Best grilled Brisket recipes

30+ Best Grilled Brisket Recipe

One of the best things about a grill is that you can cook almost anything on it. That includes these 30+ Best Grilled Brisket Recipes that you can do at home with your favorite seasonings.

Brisket is usually cooked in a smoker, which functions like a grill only if it uses lower temperatures. Note that you can do it on your grill even if the recipes are cooked by a smoker.

Grills, especially the ones fueled by charcoal or pellets can get to lower temperatures to slowly cook the brisket and give it a nice crust while also cooking the meat all the way through.

You just have to know how to set up your grill properly for smoking.

To do this, you need to make sure that you do not let too much air in the grill that might heat the fuel inside it.

The grill should be limited to just enough fuel but you should have some fuel ready on the side to refill the firebox.

Cooking brisket can take hours to have a soft and tender result.

If you have your grill ready and your brisket is ordered, then you should prepare everything you need.

From there, you can pick from one of these recipes and see which one you like the most.

1. Texas-style Brisket Recipe

Texas-style is one of the most common grilled brisket recipes. It is a great way to make sure that your brisket gets the flavors you need from the seasonings you will be using.

In this video, Chef Tom teaches you how to properly prepare the brisket from trimming the fats and silver skin to allow the heat and flavors to penetrate the meat on the brisket. 

Using only basic seasonings like salt and pepper is a great way to season your brisket. However, in this guide, you get to use R-Beef Rub from R Butts R Smokin to add a little more flavor.

2. How To Make Texas Smoked Brisket Properly

Texas-smoked brisket is one of the recipes worth repeating for this large cut of meat. The smoked brisket recipe on this guide also teaches you to trim off the fat cat and the other unnecessary parts.

It is a great guide for beginners as the seasonings are also pretty common. Your brisket will be full of delicious flavors using kosher salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika, and mustard powder.

This allows the brisket to get a beautiful smoke ring or the dark crust that you want on the meat. The guide also teaches you how to use aluminum foil when cooking to not overcook the meat.

3. How To Barbecue Brisket On Any Standard Kettle Grill

This guide shows you how to grill brisket-like steaks without a smoker. This, I think this fits what you need if you are still looking for a smoker as you can do low and slow cooked beef on the grill..

You will also start with a smaller brisket cut compared to the first two recipes on the list.

That is why I like and recommend this recipe if you use a small grill like a kettle grill.

Using pepper, salt, pepper flakes, onion powder, and other common seasonings, your brisket will be able to develop a beautiful color while also improving the flavor of the brisket without overpowering it.

4. How To Grill Brisket 

This is another guide for a well-grilled brisket recipe that uses simple ingredients to improve the flavor of the meat. The addition of cayenne pepper, black pepper, and paprika gives the brisket a smoky flavor and spice.

You will also be using wood chips so your brisket can get that amazing flavor on the meat.

The unique thing about this recipe is that you do not mix the wood chips like how you do with grilling brisket on charcoal to produce smoke.

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Soaking the wood chips in water and placing them on a foil pan beside the meat will actually make the smoke milder so it does not overpower the flavor of the brisket when it is cooked.

5. How To Grill Beef Brisket 

This guide proves to you that no matter how cold the weather is around you, you can still make a brisket on your grill. The guide is on a snowy day where the cow brisket is cooked outdoors.

The result is amazing as you get all the flavors from the different seasonings used as a rub on the brisket. I have more ideal smoke rings than the guide, but the juiciness is unmatched.

You get all the juices oozing once the brisket is rested and cooked properly.

The first part is where you grill the brisket as it is and the second part is where the guide teaches you how to use foil when grilling a brisket.

6. Best Traeger Brisket Recipe For Beginners

Traeger is one of the best producers of pellet smokers or grills. That is why I said earlier that even if the guide says that they use a smoker, you can still cook briskets on any grill that you have.

Instead of the plain seasonings and rubs outside the meat, this guide uses meat injection to put all the flavors inside the thick meat. This gives the brisket a lot of flavors.

Of course, you still season the outer part to get that beautiful smoke ring. This gives the brisket a dark finish, but there is no need to worry, the interior will be perfectly cooked brisket in Traeger.

7. How To Make Brisket Made Easy For Beginners

As I have mentioned before, there is nothing wrong with going simple with the seasonings that you use, and this guide does exactly that so that beginners can easily learn how to grill briskets.

This is an ideal grilled brisket recipe for beginners is one that is simple and easy to make.

The secret is to let the seasonings adhere to the meat as much as possible.

Using mustard as the guide does will allow the kosher salt and pepper to stick to the meat when cooking it.

The result is a beautiful black exterior and a pink middle on the brisket. The guide does not trim off the fats, and you can see how the juices flow if you leave some fats on the meat.

8. Beginner Smoked Brisket On A Gas Grill

As you can see, you can even smoke and cook a small beef brisket on a gas grill.

