Can You Use A Gas Grill In The Rain?

Can You Use A Gas Grill In The Rain?

Grilling is a fun way to cook your food, and I certainly believe that you can grill all year round. So if you ask me “Can you use a gas grill in the rain?”, I would almost always answer with a yes.

 Of course, that will depend on what kind of rain you are dealing with.

If the rain is only light and you do not have to deal with strong winds, then yes, you can still cook your food with the grill.

 However, there are some tricks that you need to learn to use your gas grill during heavy rains and strong winds.

That way, you can continue to grill even when the weather is bad. 

You can go with the best gas grill or if you do not have that much of a budget, you can just learn the tricks. You can even do some tricks with charcoal grills when cooking outdoors.

Although gas grills are pretty consistent with maintaining their temperature, they can still get the cooling effect from the rain. So always be on the lookout for temperature changes.

If you constantly deal with rainy weather in your area, follow this post to learn what you can do to improve your grill’s cooking capabilities in the middle of a bad rainy season.


Get Some Help

 The first and most important trick is to find a friend that can help you when grilling. You will need a helping hand for this as you must deal with many other things besides the cooking.

You will see some people trying to hold their umbrellas over the food while also attending to the grill. If you do this, you might lose your balance and topple down the food or the grill.

 Make sure to concentrate on the cooking or the grill while another person covers the food with an umbrella.

If you are dealing with light rain, you can use a raincoat to cover yourself.

 You can then lay another raincoat on the food without strong winds.

You can also go with a large patio umbrella to cover both you, the grill, and the table of food simultaneously.


Be creative and put all the effort into protecting the food and the grill from the rain. You can use some covers on the food while you hold your spatula and umbrella on the other hand.

 But then, the best option is to have another person hold the umbrella for you while grilling. You will need a lot of concentration when grilling in the rain to keep the food perfectly cooked.


Some Common Solutions

 While cooking, there are many ways to protect yourself and your grill from the rain. Here, we have a list of things you can add or do to your backyard to grill while it is raining outside.

 The first one, of course, is to look for a friend to help you with cooking. However, this can be a bit of a hassle for you and your friend, especially if you are busy doing other things. 

Grilling involves a lot of preparation and simultaneous activities, so you can make the most of the session. So it is sometimes better to prepare for the rainy grilling seasons.


A Barbecue Canopy

This solution is very simple; you can make one way ahead of the rainy season. Barbecue canopies are made with a canopy from light materials that are heat and water-resistant. 

The materials are usually made with a metal frame to take on a roof-like structure. It is small enough to fit in a small backyard and protect just the grilling area and not a whole dining tent.

The advantage is that you can always remove it completely from the backyard and store it properly for use in the next rainy season. You do not need to make a large one just for grilling.

Barbecue Canopy


Tarp Tent 

This is the same concept as the barbecue canopy but you can use for a larger space. You can use a large tarp that can cover the entire backyard so you can also eat beside the grill.

However, there are some standards that you need to consider when using this solution. Never use a plastic sheet as it will easily melt especially if you plan to put the grill under it.

This is how a trap tent looks; however, you need a larger one for a grill.

 When you set up the tarp, make sure that you hang it 6 feet up from the grill. Use a flame-resistant tarp to ensure you do not melt or burn your protection from the rain.

Retractable Awning

 This is another addition to your patio that can be of huge help if you are grilling and it is raining outside. This is not the cheapest option but it can be a great addition to your house or patio.

It helps dry your patio and keeps snow and rain off of it. This will also help extend your patio so you can set up some tables out in the backyard for eating.

This option is not only helpful in cooking on your patio during the rainy season but it will also add shade on your patio during the hot summer days. So you should invest in one.


A Covered Grilling Station

This is perhaps the best solution for people like me who love cooking outdoors. It is also the most expensive option, so ensure you have your budget and savings ready for this.

Having a permanent structure outside the house for grilling will let you grill under any weather. You do not have to worry about getting the food or the grill wet with a covered station.

It is so expensive that professionals make it to ensure that it is set properly. You can make your own, but it is best to seek professional help for this option. 

No matter your chosen solution, you need to ensure they are all installed correctly. The roof should be high enough to ensure it does not burn or melt from the heat underneath.


Simpler Tips

You can do many things to not only cook during the rainy season but also to improve your cooking style. Here are some tips that you can follow when grilling in the rain.

Precook the food inside or while there is still no rain. You can reverse your food and make the best out of the slightly lower heat you get when you are grilling, and it is raining.

If you have known the forecast ahead of time, you can time the pre-cooking process to ensure that you are ready for grilling. This will let you cook for a shorter period of time.

Grilling in the rain will reduce the grill’s temperature so that the cooking time will be longer. 

By pre-cooking the food, you can counter that and cook simultaneously. 

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Make windbreakers if you are dealing with a lot of wind and rain, as the wind will be your main enemy. Umbrellas and even canopies can hardly do anything to block the wind. 

So set up a basic wall using cardboard around the grill or make a larger one with plywood to help reduce the temperature loss in the grill. This will help you maintain the cooking temperature.

One thing you can get as a positive takeaway when grilling in the rain is the humidity. It will help keep your food moist and juicy even when you cook with the lid off and over direct heat.


Will Rain Ruin A Grill? 

A drizzle on the grill will lower the temperature inside and degrade the grill itself. A mixture of moisture and oxygen in the air can cause steel to rust easily.

So make sure that you cover your grill if you leave it outside. If you have used the grill while it is raining, ensure you wipe off any moisture before covering the grill.

 Leaving moisture on the grill will also help molds and algae to develop. So make sure to dry it off before storing it for a long time, and clean it before using it again to remove any contaminants.


Grilling in the rain is not the easiest thing to do. You have to deal with a cold environment for yourself and keep the temperature of the grill consistent and hot enough.

Ensure that you get the right protection when it is raining lightly and when cooking with rain and strong winds. Always keep track of the temperature with a thermometer.

 It is not always bad to cook outside when it is raining. You just need the proper protection to keep the grill heated at the right temperature and cook your food quickly to have a warm meal!

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