Infrared Grill Showdown: Beefer Grill Vs Inferno Grill Vs Otto Wilde Grill

There are a lot of ways to cook a perfect steak. With the Infrared Grill Showdown between the Beefer Grill, Inferno Grill, and Otto Wilde Grill, you will know everything about them.

Restaurants that produce hundreds of steaks in one night have commercial-grade grills, which allow the chefs to cook multiple steaks to cater to hundreds of customers.

But buying these grills will not be for the common user. They are too large for a normal kitchen, and they produce so much heat that they can damage other appliances around them.

That is why some companies took the time to research the normal users and found more space for such appliances in patios or backyards.


Inferno Grill

Companies that built the said grills above ensured that normal people could eat steak like a pro in just minutes. Thus, the introduction of Salamander grills to the public.

Salamander grills are miniature versions of the commercial-grade grills used in restaurants. They use direct heat to sear the food that is being cooked in them and cook them quickly.

Infrared is a term used to describe the wavelength of radiation that comes to contact with an object. There is a technical term for transferring the heat from these Salamander grills.

These grills cook the food in them from the top, unlike conventional ovens or grills where the heat comes from above.

The grill makes the finish of the meat better as it gets cooked evenly. These grills are also perfect for other recipes that require high temperatures when cooking, so read on to know more.


Setting Up The Grills

These three grills use propane for heating the cooking chamber. So aside from setting up the 20-pound propane gas tank, there is not much to do with these infrared burners.

The grills come out of the box and are ready to use. All you need is a sturdy tabletop to place them on and then connect them to the propane gas tank.

Within minutes of preheating, they can reach their maximum temperature, and then you can start cooking. There might be different controls since these grills come from different brands.

However, most Salamangrills’lls’ general ignition is to push and turn the knob found at the burners’ top. From there, you can wait until the grill reaches the desired temperature.

Just make sure to set up the grills outdoors. Although these grills are small, they still produce intense heat, and they can burn anything near them or melt objects made out of plastic.

These grills can get up to a very high temperature that they can cause fire hazards. They will immediately heat the room, so make sure to keep them away from flammable objects.

Otto Wilde Grill


Temperature and Power

Speaking of grill’s temperature, these grills can get to a very high temperature that most conventional grills can never reach. They can cook steaks in minutes without burning them.

All companies claim that their grills can reach a temperature of 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. That is around 800 degrees Celsius and can melt even rocks.

The melting point of rocks to start forming into lava form is only 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. 

So you can be sure that they can cook anything you want and they do it fast.

We put that to the test by firing up the grills all at the same time. They took around 10 minutes to preheat and reach such a temperature, so the company says the claim is proven.

With this temperature, the grills were able to sear steaks perfectly in just 60 seconds. Just do not put the steak in the grill while it is preheating or it gets overcooked.

Preheating the grills is also pretty easy, but you need to put the racks out of the chamber first. This improves the distribution of heat all around the chamber to make the cooking process better.


Otto Wilde Grill

Controlling The Grills

There are two main ways to control the grills in terms of cooking. These ways will give you a more precise finish on the steak that you are cooking, or any food for that matter.

The first one is to control the temperature itself. The salamander or Infrared grills have a knob on the chamber’s roof where you can control the amount of fuel that gets in the burner.

This way, you can place the meat or food in a single rack and then control the temperature via the knob. You will have a great adjustment on the finishing temperature of the food.

The other one is to control the proximity of the food to the burners. Although small, the salamander grills have enough room in their chamber to move the racks up or down inside.

This way, you can utilize the amount of heat and steam that the food receives. The food cooks differently on different racks, and if the heat is too much, you can move the food down.

The Beefer Grill and Inferno Grill have different racks where you can put the grate on. You need to use a metal hook to move the grill grates as the chamber can get very hot.

The Otto Wilde Grill has an advantage in this as it has an outer handle that you can use to control the grate’s height. There are no notches inside the grill, so the grates cannot hold on to it.

The only way to get the grate safely is to control it with the handle on the side. There, you will find Meat-O-Meter, which determines the height of the grill grate in the chamber.



The Beefer Grill and the Inferno Grill have an almost identical burner. They are mesh where the fire spreads to make the heat inside the chamber evenly distributed.

These grills only have one infrared burner, which means that they are compact. You can bring them to campings or tailgating as they do not take up too much space.

The burners are really powerful as they can truly get up to the maximum temperature. A single knob controls the temperature of the burners, and you can access it at the top.

These burners are also well-ventilated, so the fire gets enough oxygen to continuously burn. The sides and the top of the grills have openings for proper airflow in the chamber.

This is a powerful combination for cooking and searing meat perfectly; however, there is something better than just one burner, the dual burner.


Dual Burners

The Otto Wilde Grill is perhaps the most powerful Infrared Grill on the market right now. It has two burners that can also be controlled individually for more precise cooking.

The two burners each have an ignition button and control knob. This way, you can cook different foods at the same time at different temperatures as well.

For example, the steak you are cooking has an uneven cut where one side is thinner; you can cook it in the Otto Wilde Grill with different temperatures to cook it evenly.

Or if you want one side of the meat more cooked than the other, you can do that as well. If the cut of meat has a lot of fat on one side, you can turn up the burner’s heat on that side.

Similar ridges or openings exist on the Otto Wilde Grill. You can see the ventilation on both sides and the top part of the grill, making the fire burn hotter.


Other Features

These grills are not only amazing when it comes to cooking. They are also very easy to use because of their immense power and features that help control them.

First off, you have the grill grates that hold the food in the place. All the grates from these grills are high-quality and heavy-duty steel to keep the heat well-distributed.

The strong racks also mean that you can cook heavy cuts of meat in them. When we tried it out, the grates did not have a problem cooking 2-pound steaks in them.

You also get a handle for the Beefer Grill and the Inferno grill. This way, you can take the racks or the grill grate out of the chamber safely without burning your hands.

The Otto Wilde Grill has a handle with two different features, you can either use it as a lever for controlling the height of the grate or a handle.

==> Check out the Inferno Grill

You can remove the handle from the lever and then use it to scoop the grate out of the cooking chamber. This makes it easier to remove the food out of the grill and control the heat as well.

The other thing that these three amazing grills have in common is the drip trays. The drip trays catch all the juices from the food you are cooking so the grill will not be messy.

The drip trays can fill with water to create steam. This is perfect for cooking other recipes that require a milder temperature and surrounding than the intense 1000-degree heat.

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The drip trays can also let your creativity out as you can put other flavors in there. You can put spices, potatoes, or asparagus into the tray to give off an aroma to the main recipe you are cooking.



When you try to cook with Salamander or Infrared Grills, you should know how powerful they are. These types of grills get up to very high temperatures, so you need to be vigilant.

Do not set them up near flammable objects and never put your hands inside the chamber without protective gloves. Always remember to keep safety first.

The Beefer Grill is a very small type of grill. However, it does produce a temperature that most conventional grill s do not even reach, not even half of the maximum.

==> Check out the Beefer Grill

The Inferno is on the side of tall Infrared grills and offers a lot of rack levels that you can place the grill grate on to better control the food you are cooking.

The Otto Wilde grill is perhaps the most impressive one in this group. It has two burners that you can control individually to cook at two different temperatures simultaneously.

It is also a unique grill in terms of controlling the food inside. It has an adjustable rack that does not need to be placed on notches as it has a lever on the side for that.

So if you are looking for a grill that will help you cook pro-level steaks in just 1 minute, then these three should be on your list.

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