The secret is to follow the proper setup to get wood chips on the grill producing the smoke needed to add flavor to the brisket.

This smoked brisket recipe and guide also teaches you how to trim some of the fats off the brisket before seasoning it to get the most out of the spices.

I also liked how the guide included making the sauce for the brisket.

The bbq sauce further marinates the brisket on the grill so it becomes even more tender.

If you know how to cook a small beef brisket on a gas grill, then it will be easier, ad sometimes, quicker.

A brisket has fats within the meat, so even if you trim off most of the fat cap, there still would be a juicy smoked brisket in its interior. However, you do not need to remove all of the fat caps.

9. Brisket On A Charcoal Grill For Beginners

Brisket is perfect on a charcoal grill as you get enough heat to cook the brisket while also avoiding too many flare-ups that might burn the meat.

That is what this guide presents and I like the results.

Grilling brisket on charcoal is really easy as charcoal can produce a lot of heat.

Using lump charcoal is always advised to get as much heat as you need while also avoiding too many flames. The spices are made with liquid ingredients to seep deeper into the meat.

I like how the guide uses basic ingredients for the seasoning and introduces a little twist by injecting the seasoning into the meat to get to the center of the brisket.

10. Beef Brisket On The Grill

I love leaving some fats on my brisket or any cut of meat that I cook, and the fats help make the finish juicy and that is what the guide shows you by leaving a layer of the fat cap on the brisket.

You can also do a small beef brisket on a gas grill with this recipe but the flavors will be better with charcoal.

Like most recipes, this guide also uses mustard to allow the seasoning to stick to the meat.

The simple mix of garlic powder, salt, and pepper preserves the flavor of the brisket as well.

The guide teaches you how to make two-zone cooking on your grill. This is to ensure that the brisket does not get too much heat and will cook slowly until the meat tenderizes.

11. Best Brisket We Have Ever Made

Using granulated onion, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper on your brisket is a great way to season a thick cut of meat. You get to season the brisket all over to get all the flavor it needs.

Since brisket is a really large cut of meat, you will need as many seasonings as you can get. You can adjust the amount depending on the size of the brisket, just make sure you get it on all sides of the brisket.

This guide teaches you how to cook brisket in a very long cooking period. It takes 22 hours to finish the brisket so I suggest you only use the guide if you have a lot of free time during the weekend.

If you grill brisket like a steak, you will have a hard time cooking through the thick meat so it is best if you slow cook the brisket.

12. Competition Brisket Recipe

Now this recipe is for those who have at least a little bit of experience when it comes to cooking briskets. As the guide teaches you to trim the fats, it also injects flavors to the meat.

The fats are left on the meat, which I find unique and pleasing. It is scored so that the heat and flavors can still get to the meat despite leaving a thick fat cap on the brisket. 

The brisket is also seasoned with a rub to coat the fats. This means that the fats will become crispy while also cooking the meat’s interior, resulting in a juicy and tender brisket.

Making sure that the flavors get inside the meat through injection makes this recipe worth repeating as I am sure everybody will love how this brisket tastes.

13. Texas Brisket Recipe by Smokin Joe’s

I will keep repeating that keeping the seasonings simple is the best way to cook a brisket. A seasoning that is overcomplicated can cover the flavors of the brisket, and we do not want that.

This guide only uses pepper, kosher salt, and garlic powder. The seasoning is then mixed well so that the flavors from each spice blend together and evenly season the large cut of meat.

For the dry seasonings to stick to the meat, you should also use mustard all over the brisket. Just set your grill to two-zone cooking and you are ready to cook your brisket.

You can only cook a brisket like a steak if the brisket is thin, but for thicker ones, you will need the two-zone cooking method.

14. Simple, Delicious Brisket Rub

If you know the basics of smoking or grilling a brisket and just need to know how to improve the seasonings you use, this guide will help you give that brisket a beautiful overall flavor.

A small brisket on a gas grill can work depending on the size but if you have a large brisket, then it is best to follow this guide and cook it on a charcoal grill.

Do not worry as you still get to see how to cook the brisket with this guide if you are a beginner. The seasoning is a mix of black pepper, kosher salt, onion powder, garlic powder, smoked paprika, and brown sugar.

The recipe still uses mustard to allow the seasonings to stick to the brisket. Not seasonings add texture and flavor and create a great color on the outside of the brisket.

15. Brisket On A Kamado Grill

While there are a lot of recipes you can choose to guide you with how to cook brisket, there are also many different types of grills to cook on, including Kamado grills like the BGE and Kamado Joe.

This guide is perfect for cooking the brisket into a tender piece of meat as Kamado grills retain a lot of heat. That means that even if you are going to cook for a long time, you do not need too much fuel.

You will be able to grill brisket on charcoal easily if you use a Kamado grill. 

