How to cook Ribs on Pit Boss Pellet Grill

How to cook Ribs on Pit Boss Pellet Grill- Recipe Included!

Pellet grills are very versatile cooking appliances that you can use to cook almost any food in any style you want, and we have here a recipe on how to cook Ribs on Pit Boss pellet grill.

There are many cuts of meat that you can get for you to cook in your pellet grill, but there are not many cuts that are as tasty as ribs.

It is a cut of meat that is full of flavor with a very soft texture. 

Since ribs are already flavorful, you do not need to go all the way with the seasoning.

The key to making the perfect ribs in your pellet grill is to know the technique on how to keep it soft.

Grilling is not a very practical way to make your cooked meat if you want it soft.

The grill often hardens the crust without getting the heat inside, which keeps the meat tough.

To cook the ribs that you have and keep them moist and soft, you need to know the right techniques and cook them in a different way other than just grilling the pieces of meat.

Follow this post to know how to make your ribs with the perfect and simple recipe.

This is from Pit Boss, so if you have the grill, you will never go wrong with this recipe for a delicious meal.


What You Will Need

To cook this recipe perfectly, you will need to get the best ingredients.

Do not worry as there are no complicated ingredients or special mixes for this recipe, and they are accessible. 

The first thing that you need to get is, of course, ribs.

Ribs are full of flavor because of the bones that come with them; it also helps keep the meat soft even after cooking. 

I chose baby back ribs to make the finish even softer and easier to manage for this recipe.

Baby back ribs are perfect since they are small, but they are full of flavor when cooked right.

I ordered mine from snake river farms and loved the quality of Ribs that I got delivered.

SO check them out if you want some premium quality ribs.

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The key to this recipe is to put as few flavorings or seasonings.

The ribs themselves are already great and already taste good, so you need to keep it simple. 

The most important thing to consider is the number of people that are going to eat.

Adjust the number of ribs that you will purchase according to the diet and number of guests.

I only used two baby back ribs as it is only a family meal.

The marinade and rub consist of two cups of apple juice, Southern-style barbecue sauce, and Pit Boss Competition Smoked Rub.

With these simple rubs and marinade, you can make your baby back ribs the perfect meal for you and your guests.

The simple marinade will preserve the natural flavor of the baby back ribs.

Pit Boss sells their rub if you wish to follow this recipe, but you can use that too if you have a favorite rub.

Just make sure that the rub does not overpower the flavor of the meat.




Step 1: Prepare The Pit Boss Pellet Grill

You will need to fill up your Pit Boss pellet grill with wood pellets and start the fire for this initial cooking procedure.

Set the temperature to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and close the grill. 

This will not take long, so while waiting for the grill to reach the set temperature, prepare the other ingredients so you can cook right away once the grill is ready, to not waste wood pellets.


Step 2: Prepare The Ribs

To get the smoke and the other flavors into the meat, you will need to remove the ribs’ membrane.

Flip the ribs over so you can see the insides of the ribs.

Use a knife and hold the meat down with a paper towel.

Carefully cut from one end of the ribs and then use another paper towel to grab hold onto the tough white membrane.

Carefully pull the membrane with our hand and guide the knife through the insides.

This membrane will harden when cooked, so it is totally necessary to remove it before cooking.

After removing the membrane, get the seasoning or rub that you want and then rub it on the baby back ribs.

You can use whatever you want or go with the Competition Smoked Rub.

Step 3: Cook The Ribs

Make sure that all areas of the baby back ribs have enough amount of rub on them.

Place them in the grill directly on the grill grates with the meat side facing up or the area with thicker meat.

Close the grill’s lid and then set the smoke enhancer if your Pit Boss pellet grill has that feature.

Leave the ribs to smoke for at least 2 hours before opening them again to check them.

Do not open the lid frequently as the grill will likely lose the heat inside, and the smoke will escape, which can make a difference on the grill or barbecue flavor you want to have.

 After two hours, remove the baby back ribs from the grill and turn the heat up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Let them rest for a little bit or directly go to the next step in the process.


Step 4: Wrap The Baby Back Ribs

Get some aluminum foil, and then create large pans or boat-shaped structures with them.

You need one for each of the baby back ribs you have, so make the number of boats needed.

Make sure to put at least two aluminum foil layers on each boat to make sure that it does not rip off easily.

Place each baby back rib on a boat and then pour the apple juice inside the boat.

A cup of apple juice per boat should be enough for the process.

Seal the baby back ribs by folding the aluminum foil inward and making sure that the apple juice does not leak out.


Step 5: Cook The Ribs Again

Return the ribs inside the grill and then let them cook once again for 2 hours with the grill closed.

Let them soak and cook in the apple juice and then remove them only after 2 hours.

Remove the baby back ribs from the apple juice and set the grill’s temperature to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Wait for the grill to reach the temperature and then return the ribs in it.

 The ribs are cooked at this point and what you are doing is giving them a nice crust.

Coat the ribs with the barbecue sauce and wait for the sauce itself to firm up a little bit.

This will take around 15 minutes so allow the ribs to grill for a little bit.

Do not leave the grill as the sugar from the apple juice can ignite easily and cause flare-ups that will burn the ribs.

Let the ribs rest for at least 15 minutes after cooking them, and then serve them with your side dishes.

Keep them hot and fresh, and then enjoy the delicious glazed baby back ribs.


Leftover Ribs? 

If you have leftover ribs, place them immediately in a zip lock bag and inside a sealed container after the meal.

Do not let them stay out on the table for more than two hours to keep them fresh.

Place the leftover ribs in the fridge and consume them before the fourth day.

Do not let the ribs stay in the fridge for more than four days as they will have developed bacteria by that time. 

If you want to prolong the ribs’ shelf life even further, you can then place them in the freezer.

They will last for months, but after a month, they will start to lose their flavor.



Since you cannot preserve the ribs for too long, consume them as soon as possible.

There are also many recipes that you can make with the leftover ribs, such as sandwiches or salads.

Baby back ribs are truly flavorful and are a perfect meal if you want something full of protein.

The bone should slide out easily, and the meat has somewhat a chewy texture inside it.

So if you are looking to make the best meal that will appeal to any age you are trying to feed, then follow the recipe above and make the best baby back ribs for you and your family!

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