Best Stainless Steel Flat Top Grill 2021

Flat top grills are great as they can offer you a cooking space that will allow you to cook almost anything you like. Here we have a list of the best stainless steel flat-top grills to choose from.

There are many cooking appliances that you can use for many recipes. Even if you narrow it down to grills, you also get to select which type of grill you want to cook your food in.

Flat-top grills are the perfect cooking appliances if you want your food to be cooked in front of you and eat it while hot and fresh. You can use them easily with just the necessary skills.

Even if you are not a good cook, you can still improve your cooking with flat-top grills. They are straightforward to use, and you can make anything you want on them, which makes them even better.

Usually, flat-top grills do not have complicated controls, but that will depend on the brand that you choose. Nonetheless, they are still perfect for the food that you want to cook and eat right away.

So whether you are a beginner in the cooking world or a professional cook, you can still use flat-top griddles. Let us see which of the many options will help you most in cooking.

What Are Flat Top Grills?

Flat-top grills are usually confused with griddles, and I do not blame you if you do it too. Griddles are a kind of flat-top grill made with more heavy-duty materials.

Flat-top grills boast their fast-cooking abilities since they have lighter materials. That means that they can cook your food in minutes and will give your food a nice flavor.

As the name suggests, these cooking appliances provide a flat surface where you can cook your food on. That surface is heated evenly by burners underneath to cook your food.

Usually, flat-top grills have multiple burners to get the cooking surface heated evenly. This makes it great for cooking any recipe you want simultaneously on the flat-top grill.

Best Stainless Steel Flat Top Grill

So now that you know the benefits of stainless steel flat-top grills, let us now go to the part you have been waiting for. These are the best stainless steel flat-top grills on the market right now.

1. Blackstone 4-burner Gas Flat Top Grill/Griddle

With the overall steel design and construction, this flat-top grill is made for any kind of environment as it can resist natural elements. It is sturdy, heavy, and durable no matter the surroundings.

With its perfect construction and sturdy material, this will last for generations. You can pass this grill to your kids, and if taken care of, they can even pass it down to their kids.

This grill weighs over 120 pounds, so you will need some help to move it. The assembly is pretty easy, and the instructions are easy for beginners to follow and assemble the parts.

It propane-fueled grill and what I liked about this is the dedicated shelf. You no longer need to put the propane gas tank on the ground when using this grill as it has its shelf for it.

Besides that, you will also be able to cook anything you like while preparing other food on the same appliance. It has a shelf on each side, which also has a cutting board for preparing food.

You can control the four burners of this flat-top grill can individually. This made it easy for me to make adjustments according to the type of food I was cooking, which was great.


You can cook meat on one side and set the burners to high while you can sear some vegetables on the other side at lower temperatures. This is perfect for parties or small gatherings at home.

The four burners spread across a cooking surface of 720 square inches. I liked this large cooking area when I wanted to cook a meal that involves many ingredients.

2. Royal Gourmet Flat Top Gas Griddle

This grill is one of the most portable flat-top grills on the market. With only 316 square inches of cooking space, you will be able to use it on a small table or a small stand outside the house.

It has three burners that can be adjusted individually with 9,000 BTUs each. That is enough to cook your steak with a nice sear and make your burger patties finish cooking within minutes.

With this option, you can also make other recipes besides the meat. While cooking tough foods on one side, you will also be able to cook foods that cook easier or faster on the other side.

Although small compared to most grills, you can use the flat-top grill at small parties. The cooking area can handle up to 15 pieces of burgers at once, which is pretty impressive.

It has a special feature called the Piezo ignition, which I liked. It is a button that you can easily use to ignite the burners all at once and then control them separately if you want to.

This flat-top grill has its grease or oil cup. This catches the unnecessary moisture and oil from the cooking surface and stores it while you are cooking; you can remove it afterward.


This was helpful as the grill itself had a stopper on the front. The front part, lifted slightly to avoid spillage, so the oil cup is the only place where you will get to put the excess oils.