This guide is perfect for beginners as it teaches you how to set the grill properly, stabilize the temperature, trim the fat from the brisket, season the brisket, and of course, how to cook it properly.

16. Brisket On The Big Green Egg

If you are onto a more specific Kamado grill guide on how to cook the brisket you have or if you own a Big Green Egg, then we have the perfect guide for you to cook that perfect brisket.

The secret is to simply add some wood chips or wood chunks in the firebox of the Big Green Egg. These wood chunks will improve the smoke inside the grill and add flavors to the brisket.

The thickness of the brisket is the main determining factor for how long you should cook a brisket on a charcoal grill like the BGE. 


So prepare your favorite beef rub and set up your Big Green Egg. Using a foil pan filled with water will also improve the quality of the smoke so it does not overpower the flavor of the brisket. 

17.  The Perfect Brisket by THEREALSHOWBBQ

This guide shows how to cook a brisket on the lean side of cuts. There is not much fat on the brisket but it has a good marbling so if your brisket is like this, you would be fine.

While it is good to make your rub, the guide also teaches you that using premade or pre-bought rubs on the brisket will do no harm, and in fact, it saves time for the long cooking duration.

Spraying the brisket while cooking with beef broth every hour will also help tenderize the brisket, and this also allows the dry rub to seep deeper into the meat so that the flavors go inside the brisket.

18. Prime Brisket In Kamado Joe

This guide teaches you how to grill a brisket in a Kamado grill. Kamado Joe is also one of the best Kamado grill producers in the industry and they have a lot of models to choose from.

If the brisket that you have is lean like the one cooked in the video, you will need to score the meat a little bit to let the seasonings and dry spices enter deeper into the meat.

The thing is, you will need a long time to cook a brisket on a charcoal grill like the Kamado Joe if the brisket is too thick.

The recipe uses coriander and mustard seeds to improve the flavor of the brisket. The basic combination of salt and pepper will do the rest as the brisket gets all the flavors it needs.

19. Brisket On A Traeger

Your Traeger grill is one of the most versatile grills on the market that can cook the pellet grill brisket recipe. You can cook and grill brisket-like steaks by searing them, as well as other types of meat like what you see in the guide.

The seasoning is simple with kosher salt, black pepper, and Kosmo’s dry rub. Make sure to watch the full guide to pick up some tips like how to prevent flare-ups by catching the juices from the brisket.

I always remind the readers of every recipe I write for the meat that you need to let it rest before serving it. That is also shown in the guide so it is a great recipe for you to follow.

20. Texas-style Brisket by HowToBBQRight

The thick meat that is brisket should always be seasoned the right way. A good seasoning adds flavor to the brisket and tenderizes the meat while it is resting and when it is being cooked.

Even a simple combination of salt and pepper can make this smoked brisket recipe tender.

While the guide cooks the brisket in a large smoker, you can still definitely do this recipe on your grill.

The secret is to set the grill with two-zone cooking to cook the brisket slowly.

Wrapping in butcher paper when cooking helps a lot when letting the brisket rest to continue cooking.

21. Best Recipe For Texas Barbecue Brisket

If you want a guide on trim brisket, this guide is for you. I like how detailed the guide is starting from the trimming process up to when you will be serving the Texas brisket.

Again, if you are grilling brisket on charcoal, always use lump charcoal and add wood chips to get the smoke you need to cook the brisket. Adding a water pan also helps reduce the temperature in the grill.

You need that to ensure that the brisket only slowly cooks and does not get too much heat from the firebox. Using a meat probe is also important, shown in this guide.

22. Texas-style Smoked Brisket by Hey Grill Hey 

This smoked brisket recipe and guide uses the brand’s Texas brisket dry rub but you can always get your favorite rub and use it on the brisket.

The key is how you would cook it on your grill without burning or overcooking the brisket.

You will be shown how to trim the brisket and always remember to always use a sharp knife.

It is also advised to trim the brisket while it is cold so you can easily remove the fats.

This also means that the smoke will stick to the brisket better, which means you get to have a smoky flavor on the meat.

I like how the brisket is also wrapped to allow the moisture to stay in the meat.

23. Flat Brisket Recipe For Beginners

Flat brisket is just the part of the brisket that has thick, lean meat. You can still follow this guide even if you are cooking an entire brisket, including the pointed end of the brisket.

The simplicity of this recipe is why it is included on the list.

It uses only salt and pepper so you do not need too many ingredients to cook the brisket and those that might overpower the meat flavor.

The Que Que dust used for this recipe is perfect for adding flavor and color to the barbecued brisket recipe.

It adds a little spice to it so if you are trying to avoid that, you can just use salt and pepper.

24. Texas-style Beef Brisket On The Big Green Egg

You can easily cook the brisket on your Big Green Egg grill, but it takes some skill to make a Texas-style brisket on the Kamado grill, and that is what this guide teaches you.

