Pork Butt Recipe on a Pit Boss Pellet Grill 

Cooking in a grill is truly a fun way to make food for your family as you can cook almost anything in them. If you have a PitBoss Grill and want to make Pork Butt on it, then check out this post on Pork Butt Recipe on a Pit Boss grill.

Not only can you cook your barbecues in the Pit Boss grills, but you can also make any food you want. These grills can cook in any style, such as grilling, searing, and smoking.

There are many recipes that you can cook in such grills. They enhance the cooking versatility, and you can make the best-grilled burgers or smoked meat with them.

Pork butt is usually the most common cut of meat used for pulled meat recipes. It is full of protein and has a lot of muscles that can sometimes be hard to cook in high heat. 

That is why you need to cook them slowly and make them tender. While you can easily do that, there are some things you need to do to prevent it from drying out. 


\Here, we have a guide that you can follow and cook the best pork butt you have. Read on as we take you to step by step to make this group of muscles tender and flavorful.


What You Will Need

The pork butt or shoulder is composed of many muscles and a big bone in the center. It is full of protein, and a single pork butt can feed multiple people because of its large amount of meat.

Selecting the best pork butt for your recipe will involve a lot of things. You need to get the right size of pork butt to avoid wasting leftovers but enough to feed the guests you have. 

The main factor in selecting the right size of pork butt is the weight. With the meat’s weight, you can compare it to the number of people you will feed and keeping their diet in mind.

 Pork butt, although containing a lot of meat, loses a lot of weight when cooked. So, consider that and select a larger pork butt than what you have calculated for the guests. 

When cooked, a large pork butt can lose up to 40% of its original weight. It comes from the fact that the meat’s fats melted away and some of the meat’s juices.

So you need to know how to keep the pork butt moist when cooked. This is where the marinade or the rub comes in to keep the pork butt juicy while also maintaining a great flavor.

For the marinade, we have a unique combination that you can also follow. First, you will need 12 ounces of dark beer, granulated garlic, ketchup, pork rub from Pit Boss, olive oil, and honey.

You will also need just a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, and yellow mustard. These are not complicated ingredients, so I am sure you will find them in the nearest grocery.



 Now we go to the cooking part, and instead of directly mixing the spices and seasonings in a bowl, we have a unique way of applying the ingredients to the pork butt, so read on.


Step 1: The Pork Rub 

Pit Boss also sells its rub for both pork, beef, and even chicken. So for this recipe, you should get the pork rub from Pit Boss to make the pork butt attain a finish that is full of flavor. 

So get the Pit Boss pork rub first and lay the pork butt in a large pan. Use a glove and rub the pork rub around the pork butt and be generous with it; make sure all parts of the meat get it.

 Place it on the side for a few minutes, and then get your dark beer. Pour the dark beer on the pan and not directly on top of the pork butt as it will only wash away the pork rub that you put. 

Use only half of the beer and set the rest aside as you will still need that later on. Again, let the pork butt rest for a few minutes to absorb some of the rubs and keep it moist all the way.


Step 2: Fire Up The Pit Boss Grill

Fill up the Pit Boss grill with the wood pellets, and make sure you have a lot ready. You will be cooking for quite a long time, and you will need a lot of wood pellets for this pork butt recipe.

 Set the temperature to the highest setting and then let it preheat for a few minutes. You can track the grill’s temperature on the digital display or, if it has the option, through your phone.


Step 3: Cook The Pork Butt 

This is just the initial cooking, and you will not need to finish it in this step. This part of the process aims to get the right color and outer crust on the pork butt before cooking.

Once the Pit Boss grill has reached the desired temperature, get the pork butt and then place it inside the center’s grill. Close the lid and let the pork butt cook for at least 30 minutes.

Do not open the lid frequently, as the heat might escape from the grill. Let a constant temperature cook the pork butt for a while until it gets a dark color on the outside with slight charring.

 After 30 minutes, remove the pork butt from the grill and then set the temperature to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Allow the grill to preheat while you prepare the other ingredients.


Step 4: Make The Barbecue Sauce

In a medium-sized bowl, add the other ingredients together and the remaining beer. Put a teaspoon of the Pit Boss pork rub into the mix and then use a wooden spoon to mix.

 The other ingredients, such as the ketchup and mustard, will tend to become clumped together, so make sure that you mix them thoroughly until they evenly disperse. 

Pour the mixture onto the pork butt and then cover it with aluminum foil. Let the pork butt rest a little bit while you also wait for the Pit Boss grill to reach the set temperature before cooking.


Step 5: Smoke The Pork Butt

If the Pit Boss grill model can enhance the smoke it produces, use that feature and put the pork butt inside the grill. Close the grill and let it cook with the lid closed.

Since you covered the pork butt with aluminum foil, you don’t need to get a smoke enhancer. However, it is a very beneficial feature if you choose not to cover the pork butt.

 For around 4 to 6 hours, let the pork butt cook slowly inside until it is tender. Use a meat probe to properly measure the meat’s internal temperature.

 The internal temperature of the meat should be 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature means that pork butt is tender, and the meat is easy to shred once it is out of the grill.


Step 6: Let It Rest And Serve

Once the meat probe reads 200 degrees Fahrenheit, Remove the pork butt from the grill. With the foil still on, let it rest for at least 20 minutes to help it keep the juices inside the meat.

After letting it rest, start pulling the meat by removing the center bone first. The bone should easily slide out when pulled while you hold onto the top part of the pork butt as you pull away.

 After that, start by using a fork or a meat claw to pull the pork butt. This will help you distribute the meat easily, or you can slice it thinly if you are planning to serve it as a sandwich.

Serve and enjoy the pork butt with the side dish of your choice. The pork butt has protein, so it is best to get a side dish made with vegetables and other healthier ingredients.


What About Leftover Pork Butt?

There are many occasions where you will need to put aside some leftover pork butt. In that case, you have to follow the proper procedure to keep the pork butt delicious and safe to eat.

After eating, make sure to prepare the pork butt for storage right away. Do not let the pork butt sit at room temperature for over 2 hours as bacteria would start to spoil the meat by that time.

Put the leftover pork but in resealable bags and then place them in a sealed container. This will help preserve the meat’s juices and keep other foods in the fridge from contamination.

Place the pork butt inside the fridge and ensure that the temperature does not exceed 40 degrees Fahrenheit. By putting it in the fridge, the pork butt can last up to four days in there. 

Beyond that, the pork butt might have started to accumulate bacteria and start to spoil. Aside from the flavor is off, the safety of the pork butt is already in question.

 If you want to store the pork butt longer, you can do the same and put it in the freezer. In there, the pork butt will last up to three months, but you need to consume it after the first month.

Beyond one month and the pork butt might have started to lose some of the flavors. If you want the same quality in terms of the flavor, then consume the pork butt as soon as possible.



 Cooking with a Pit Boss grill is truly easy, and it can make your food even better. The pork butt is like the perfect recipe for the grill as it can cook it slowly to keep it tender and juicy.

By following the recipe above, you will be making the best pork but meal for you and your guest. You can make it as sandwiches or pair them with the best salad to keep the meal healthy.

It is a very easy recipe, especially with the help from Pit Boss grills. You can also find some recipes and products for enhancing the flavor and texture of your pork butt!

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