3. Cuisinart CGG-888 Flat Top Grill

This flat-top grill is one of the more uncommon designs on any flat-top grill on the market. Instead of having the classic flat rectangular grill, this grill has a round surface.

Yes, the cooking area is still flat, but this grill is like pizza steel with its circular shape. Nonetheless, it is still one of the more powerful flat-top grills with its dual-burner feature.

You can control both burners individually to provide a hot and cold zone in one cooking space. This makes it perfect for cooking two recipes at the same time for parties.

I also loved how the company provided the flat-top grill with its lid with vents. This makes the possibilities even more fun as you can use it to create convection heat inside the grill.

This means that you will be able to cook great pizzas on the flat-top grill along with other baked goods. The lid is very helpful in cooking large foods and using it to roast chicken or other foods.

There is also a small shelf on the side that you can use to prepare the food. You can do the assembly of this grill within 30 minutes, so it does not take long before you can cook in it.

My other favorite feature of this flat-top grill is the large grill pan. The pan surrounds the entire cooking area, which means that it catches all the oil and grease from all grill sides.


There is also a stand that comes with this grill, which is very helpful in moving the grill. The stand has four wheels that can be locked in place when you want to set the flat-top grill in a certain area.

4. Camp Chef Flat Top Grill

This is a relatively expensive flat-top grill than the other ones on the list, but it is worth the price. It is a versatile flat-top grill that you can switch to other types of grills instantly.

This flat-top grill comes with a griddle and grill grate that you can use to cook other recipes. All the accessories or cooking surfaces come in seasoned, which means they are ready to be used.

The True Seasoned surface makes the flat-top grill perfect for any type of food and cooking method because of the cooking surfaces’ non-stick properties. Great for pizzas and steaks.

It has four burners that you can control individually, making it great when you want to cook two different types of dishes on the same appliance. It is perfect for parties and small gatherings.

This flat-top grill also has two side shelves that you can use when preparing food. You can fold them, which means that they do not get in the way if you want to put the grill in a storage room.

What I loved about this flat-top grill are the adjustable legs. I was able to find the right height for me when cooking, which meant that I did not have to lean down to flip my burger patties.


Two of the legs have wheels that you can use to transport the grill easily. Aside from that, it also has two shelves underneath where you can put tools or ingredients on and the gas tank as well.

This feature is also called the micro-adjust griddle leveler, which uses the height of the cooking surface to control the temperature. It makes it great for cooking slowly and carefully.

5. Blackstone Tabletop Flat Top Grill

If you want a flat-top grill that you can use anywhere you want, then this is the one for you. It is for mobile grilling, which means that you can bring it to camping and tailgating trips.

It is only 17 inches across, which is not a lot, but if you are just going to have a picnic, it is the best choice so your food cooks easily and you can eat it while still hot.

The grill is only 24 pounds, which is very light, and you can carry it easily when traveling. This also means that you do not need much space for the grill.

It has an H-shaped burner that runs across the relatively small cooking area. This ensures that the grill is evenly heated and can sear foods easily with its 12,000 BTU power and heat.

You can clean it easily as it has its grease catcher. It is beside the control knob, and you can easily pull it out once done with cooking to get rid of the grease from the foods.


With this grill, I was able to cook steaks within minutes. The size did not matter as I cooked only for myself so if you just want a small meal, then cook it with this portable flat-top grill.

6. Cuisinart 2-burner Flat Top Grill

This flat-top grill is for use in any situation. See, it has its stand that you can use when you are cooking standing up, but you can fold the legs inwards when cooking on a table.

You can also bring it to tailgating trips because of this feature. The legs fold inside the grill’s main body and lessen the space and height to fit inside small spaces.

It has two large H-shaped burners that heat the 644 square inch cooking space. You can put over 20 burger patties in the cooking area and have enough space for other recipes as well.

Since the burners can get up to 30,000 BTUs, you can sear meat on them. You can also control the burners individually, which gives you more options of what you can cook on the flat-top grill.

The dual grease management system of this grill helps you clean the grill easily. There are two cups in the front corners of the flat-top grills, and you can simply slide the spatula towards them.