The unique thing about this recipe that I like is it uses olive oil instead of mustard to allow the seasonings to stick to the meat, and this makes a lot of difference, especially on the crust of the brisket.

The oil-marinated brisket on the grill will not only create a tender interior but it will also make the crust crispier.

When the brisket is cooked with oil on its surface, you will see that the crust develops better and faster. This does not mean that it cooks quicker but the crust will be crispy and full of flavors.

25. How To Cook Brisket by Traeger Grills

As I have mentioned before, you can cook the pellet grill brisket recipe on almost any type of grill that you have.

That includes your modern Traeger grill with digital functions as it can produce smoke from its fuel.

I like how this guide teaches you the basic parts of the brisket so you will have a good idea of what you are cooking and how to cook it properly. That includes trimming the fats off.

The result is a blackened crust that when you cut through it, you get a juicy brisket inside. It is delicious with the rub that sticks perfectly to the meat while cooking.

26. Brisket On A Pellet Grill 

If you do not have a Traeger or own another brand of pellet grill, then we also have a guide for you. When smoking meat, this pellet grill brisket recipe has always given me the ideal results.

The rub adds color to the brisket and also seasons it beautifully. The advantage of cooking brisket on a pellet grill is that you get that smoky flavor from the pellet’s smoke.

Since pellet grills do not require too much attention when smoking, you can just fill up your pellet hopper and then check the grill once every hour or so until the brisket is completely cooked.

27. Brisket In The Weber Kettle Grill

Cooking brisket in the Weber Kettle grill means that you have to deal with a small cooking space while also ensuring that the inside of the grill does not get too hot for the brisket to cook quickly.

The difference in this recipe is that you will need to trim the fats and some of the meat from the brisket for the large cut of meat to fit into the small Weber Kettle grill.

Luckily, you can use the fats and the other slices of meat that are cut from the main brisket for other recipes.

Just make sure to leave enough space on the grill to set up a two-zone cooking area.

Barbecued brisket recipes bring a lot of new flavors that you cannot simply get from gas grills.

Even if you have a small grill like the Weber Kettle grill, you can still make the best-barbecued brisket recipes.

I also enjoy doing the Weber snake method for brisket as it cooks the brisket slowly. You should definitely try it as well.

28. Brisket With Burnt Ends

This guide uses a hot sauce on the brisket to add color and flavor to the meat. If you think that you cannot handle that, it is best to get your favorite rub instead.

The sauce also acts as a marinade so this marinated brisket on the grill is tender.

Injecting the brisket with the seasonings means getting the flavors deeper into the meat. That is why this guide teaches you how to trim the brisket properly to inject the seasoning in the right places.

Using a rub is also essential when cooking a brisket to get a crust that is crunchy and full of flavor. Place the brisket on the grill fat side up or down, it does not make that big difference.

29. Brisket On A Pit Boss Pellet Grill

There are a lot of grills that you can buy and use to cook any cut of meat. Personally, one of my favorites is the Pit Boss pellet grill as it can cook the pellet grill brisket recipe and more without altering the fuel.

Pellets are great for smoking meat as they emit a thin cloud of smoke that penetrates the meat at just the right amount, and this means that it does not overpower the flavor of the brisket.

You can make this smoked brisket recipe in a pellet grill to add more flavors to the meat.

The recipe uses tailgaters BBQ rub but you can use your favorite rubs on the brisket.

The unique thing about this recipe is that it uses Worcestershire sauce as a binder to give the brisket more flavors.

The Worcestershire sauce will also marinate the brisket on the grill so it does not dry out too quickly. This barbecued brisket recipe is truly a feast in the mouth.

30. How To Make A Brisket On The Big Green Egg by Ace Hardware

This is another version of cooking brisket on the Big Green Egg. Using the delicious Rub-A-Dub, your brisket will turn into a delicious cut of meat that everyone in your cookout will enjoy.

The guide also teaches you how and when to spray the brisket with beef stock so that the brisket does not dry out. To protect it, you will also need to leave some fats on the brisket.

Even if you do not marinate brisket on the grill, you can still avoid drying it out by using spray while cooking.

Remember that the fat will also help make the brisket juicy so removing the entire fat cap is not recommended.

The result will be a beautiful bark on the brisket with a juicy and tender interior.

31. Quick Guide On Cooking Brisket

If you do not have much time to watch 15 to 20-minute videos on how to cook your brisket, then we got you covered.

This guide is a quick way to learn the basics of cooking brisket on your grill.

I like how the guide is short, but it includes everything you need to know. That includes the trimming process, cooking, wrapping, and even letting it rest before you cut the brisket.

The seasonings used are simple and you can also use your favorite rubs.

From there, you can then cook your brisket on the grill for a few hours and you have yourself a delicious and large meal!

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