How To Cook A Skirt Steak On Kamado Joe

How To Cook A Skirt Steak On Kamado Joe

Cooking a skirt steak is different from other cuts of meat. This guide on how to cook a skirt steak on a Kamado Joe grill will show you how to improve the flavor and texture.

 A skirt steak is a cut of meat that has two major parts. There are the inside and the outside skirt steak that you can choose from, and they are quite similar when it comes to the contents.

A skirt steak has a decent amount of fat that can help the meat tenderize. Generally, a skirt steak is more muscle than fat, so some tendons can be tough sometimes. 

A Kamado Joe grill can help you attain the tenderness that you like. It is perfect for breaking down the tough tendons while also adding a little bit of smoky flavor to your skirt steak.

 The grills from the company are truly great for cooking almost anything. Since you will need to be delicate with the thin steak, a Kamado Joe grill is the perfect appliance for cooking it.

Here, we will show you how to properly prepare, cook, and serve a skirt steak. Follow the guide as we guide you and show some of the tricks you can do when cooking skirt steaks.


What You Will Need

If you have the luxury to do so, get an outside steak since it is relatively more tender than the inside steak. However, it is a hard task to do as restaurants often get the outside skirt steaks.

But you can get some on Snake River farms as I always order from them and they have some top notch quality stuff.

There are not many differences between the two types of skirt steak, but you can make the process easier with an outside steak. It is more tender and is marbled better than the inside. 

However, since most of the outside skirt steaks are line upon and get sold to restaurants, we chose the more common inside skirt steak for this recipe so you can follow it precisely.

You will also be needing some seasonings for the skirt steak. There is no need to go all-in with the seasoning, as you can just use salt and add some pepper if you want the slightly spicy flavor.

If you have a favorite rub, then you can use that as your seasoning. A skirt steak is a pretty thin cut of meat, so the tenderizing part should rely on the cooking process rather than the spices.

Speaking of the cooking process, you will need a full load of Kamado Joe‘s firebox. Get some charcoals to use for regular grilling as you will need the fire to get as hot as it can.

This is a pretty basic cooking or grilling method, so a full load of the firebox will be enough for it. You can get more charcoal if you want to smoke the meat, but we will not do that here.




Step 1: Prepare The SteaK 

Get your salt and pepper and make sure that the pepper is ground. Put the salt and pepper in a bowl and then mix well. Add some cayenne in there if you want more of the spice.

After mixing the spices, use your hand and sprinkle some of the seasonings on the skirt steak. This procedure is optional, and you can put the seasonings while cooking.

However, I prefer putting the seasonings on the meat before the cooking process so that the meat can absorb more of the spices. Push the salt and pepper into the meat by pressing onto it.

Another trick that I do when cooking a skirt steak is to cut or slice the meat beforehand. This helps break down the tendons that can be tough when cooked, so you can do that as well.

Let the meat rest for a little bit so that the seasonings can go further into the meat. Make sure the meat chills down and reaches room temperature before you cook it in the Kamado Joe grill.


Step 2: Preheat The Grill

 Get your Kamado Joe ready by putting the charcoals on one side of the firebox. Put the flame guard on so that you will prevent flare-ups from happening and burning the skirt steaks.

Ensure the grill grates of the Kamado Joe grill be clean by wiping them with a wet towel. After the grill grates have completely dried, use a paper towel to spread oil on them before cooking.

The reason for putting the charcoals on one side of the grill only is to provide a cooler area where you can put the grills on when they have browned but are not quite ready to be removed.

Build a fire and let the grill go up to the highest temperature or at least 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This will be enough for searing the meat properly and cooking it precisely on the grill.


Step 3: Cook The Skirt Steak

 Lay the skirt steaks on the grill grate with the grains against or perpendicular to the grill grates. That way, the skirt steak will not easily fall into the spaces in between the grill grates.

Close the lid of the grill and let one side of the steak cook for about 4 minutes. Make sure to wait that long so that the steak will not go half-cooked on one side and stick on the grill grates.

Once the skirt steak removes easily from the grill grates, turn it over and let that side of the meat cook for another 4 minutes; this time, you can insert the meat probe on the skirt steak.



If you aim for medium-rare doneness, then I suggest you go with an internal temperature of 125 degrees Fahrenheit. I suggest cooking the skirt steak at this internal temperature.

Going beyond medium-rare can start to toughen up the skirt steak, and it will also make the skirt steak dry out a little bit. So stay with the medium-rare doneness for a juicy and soft skirt steak.


Step 4: Let The Skirt Steak Rest

Just before the skirt steak reaches 125 degrees Fahrenheit, remove it from the grill and then cover it loosely with foil. The meat will continue to cook at this point so let it rest for 5 minutes.

This will also help finish cooking the meat and redistribute the juices evenly into the steak. So although the steak will look very delicious by this time, do not be tempted into not letting it rest.

After letting the skirt steak rest, get a sharp knife and carefully slice the steaks against the grain. Season it more with salt and pepper if you think that the steak needs more flavors to it

 You can serve it either hot, warm, or at room temperature. Once the skirt steak cooks, the meaty flavor will stay longer than most meat cuts, even when it starts to go cold.


How About Leftovers? 

If you have leftover skirt steaks, you can store them properly in the fridge. Relatively, leftover steaks stored properly are still delicious when you eat them again after storing them.


Store In The Fridge

If you have many leftover steaks, do not let them stay for more than 2 hours out of the fridge. Place them in a ziplock bag immediately after eating and then put them in a sealed container. 

You can also wrap them with plastic wrap before putting them in the container. Place them in the fridge and leave them there for up to four days only, do not go beyond four days without eating them.

By that time, the bacteria might have acted up in the steak, so you need to eat them before the fourth day. Just reheat them on a pan or the grill if you have the time, and then serve them.


Store In The Freezer

You can also store your leftover skirt steaks in the freezer for longer periods. Just wrap them in foil to prevent freezer burns and keep the skirt steaks safe from cross-contamination.

If you choose to store the leftover skirt steaks in the freezer, you can leave them there for even a month. By that point, the flavor would still be there, and the texture will still be great.

Technically, you can leave the skirt steaks indefinitely inside the freezer, and they would still be safe to eat. However, it is best to eat them before the first month to still get the same flavors.



When cooking skirt steaks, be careful not to rely on other recipes used for cooking other steaks. Skirt steaks are thinner than most cuts, so you need to cook them at a faster rate.

Ensure your Kamado Joe ready and cook the skirt steaks in them for more accurate doneness. I also suggest getting a meat probe if you do not have one yet, as it is very helpful.

Just follow the tips and guide above and cook the perfect meal for your family. You can also experiment and use the skirt steaks for your tacos or sandwiches for a beefy snack!

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