That way, you will lead the grease and other dirt into the hole that goes straight into the cup. You can then remove them and clean them afterward, making sure to do it every after use.

7. Cuisinart Gourmet Flat Top Gas Grill

This flat-top grill is perhaps the smallest one on the list. It only has 285 square inches of cooking space, small but just enough for you to cook multiple burgers and maybe a steak.

It features two stainless steel burners that can produce 20,000 BTUs, ignited with a twist and turn knob. You can control the burners can be individual, giving you the option to cook anything.

This flat-top grill is only 20 inches long, which means that you can bring it wherever you want to cook. It only weighs 30 pounds, which is still pretty easy to carry and place inside small storage.

It has its hose, which is compatible with 20-pound propane gas tanks. The setup is pretty easy, and I liked that within 10 minutes, I was able to grill my food in this flat-top grill.


What Are The Benefits Of Cooking On A Flat Top Grill?

While other types of grill boast authenticity or other features, flat-top grills also bag many advantages against the best grills on the market right now; these are great cooking appliances.

You might find these advantages with other appliances, but most of them are done better by the flat-top grills. You can get the best out of your food if you use the flat-top grills properly.

Here, to further understand how you can use them to the best of their capabilities, we will take a look at the advantages of a flat-top grill first before getting into the list of the best ones.

They Are Portable

Flat-top grills come in small sizes for domestic use. Of course, there are a lot of options that you can choose from if you want to buy a flat-top grill for your business.

Commercial flat-top grills usually have permanent fixtures and are used mostly in big restaurants. So they will not fit your description if you want something to cook in your backyard.

Flat-top grills used for domestic purposes usually do not have fixed costs. That means that cooking your barbecue will not be fixed in one place, which is very beneficial for you.

This also makes them perfect for any weather as you can transfer them anywhere easily. If the rain pours in the middle of cooking, you can easily carry it over to the patio and cook there.

Most flat-top grills are made with their legs, giving you more options as to where you can use them. Some are made with shorter legs and meant for use on tables.

They Can Cook Anything In Any Way You Want

As I have said, again and again, flat-top grills are one of the most versatile cooking appliances on the market. They can cook almost any recipe that you want with ease and precision.

With their unique design, you will be able to grill the meat evenly. You can even fry your eggs on the flat-top grill and make sure that the other ingredients continue to cook as well.

While being versatile, flat-top grills also make sure that your food does not burn easily. The heat they produce is even, so there will be no hot or cold spots that you need to avoid.

You also do not have to worry about the juices of the food that you are cooking. If you want to keep the food moist, the flat-top grills are the perfect appliance because of their design.

With the flat surface, the juice from the meat or the food you are cooking will not simply go out of the cooking area, unlike grill grates that drain the juice off of the food right away.

If you have the right accessory, you can even go ahead and cook pizzas in flat-top grills. You can easily make the best pizzas with the best crusts when you use flat-top grills properly.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

Since you do not have to deal with ridges or holes, you can easily clean the flat-top grills. The design of this cooking appliance is really helpful as it does not collect dirt or residuals easily.

The oil that comes from the food you are cooking also helps maintain the flat-top grill. It makes the stainless steel surface more seasoned to provide a non-stick surface.

Clean the flat-top grill every after use to keep gunks and food residuals out of the tight spaces. This will not be a problem since flat-top grills are easy to clean.

After cleaning the gunk off of the stainless steel surface, make sure to oil it so that rust will not build up. This is especially important if you leave the grill in an area exposed to rain and sunlight.


When cooking with a new appliance, you will need to find the best option. The most powerful and the easiest to control so you get to avoid any type of accidents both on your food and yourself.

Flat-top grills do not expose the food to direct flames, which makes it great for cooking carefully. You will hardly burn anything on a flat-top grill as long as you attend to it now and then.

The ones listed above made with stainless steel, which means you can use them with any food. Just make sure to take care of them so they will last long for you to continue cooking.

These are great cooking appliances that you can use both for parties and small gatherings. You can also make a simple meal for the family, and the flat-top grills will help you with cooking it perfectly!

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