Nexgrill Griddle Vs. Blackstone Griddle

Nexgrill Griddle Vs. Blackstone Griddle- Better BUY?

For the past years, companies have been competing on which griddle is the best. Here, we have two of them, and we will see which is better between the Nexgrill vs. Blackstone griddle.

 Blackstone has established that it can produce griddles that are great for almost any recipe. They have been the favorite of many users that love cooking a lot of recipes.

 Nexgrill, on the other hand, is a company that also produces a lot of griddles that everyone loves. The models are great, and they are very versatile for cooking in different styles.

 While there are some similarities between these two griddles, they do have a lot of differences. The differences will be the focus of this post to see which has a better feature or performance.

At first glance, these two griddles look pretty similar to each other. That is what makes them a little confusing, and it also makes them the perfect match to be compared with each other.

 If you are planning to look for your next griddle, then this is the place to be. You can just choose between these two and decide which one is better based on the following features.


Setting Them Up

 There are some differences between the structure of these griddles, but overall, the stand, the shelf, the wheels, and the height are pretty much the same, so the setup is pretty similar.

 When setting up these griddles, you will need a lot of space. They are large compared to most griddles, and they are not completely portable, so you do need to place them in a large space.

 There is little to no assembly needed once these griddles arrive at your place. All you need to do is secure the screws, especially on the shelf, as they might have loosened along the way.


Nexgrill Griddle

 What I liked about setting up the Blackstone griddle is that it has a very easy installation. There is no need for special tools, and you can tighten the screws without a screwdriver.

 Once you find the right place to set up the griddles, you can just roll them over onto that area and then lock the wheels. Both griddles have wheels on their legs, so you can move them.

 The only issue with the wheels is that you really cannot bring them over rough terrain. The wheels are small, and so they have a hard time rolling over grass or gravel when moving.

The cooktop of the Blackstone griddle is removable, so you can wash that first before cooking on it for the first time. The Nexgrill cooktop is easy to clean, so you can wash it without removing it. 

Both griddles have high-quality materials, so you do not have to worry about damaging them when you set them outside. I still recommend getting a cover if you don’t have one.


What I Liked About These Griddles

 Here, we will see which feature separates one from the other. I have many features that I loved with these griddles, and it is pretty hard to judge which one is better. 

This is where we will truly compare these two griddles to better understand how one is better over the other. That way, you can choose which griddle fits you best.


The Griddle Cooktops

 Perhaps one of the most important features is the cooktop itself. It is the space where you will be cooking your food and consider it when buying any griddle.

 There is not much difference between the space that these two griddles provide for cooking. However, you will see that the material is pretty different from the looks alone.

 The Blackstone griddle and the Nexgrill griddle both use rolled steel. However, the Blackstone griddle has carbon steel instead of just plain stainless steel as its cooking surface material.

 The steel on the Nexgrill griddle is durable and lightweight, which means that it absorbs heat very quickly. Within minutes of preheating, you can begin to cook on a searing hot surface.

 What makes the Blackstone griddle better is the material used for its cooktop is better at retaining heat. It is also better at removing the food residuals once done cooking.

The advantage of the Nexgrill griddle cooktop is that it has a slightly larger cooking surface. There are 720 square inches for the Blackstone, while the Nexgrill has 732 square inches.


Powerful Individual Burners

 This is my favorite feature with these griddles as it allows you to cook more than one recipe at a time. You do not have to wait or switch to another appliance to cook the other recipes.

 With the four burners on each griddle, you have a large cooking space that is heated evenly. You can be sure that the food you are cooking on the cooktop is being cooked simultaneously.

 However, that is not the best feature as you can ensure that other griddles can do that. What makes these griddles great is that you can cook at different temperatures at the same time.

 You can set up a 2-zone cooking surface where you can sear your steaks over high temperatures while sauteing your vegetables or garnishes on the other side of the griddle.

 This is possible because both griddles have four burners with individual knobs. You can control the temperature on one side without affecting the burners on the other when cooking your food.

 Both of these griddles can produce up to 60,000 BTUs, so you can be sure that they are cooking the food at the right temperature. There are so many possibilities with these individual burners.


Cooking In The Grills

 There is not much to talk about when cooking in these griddles, as I can sum it up by just saying that they are truly amazing. However, there are some important differences that you should know.

First, both of these griddles have electronic ignition, so you can be sure that your griddle is always ready for cooking. The Nexgrill is battery-powered, so you do need some changes.

 Once the burners are ready, both griddles did not take long to heat up. There is just a short wait for the other parts of the cooktop to heat, especially those not directly over the burners. 

What made me appreciate cooking in these griddles is the non-stick surface. The Blackstone griddle has a better performance when it comes to cleanliness as the food did not stick to it.



The Nexgrill is not necessarily bad because the food I was cooking did not stick to the cooktop. However, I find it easier to scrape off food residuals from the Blackstone griddle.

 Both can cook a mean meal in no time. They are both powerful enough to put some nice charring on the crust of your steak while also gentle enough to cook vegetables.

There are many things that both griddles can cook, and I really cannot decide which one is better. It is easier to flip and stir on the Blackstone griddle’s non-stick cooking surface.


Accessories And Minor Features

 Some minor features come with these griddles, and they are all very helpful in cooking. First are the side shelves of the griddles where you can prepare the food.

 There are two shelves on both griddles, one on each side of the cooktop. You can use it to place your tools and cooking utensils or cut up some vegetables while the meat is cooking.

 There is a larger shelf underneath these griddles; you can use that to place your pots and pans on. It is a very helpful feature so you can keep your tools near you.



 Another small and simple feature but is very helpful is the grease catcher. It is a small cup behind the cooktop, for Blackstone, and under the cooktop, for the Nexgrill griddle.

 These grease catchers are great for pushing any unnecessary oil out of the cooktop while you are cooking. You can just scrape off the grease into the dedicated hole when cleaning.

 I suggest cleaning the griddle every after use to prevent it from gathering moss and being damaged by outside elements. You do not need to use soap in cleaning the griddle as well.



 As you can see, there are a lot of differences between these griddles; there are also some similarities that make it hard and confusing to choose between these two griddles. 

==> Check out the Blackstone Griddle!

I go for the more proven Blackstone griddle, but I would not be complaining if I went with the Nexgrill griddle. Both are amazing griddles that can cook any of the recipes you want. 

Both have the same firepower and almost the same cooking space, so there is not much difference. It is up to you and your personal preferences to choose which is best for you!

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