Nexgrill Griddle Vs. Blue Rhino Griddle

Nexgrill Griddle Vs. Blue Rhino Griddle- Better BUY?

There are many cooking appliances that you can get from the market right now—this Nexgrill Griddle Vs. Blue Rhino griddle comparison will let you know about two of the best griddles on the market.

 Nexgrill has proven that it can produce great griddles that you can use to cook any food you want.

You can choose from the many available models or the size of the griddles.

 While receiving some bad reviews, Blue Rhino has proven that it can challenge the best models in the market.

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The griddles they produce can also cook anything you like on them.

Blue Rhino

 Cooking with these griddles will let you enjoy the summer heat and fresh air from the outside.

You can set them up in the shade and then cook while you are having a refreshing drink.

 Both of these companies produce a lot of models that you can choose from according to your preferences.

Both produce large and small models, so you can adjust to whichever you like.

 We will be looking at the best features that each company offers with its griddles with this review.

Stick around as we get to see how they can cook and what they can do best.


Setting Them Up

 When it comes to any cooking appliance, you need to know how to set them up just in case you need to.

You also need to know where to place them, so you get optimal cooking performance.

 The problem with this is that some of the models from Nexgrill are too large to travel with.

You might find it hard to fit one whole griddle with a stand and all in your car, so you will need a pickup.

 The great thing about this is that you can order the griddle online and it would be delivered to your doorstep.

You get manual and step-by-step instructions on how to assemble the griddle properly at home.

Nexgrill 4-burner griddle

You also do not need to assemble the whole griddle.

The most important parts, such as the main griddle, come assembled, and you just need to install the wheels, handles, and knobs. 

As for the Blue Rhino griddles, there is no need for you to assemble too many parts.

Most of the models from them come pre-assembled, and so you can cook with them right away.

 Like most griddles, you just need to connect the propane gas tank to the griddle and then start cooking.

Set them up where you are most comfortable and make the best foods there.


Features And Performance

 Now that you know where and how to set up the griddles from each company. We can start getting into the real review by looking at the different parts and what they can do.

Here, we will be looking at the best features from the griddles of each company and compare them.

Plus, of course, we will see how well they can cook with a first-hand experience review.

 Note that some of the features mentioned below will not always be on each model from each company, but we will try to make it as general as possible, so you do not get confused.

The Build Quality And Materials

 For this part of the post, we will be looking at the 4-burner models of each company to see how well they build their griddles. We will also look at the materials used in making the griddles.

 Nexgrill has a history of making griddles that last for years.

You can trust them in making griddles that will allow you to cook food for many hot summer days and even through winter.

 The stainless steel general construction of the griddle is perfect for any weather.

It can protect the interior parts of the griddle, which can easily get damaged by changing temperatures.

 The cooking area of the griddle is made from hot-rolled steel and is very durable.

You can cook heavy steaks directly on it without worrying that it may fold or deform after cooking the steak.

 The Blue Rhino griddle is not that different from the Nexgrill. It is also generally made with stainless steel and a rolled-steel cooking area which is very durable for cooking any food.

 There are also some parts made with heavy-duty stainless steel, which helps in making the griddle more durable.

It is perfect for your patio or even in your backyard for cooking anything.


The Burners 

 Sticking with the same models, these griddle companies produce the most convenient griddles.

They have 4-burner models, 2-burners, mini-sized, and many other models to choose from.

 What separates them from other companies that make large 4-burner griddles is the individual controls. Yes, this is not a unique feature, but it is a need for large griddles.

Both of these griddle companies have made great griddles with this feature. That means that you can control the heat from either side of the griddle to cook different types of food.

 For example, you can cook steaks on one side, a recipe that needs a lot of heat, and then saute vegetables on the other side without having to wait for the steak to finish cooking.

 There is also a great sense of pride from each company because of the ability of their griddles to produce high heat for cooking large portions of food.

 You can be sure that the burners from each griddle model of each company can heat large cooking areas evenly.

This gives you the ability to cook food for many groups of people.

 What I think makes the Nexgrill better is the better ignition system.

The burners are lit by a battery-powered ignition which sets them immediately once you turn them on with the gas.

 Blue Rhino griddles have this feature on some models, but I have observed some struggles about lighting up the burners set farthest from the propane gas tank.



 So here, we will see the features that feel like just additions but are helpful in cooking. Many accessories come with the griddles of each company.

 For example, the Nexgrill 4-burner griddle has the best feature when it comes to storage.

Right underneath the cooking surface is a large cabinet that has heavy doors for storing anything.

 There is enough space for you to place a large 20-pound propane gas tank inside.

There is also a tray underneath which can hold plates, cups, or utensils that you need to use when cooking.

 The 4-burner griddle from Blue Rhino has a shelf instead of a cabinet under it.

You can put some utensils or other things that you might need while using the griddle or cooking on it.

 You will need a separate area for placing the propane gas tank on.

Both griddles come with wheels on their stand, so you can move them easily on flat surfaces and transfer them.

 What I liked most about the Blue Rhino griddle are the side shelves. 

These are unique and innovative side tables that you can use to place food or other tools on cooking.

 There are also side shelves or tables on the Nexgrill griddle, but what makes the Blue Rhino unique is that the side shelves fold inward and act as a cover for the cooking area of the griddle.


Cooking With The Griddles

 So now that you know, the important features of each griddle, let us see how well they can cook.

I have tried each of the griddles, and I can say that they are both versatile and hot.

 Preparing the food on the Nexgrill is perhaps more assuring than on the Blue Rhino.

I say this because the side tables, which are for preparation, are sturdier on the Nexgrill.

 The side tables on the Blue Rhino griddle are hanging by a hinge, while those on the Nexgrill griddle are permanent installations.

However, it can also be a disadvantage as it gets in the way.

 As for the cooking itself, I was able to cook burgers on one side while slightly sauteing vegetables on the other side.

Both griddles were able to do this easily, so I have no favorite here. 

Both of the griddles were pre-seasoned, so you can technically cook right away.

However, I suggest seasoning them again, so you have the chance to wash them as well before using them.

 When it comes to performance, I will go with the Blue Rhino griddle as it was able to produce enough heat for the cooking space that it provides.

The burners produce 62,000 BTUs for cooking.

 This means that for the large cooking area, you get enough heat for cooking anything you want.

Steaks, burgers, vegetables, and more are no exception as they cook to perfection.


Cleaning And Maintenance

 Of course, after cooking, you will need to always clean the griddles.

This is very important to keep the griddles from being damaged by food residuals or other materials around them.

 I suggest just wiping the exterior of the griddles and not washing them every after use.

The same goes with the cooking area itself, as it can absorb chemicals easily because of its porous nature.

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 One way to keep the griddle clean is to heat it after cooking to burn the food residuals and then scraping them off.

Cleaning out the griddles is easy with the help of the grease catcher.

 Both companies produce griddles that have grease catchers underneath the cooking area.

You just need to push the grease and the food residuals into the hole that goes directly to the grease cup.



 There are many models that you can choose from both of these griddle companies.

What I suggest is that you get the model that fits your lifestyle best. 

==> Check out the Nexgrill Griddle

If you like inviting people over to eat, then get the larger ones.

I choose the Blue Rhino griddle for the performance because of the ease of cooking and the powerful burners. 

Ease of use will easily go with the Nexgrill griddle as it is very convenient and provides everything you need, whether it be accessories, space, or power. So make your choice now!

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