Ooni Koda 12 Review

Ooni Koda 12 Pizza Oven Review

Cooking at home is an excellent activity where you can put all your creative juices into. With the help of this Ooni Koda 12 review, you will get to cook the best pizzas for you and your family.

Pizza is a very delicious meal that you can have while relaxing. You can either go with the usual restaurant pizzas and order through the phone or, better yet, make the pizzas at home yourself.

The cooking pizzas might take long, but if you have the right tools and appliances, you will be producing the best pizzas in only a few minutes for the family.

However, there are also some essential things that you need to consider when it comes to cooking pizzas. You cannot just put the dough on an appliance and let it cook for a few minutes.

There are some pointers that you need to know to perfect your pizza. Note that it will take a lot of practice, so do not be too hard on yourself if you failed to perfect it the first time.

Here, we will take a look at the features of the Ooni Koda 12 that can help you become a better pizzaiolo. That way, you will be making the best pizzas in your home within just a few practices.


Ooni Koda


How Do I Set It Up?

There is an easy way to do this, and Ooni is a company known for that. The Ooni Koda 12 comes assembled with no screws needed to complete it or other complicated parts to install.

All you need to do for the assembly is to insert the pizza stone included in the product. From there, you can then connect it to the propane gas tank that you have and let it heat up.

There is not much to discuss when setting up the Koda 12 as you get everything you need. The knob and regulator for the gas fuel come inside the box including the pizza stone for cooking.

Within 10 minutes of setup and 15 minutes of preheating, you will be able to start cooking your pizzas. It is also lightweight, so you will not have any trouble with transferring the pizza oven.


Where Can I Use It?

This pizza oven is portable and very durable. That means that with its relatively small stature, you can fit it in your car for tailgating trips or when you go for a camping trip.

The other thing that you might not want to bring is the propane gas tank. But if you get the right regulator, you can use the Koda 12 with 1-pound propane gas tanks for outdoor trips.

The most common place where you can use this pizza oven is in your backyard. If you have a great overall climate and weather around you, cooking outdoors with the Koda 12 is excellent.

You can also be use it on your patio if you have slightly bad weather. Either way, the Koda 12 will be able to get you cooking pizzas in just a few minutes no matter what weather it is outside.

This pizza oven heats up very quickly and climbs up to very high temperatures. So remember to set it up somewhere far from any flammable object to prevent accidents and fire hazards.


How Hot Can It Get?

The Koda 12 uses propane gas for heating its chamber, which means that it has a constant and consistent supply of firepower that allows it to heat up pretty quickly for fast cooking.

The small stature of the pizza oven also helps in producing so much heat within minutes. That way, you will not have to wait for too long before you can start cooking the best pizzas in it.

This pizza oven can get up to a maximum temperature of 932 degrees Fahrenheit in just 15 minutes. That means that you do not have too much time to prepare, so get your pizza ready.

With this temperature range, you will be able to explore your creativity and cook other recipes. If it fits, you can even put a whole chicken or a slab of meat in this pizza oven to cook.

If you want a pizza oven that does it all then the Koda 12 is a perfect choice. It can cook other recipes with ease and the perfect finish on all sides.


Does The Outside Shell Get Hot?

Since this pizza oven is all stainless steel, yes, the outer parts or shell heat up. But, the shell has a great design that does not allow too much heat to escape

The stainless steel, which is also powder-coated can keeps the heat inside the pizza oven’s chamber since it is insulated. The steel prevents heat from escaping through the shell.

The Koda 12 also has a unique design that helps in keeping the heat inside it. It is the Flamekeeper Technology which is the stooping front of the pizza oven.

This may not seem like a lot, but it effectively makes the pizza oven hot and retain heat for longer periods. The design does not allow too much wind to enter and cool the chamber down.

The same way goes with the heat inside it as it does not escape. See, the heat comes from the pizza oven ceiling so it has a hard time going out because of the stooping entrance.

How Do I Control The Temperature?

Propane-fueled pizza ovens offer the most convenience in a pizza oven. You can easily control the temperature without worrying about the internal temperature or the source of heat.

Firing up the Koda 12 is as easy as turning the dial on the back, the dial adjusts the temperature if you want to turn it up or down depending on the food you want to cook.

While this is easy to do, I would prefer having the knob in an area where it is accessed easily. It takes some time for you to go around the table and then control the temperature.

I see this improved with the newer Koda pizza oven as the knob is on the side, which was easier and more convenient. That way, you get to manage the heat easily.


How Much Can You Cook In It?

This pizza oven is pretty small, so you should not expect to cook a 16-inch pizza in it. It only has space for cooking 12-inch pizzas, and the height is not that tall as well for cooking large foods.

The cordierite pizza stone of the Koda 12, keeps the heat evenly inside the oven. The same pizza stone is the one you use for cooking the pizzas on and it does a great job of cooking.

While there is not much space to cook large foods in this pizza oven, you can still be creative and put anything that fits in it. The great insulation and heat will cook the food perfectly.


Cleaning and Maintenance

There is not much you need for cleaning and maintenance for this pizza oven. Since it does not use wood or charcoal for heating up, there are no ashes nor soots built up in it.

Cleaning the pizza oven is as simple as wiping the shell with a paper towel. The pizza stone is a bit trickier since you should not wash it with water or other liquid chemicals such as soap. 

That is because you might risk breaking it from thermal shock. To clean it safely, you need to heat the pizza oven again at maximum temperature for an hour with the pizza stone in it.

This process will burn the food residuals in it and then you can let it cool down to brush the burnt residuals. Do not worry about the change in color of the pizza stone as it is natural.



Cooking pizzas at home is a perfect bonding activity for you and your family. It is pretty easy to do, especially if you have the Ooni Koda 12 to help you make the best (nearly) authentic pizzas.

It is a very portable yet powerful pizza oven, which means you can bring it anywhere you want. It is perfect for outdoor cooking as it has a very durable build and materials.

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So if you want to expand your cooking skills and pizza-making skills, you should get the Ooni Koda 12 and start experimenting with the flavors of pizza you want to cook.

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