel if you run out of the initial fuel.

However, the downside is that Ooni does not include the wood, and charcoal burner attachment with the Ooni Pro. You will need to purchase that separately to make it work.

Unlike the Roccbox which includes both of the burner attachments for the wood and gas fuels. That is why the Roccbox is more versatile than the Ooni Pro right out of the box.


Cooking inside the Pizza Ovens

As we have mentioned, the Ooni Pro and the Roccbox Pizza Oven can both reach temperatures of over 900 degrees Fahrenheit. However, they still differ in the way that they cook and what they can cook.

The Ooni Pro is a very large pizza oven and it has a large interior. That is why it takes at least 15-20 minutes for the Ooni Pro to preheat in order to reach its maximum temperature.

The reason I love the Ooni Pro slightly more than the Roccbox is because of the larger cooking space where you can cook almost anything.

The cooking space in the Roccbox is narrower and that can make your cooking a bit limited.

As for the Roccbox, it has thick insulation all around the interior of the oven so heating up is not a problem. It can reach the 900-degree temperature in just 60 seconds under good conditions.

As for the size of the pizza, the Ooni Pro wins it as it can cook pizzas of up to 16 inches compared to the 12-inch limit of the Roccbox.

However, there is another thing similar to both ovens. They can cook the pizzas in just 60 seconds or sometimes less, so they can make puffy and crunchy crusts.



So there you have it, these two pizza ovens are almost identical so it was really hard. The Ooni Pro is a large pizza oven that is very versatile when it comes to the fuel used.

The Roccbox pizza oven is smaller, but a bulkier pizza oven. It has thick insulation made out of calcium silicate so the pizza oven can heat up and reach its maximum temperature in just 1 minute.

If you are just in for the size, then the Ooni Pro is a clear choice as it can cook 16-inch pizzas. The downside is that you will need to purchase the extra burners in order to change the fuel.

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But if you are for accessories and getting more stuff  in the given price, the Roccbox pizza oven is a definite choice as the oven comes with all the necessary tools when ordered.

So if you are still having a hard time choosing between the two, know your preferences and see whether you are going to cook for a large group of people or just a family dinner.

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Either way, these pizza ovens offer exceptional features so when you choose one of them, you will be amazed at how easy you can cook authentic pizzas in them.

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