Blackstone Griddle Vs. Member's Mark Griddle

Blackstone Griddle Vs. Members Mark Griddle

With the variety of advanced cooking appliances, making food at home has never been easier. That includes the best griddles, such as the Blackstone griddle vs. Member’s Mark griddle.

 Blackstone has led the griddle industry for a long time by producing griddles that are durable and far more capable of cooking any recipe, and they do not look like they’re stopping soon.

 With the griddles that they produce, you can cook any food that you want in almost any style. The same goes for the Member’s Mark griddles, as they do have amazing ones.

 Member’s Mark might not be the most popular option, but they have unique features competing with the leading brands. So we are here to compare them in this post.

I do have my personal favorites when it comes to the features, but that is too general. We are going to look at each of the features and see how they compare to each other.

 Read on as we are also going to include the experience you get when cooking with these griddles. There are some important notes as well that you should know, so let us take a look.


Setting Up The Grills

 For this part, we will first look at how you should properly set up the griddles. While it may be simple, there are some specific things that you should do to keep them functioning properly.

 With Blackstone griddle: you need to install some parts once the griddle arrives at your house. The cooking space is removable, so there is no setup needed for that.

 I suggest checking the side shelves of the Blackstone griddle and see if they are screwed properly. 

Member’s Mark

Most griddles have loose screws and parts, especially when they are delivered. 

They sometimes get loose during so make sure that they are tight before using the griddle.

Once you get the legs unfolded and the cooking surface set, you can cook right away with it.

 One thing I loved about the Blackstone griddle is that the assembly does not need any tool.

 You just need to unfold the legs, and the screws on the side table are just thumb screws.

 You will also need to make sure that the Member’s Mark griddle parts are attached properly.

This is especially important with the side shelves that are permanently attached to it.

 From there, you can then find the best place to put the griddles on and then start cooking.

Ensure that they do not get near flammable objects as both griddles can get too hot when cooking.

 Compared to other models, the 4-burner grills of these griddle companies are pretty large, so you will need a decent amount of space on your patio or in your backyard for setting them up.


What I Liked About The Griddles

 Here, we will get to truly comparing these two griddles from each company.

I have listed down their best features and tried to compare them for you to choose easier between them.

 They do have a lot in common, but the most important things are the differences.

You will be surprised how the other performs compared to the other griddle so keep on reading.

 We will also be tackling the performance of each grill when it comes to cooking many recipes.

I did add some of my favorites which you will surely like, plus some technicalities on each grill.


Cooking Surface

 This part mentions the type of material used in making the cooking surface and the size of the griddle. These are two of the important things that you should look for on a griddle.

 Both the 4-burner models from the company have 36 inches in length for the cooking surface.

This is one of the similarities between the Blackstone griddle and the Member’s Mark griddle.

 With around 26 inches in width, these griddles can cook up to 30 burger patties at a time.

They can make large meals in one go, so no one is left waiting for the food while the others are eating.

 Both grills have a total cooking surface of 720 square inches. With that, you will make the best large steaks, burgers, chicken, and many types of food that you want to cook.

 The Blackstone griddle has a cooking surface made out of hot-rolled steel. This is a durable material that can withstand high temperatures and can help distribute heat evenly.

 I prefer this material over the Member’s Mark griddle’s heavy-duty steel. While this material is great for cooking, it does not necessarily heat up as fast or as hot as the rolled steel.



I would go with the Blackstone griddle in this category, but the special feature of the heavy-duty steel on the Member’s Mark griddle is undeniably good at retaining heat, so it is still great.


Individual Burners

 When it comes to cooking the food that I love, such as steaks and burgers, I usually have side dishes, such as some tossed vegetables and sauce, or other lighter types of food.

 That is why I was so glad when I discovered these griddles as they have a large cooking space, but for me, it was the separate burners that made all the difference in cooking food. 

The burners on both of these griddles have individual knobs on them. Since they both have four burners, both griddles can cook in a 2-zone cooking space easily with no hassle of setup.

If you, for example, want to cook steak on one side, you can do that. You can then reduce the temperature on the other side of the griddle so you can saute some vegetables or garnishes. 

This also helps as none of these two griddles have warming racks. If you are not cooking a lot of food, you can put the cooked ones on the side and reduce the heat to keep them warm.

These griddles have automatic ignition, but I prefer the Blackstone griddle as it is easier to use. All you need to do is to push the button and turn the knobs on the burners.


Solid Construction And Material

 Another thing that you should consider when buying a griddle is the construction. You need to look for a solid build that you know will last for a long time so you can keep cooking with it.

 The Blackstone griddle is stainless steel, just like the Member’s Mark griddle. They do use thick steel, so you do not have to worry too much about corrosion.

These griddles can last for years as long as you also do your job in protecting them. You can make the best steaks and other recipes with these griddles with their amazing construction.

 The cooking surfaces of these griddles are also well-constructed, so you should not hesitate to cook heavy foods on them. They can take 2-pound steaks easily with no issues in cooking.


Cooking In The Griddles

 When I first started cooking with griddles, I heard of Blackstone right away. Since it is a trusted and proven brand, it was only natural for me to buy one from them, and it was great.

 I have only tried the Member’s Mark recently, and I have to admit, it does have some tricks up its sleeve. Both of them are versatile; they can cook anything I want, so let us get that out first.

 When it comes to cooking vegetables or other recipes that do not need too much heat, the griddles could create just enough heat to soften the vegetables without burning them.

 This can be easily done by controlling the knobs. I prefer the knobs on the Blackstone griddle as they were easier to control, and my hand did not slip even with oil all over my hands.


Nexgrill Griddle Vs. Blackstone Griddle

The side shelves on both griddles were extremely helpful, and I was able to prepare the other ingredients on them. I felt more comfortable with the sturdier Member’s Mark griddle.

 I was able to comfortably hang the tools I needed on the side of the shelves without worrying that they might collapse. So accessing my tools was easier with the Member’s Mark griddle.

 As for the finish on the food they produce, I think there aren’t many differences. They can both make a mean steak and burger with nice chars on both recipes and cooked centers.


Minor Features And Accessories

 I love the Member’s Mark grill when it comes to this category since they include useful features and accessories. You can use the handle of the shelves as a tool hanger for your tongs and spatulas.

 Both griddles also have a shelf underneath that is large enough to hold plates, pans, or other ingredients that you need when cooking. It helps keep everything at arm’s reach.

 What I liked is that Member’s Mark included a custom cover with their griddle. That means that after I have cleaned the griddle, I can just cover it and leave it outdoors instead of storing it.

 As for the Blackstone griddle, you wouldn’t need a cover as you can easily fold the legs and place the griddle inside a small storage area after cleaning it.

 Both of the cooking areas on these griddles have a hole in them, and you can use it to push the grease over and out of the cooking surface to clean it.

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 Under the holes are grease catchers that keep the grease while cooking. You can then easily discard the grease and then wipe the food residuals off the griddles before storing them.



 There are many things to consider when choosing the griddle that you want. Even if you are comparing just two models, you do have to look for specific features.

 The Member’s Mark griddle is an amazing and durable griddle that can cook anything you like. It has some features that no other griddles have, so it is worth the money. 

==> Check out the Blackstone Griddle

Blackstone griddle has already proven that they are great at cooking and that they can last for years. So it all depends on your personal preferences as to which griddle fits you best.

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