How to Cook Bacon on an Electric Griddle

How to Cook Bacon on an Electric Griddle{YOU MUST TRY THIS!}

I have thought for a long time that breakfast is supposed to have a lot of sweet things like milk and cereals.

Since I knew how to cook bacon on an electric griddle, that view changed a lot.

Nowadays, I cannot start my day with a little bit of salty or savory flavors on my plate.

Indeed, I hardly call my meal “breakfast” if it does not have those long strips of meat that are crispy.

There are a lot of griddle brands that have great models like Blackstone, Lodge, and Wolf griddles that can get up to the right cooking environment no matter what temperature that is.

Cooking bacon on a griddle is really easy and there are many reasons why you should do it.

Aside from the common griddles like Blackstone and Wolf, you can also use a griddle pan from Lodge.

If you are cooking bacon on a griddle pan, you will see that the meat will become as crispy as it can get.

There are also ways for you to make sure that there is not too much oil on it.

The unending list of benefits that you can get from cooking bacon on a griddle pan or a griddle will also be on this post so make sure that you read to the end to improve your cooking skills.

Can You Fry Or Cook Bacon On A Griddle?

There are a lot of factors to consider when cooking bacon even though it may seem simple.

You have to figure out the surface if it is like a cast-iron skillet, steel, and especially if it is non-stick.

If it is, then you will need to know at what temperature you need to cook the bacon and for how long.

These, along with other factors are made easier when you use Blackstone or Wolf griddles.

There are separate factors when you use a griddle pan or a grill pan which we will get into later on.

For your griddle, you will need to make sure that you have all the needed tools as well.

So if you are wondering can you fry or cook bacon on a griddle, the short answer is yes, you definitely can.

It is actually much better on the griddle than on a grill pan or cast-iron skillet.

Your electric griddle can also do this so whether you have gas or electric griddle, you will still be able to make the perfect bacon for your delicious breakfast without the usual problems with oil and such.

What Is The Best Way To Cook Bacon?

Cooking bacon on a griddle can be done in different ways.

There are a lot of questions that people have whether can you fry bacon to a crisp or do you leave it softer and a bit soggier and such.

This can only be answered by your preference.

So it is up to you whether you want to cook the bacon on the Blackstone griddle or Wolf griddle until it is crispy or cooked just a little bit.

There are also other appliances that you can use to cook bacon.

You can stick with your electric or gas griddles, or go with grills when cooking your breakfast bacon and eggs together.

Either way, the finish on the bacon is totally up to you.

I would recommend cooking the bacon and eggs on a griddle since you have a large flat cooking surface that can fit a lot of food.

You might also want the bacon to be fried which can be done with a grill pan or a cast-iron skillet or even grill with foil.

There are a lot of options so you know you will get the result you want.

If you grill with foil, make sure that the bacon does not keep the oil.

Leave a little hole for the oil or grease to get out and allow the bacon, strips, and eggs to cook without that much oil in them.

That is especially true if you want to cook the bacon healthier.

So I say the best way to cook bacon is on a griddle, a grill pan, a cast-iron skillet, or on a gas grill with foil, it’s your choice.

Can You Fry Bacon Crispy On A Griddle?

Cooking bacon on griddles have this one huge advantage.

The griddle has a draining system so that the grease and oil will be easily discarded, in fact, it can even start to go off while cooking.

Compared to cooking on a grill pan or a cast-iron skillet over a gas grill, the oil will stay in the pan or skillet.

This can cause the bacon grease to leave the bacon soggy and still wet.

Now, if you do not like your bacon soggy, then you will need to discard some of the greases.

That is why cooking bacon on the griddle is the perfect way to make the bacon crispy and even crunchy.

A griddle can get to what temperature you need in order to make the bacon crispy.

You just need to make sure that you do not leave the bacon and eggs or other ingredients unattended.

If you do not turn or flip the bacon, then it will only become crispy on one side and we do not want that.

So make sure that you flip the bacon at least once halfway through cooking.

So can you fry bacon crispy on a griddle?

Yes, but make sure that you follow the simple rules mentioned above, do not let the bacon swim in grease, flip the bacon, and get to what temperature is needed.

What Temperature Is Best And How Long Do You Cook Bacon On A Griddle?

Do not get fooled with the idea that the higher the temperature, the crispier the bacon will be. This is dangerous and can burn your bacon and eggs on the side easily.

Yes, the temperature of the griddle is important but you also need to know for how long do you cook them in order to make the bacon crispy and eggs to be cooked just the way you want to.

The safe temperature for cooking bacon on a griddle is somewhere between medium and slightly higher heat than medium. That is around 325 to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is the temperature and you can easily reach that on electric griddles like Blackstone and Wolf with the digital controls or knobs that control the heating element and the display of temperature.

If you are trying to reach that temperature on a gas grill with the Lodge griddle pan, then you will need a laser or infrared thermometer to measure that temperature and to get to the right one.

The cooking time with this temperature is usually just under 10 minutes for thin cuts of bacon.

There are thicker cuts and they usually take longer to cook at around 15 minutes.

Can I Cook Bacon On A Grill With Foil, On A Pan, Or A Skillet?

When you cook bacon on a grill with foil, the effects and factors are almost the same.

Since you are protecting the bacon from the direct flames, they should cook like how they do on griddles.

The only thing you need is to put a hole or a way for the grease to get out of the foil.

The better choice here is to use a griddle pan like the Lodge Pre-seasoned Cast-Iron Griddle.

The Lodge griddle pan mentioned here is reversible and you can use either side.

The side with ridges is better for bacon, in my opinion as the ridges help separate the grease properly.

This is also safer as the oil or grease does not go into the flames if you are using a gas or charcoal grill.

That way, there would be no flare-ups that can burn the slices of bacon.

A cast-iron skillet would also be good for cooking bacon.

The only problem with it is that there will be a lot of greases that cannot get out of the skillet and will not make the bacon crispy.

How Do I Know Whether Or Not The Bacon Is Done?

No matter what type of cooking appliance or tool you use to cook the bacon, you need to know when it is ready to be removed and served.

This is easy on a griddle as you can see the entire cooking space.

The best and safest way to know whether the bacon is cooked properly or not is to use a meat probe.

Insert a meat thermometer into the center of the bacon and measure the internal temperature.

If the internal temperature reads 160 degrees Fahrenheit and higher, then the bacon is ready. However, you can only do this with thicker cuts or slices of bacon.

For cuts of bacon that are much thinner, you will need to rely on the color of the bacon and its texture.

The outer part of the bacon should start turning brown and the texture is crispy.

What Will Happen If I Eat A Raw Bacon?

I have given advice with other recipes involving meat to never leave the center raw and eat it right away.

There are a lot of diseases that you can get if you eat meat raw.

That goes the same with bacon as you need to make sure that it is cooked before consuming it.

There is a chance that nothing will happen to you if you eat raw bacon but I would not risk it,

That can also only happen if you eat raw bacon that is made from very fresh meat that does not have that much harmful bacteria and if your immune system is really that strong.

There are a lot of bad microbes and bacteria inside any cut of meat that needs to be killed through cooking.

If you eat raw bacon, there is a high chance that you will get an upset stomach.

Even worse, you can even get food poisoning from it.

Always, always make sure to store your bacon properly in your refrigerator or freezer, inspect before cooking, check the ‘consumer before’ date, and cook it thoroughly for 10 to 15 minutes!

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