Z Grills ZPG 6002b Pellet Grill Review

Z Grills ZPG 6002b Pellet Grill Review

With the new upgrade of features done in 2021, this Z Grills CPG 6002b review will let you know everything about the new pellet grill/smoker from one of the best grill companies.

 Pellet grills are great for making the best steaks with their searing heat. However, you can also be versatile with the recipes you want to cook to switch them into a smoker.

The problem is that they are usually very expensive and are sometimes not worth the money. That is not the case with the 6002b as it for smaller budgets with all the features.

 You can cook anything you want in this pellet grill as it even has its smoking setting. There are also many other cooking styles that you can do with this grill which we will discuss later.

 For most people, pellet grills often do not go to lower temperatures which means that they cannot smoke how they want them. However, this grill shows another side of that story with its smoker.

 The features that come with this grill upgraded, and for its relatively low price, I say it is so worth it. So let us take a look at the different features of this grill and see if it is good.


Set-Up Process

 The first thing that you need to do with this grill is to set it up properly. It comes in a huge box, and you will need to assemble all the parts to get started with your cooking.

 This is what I find as a disadvantage since most of the grills come assembled. However, it was not much of a hassle when I put this grill together as there were very easy-to-follow instructions.

 It does take time, and you will need at least an hour to set the grill up properly. All the screws packaged in a cardboard plane that labels them where you should put or assemble them.

All the parts fitted in the grill’s lid, so you need to be careful when you open and remove them as the other sharp parts might put a scratch on the beautiful bronze lid of the grill. 


There are two instructions that you get from the box. First, you have the instructions for assembling the parts and the other one is for the preheating or pre-seasoning process.

 I suggest that you build or assemble the grill in the area where you intend to cook as it is not the easiest thing to move. It does have wheels, but it does not go over rough terrains.

Plus, the grill overall is around 90 pounds which means that it is quite difficult to move around. Place it on the patio or in your backyard and assemble it right there.

 If you plan to smoke or cook with the grill right away, set at least an hour for the assembly and the preheating process to ensure that you will not end up cooking too late.


Build And Materials

 There is a lot of talk about the durability of Z Grills, and I can understand since the first time I looked at the grill, I did not trust how it has its thin lid and usual shape.

However, upon first use, I have observed that this grill has high-quality materials. The lid is made with durable stainless steel and has a coating with a bronze finish that also protects it.

The vent and the lid, the side shelves, and the main storage made with the same solid stainless steel build. This is great since it makes it lighter compared to heavy-duty steel.

 The two plastic wheels on the legs of the grill are also durable. They do not necessarily fold or dent, but they are pretty solid, meaning they sink when you move them over soft soil.

The other two legs have two rubbery plastic covers underneath which adds grip to the grill.

However, it does not slide off when you move the grill, so you need to lift those two when moving the grill. 


The only thing that can improve is adding more bolts to different parts of the grill. The rubber plastics on two of the legs just slide in, so they can come off easily if you are not careful.

The vent or the chimney of the grill is also only attached by two screws on both sides. While there is a mesh between the vent and the body to prevent leakage, it does not seem reliable.


Cooking Area

Once you open the grill, you will find two racks inside it for the cooking area. There are also two side shelves, the other one doubles as a cover of the pellet hopper on the left-hand side. 

The cooking area itself is porcelain-coated heavy-duty steel. This means that you can place large portions of food such as a whole turkey on it and it will not bend or break.

With that said, the height of the grill is pretty limited due to its two-rack system. That is why you will need to remove one of the racks to cook large portions of food or when smoking.

 The benefit you get is if you cook pork tenderloins or other foods that are not that bulky, you can layer them on the rack. That way, you will be able to cook as many foods as you want.

The total cooking space of the 6002b is 537 square inches. Add the two shelves you can use to prepare the food or keep them warm, and you get around 600 square inches.

What I loved most about this grill’s cooking space because it has a coating, which means that it does not allow food to stick to it. That is if you follow the instructions for seasoning them.


Versatility In Cooking

 When it comes to cooking, Z Grills is known for its amazing versatility. They add many options to the models of grills that it produces and make sure they function well.

 Like most of the company’s upgraded models, the 6002b has 8 different cooking functions, including baking, smoking, barbecue, char, and more, which gives you more options. 

That means that if you are having a party and you plan on cooking a lot of different recipes, you do not need to switch between the oven and this grill to cook all the food you need.

I figured that the best option for this grill aside from the grilling setting is the smoker. It perfectly goes to lower temperatures needed to slow cook the meat that I want.

The other settings are also easily accessible by referring to the guide included in the box. There is also only one knob for the controls, so you can find the setting you want pretty easily.


Cooking Power

 This grill has two main firepower settings where you can choose to either use the high temperatures it can produce or cook with the slow and low method with lower temperatures.

For direct cooking, you can set the 6002b grill to a temperature of up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit. This is enough to cook pizzas with crispy crusts in just 10 minutes or even less.



This is also perfect for searing meat and steaks that you want for a delicious meal. You can also go a little lower and cook some of your favorite baked goods with this amazing grill.

Aside from that, this grill can go as low as 180 degrees Fahrenheit and maintain that temperature up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Great for smoking meat or roasting chicken.

Since this grill has 8 different cooking settings, you should expect that it has a pretty wide temperature range. That did not disappoint as it has a lot of firepower and control.


Cooking In The Grill

 Of course, we cannot go off without talking about our experience in cooking with this very grill. In summary, this grill was great, but it does have some learning curves you need to know.

When I cooked with this grill, the first thing I noticed is that it was really easy to manage. You do not have to deal with heavy lids or hard controls as it offers you everything you need.

 The automatic electric ignition was pretty useful, and you can surely enjoy it as you will not need to light up the pellets manually. Just turn it on, preheat for at least 15 minutes, and it is ready.

 Speaking of pellets, this grill is one of the most efficient grills in terms of fuel consumption. After about 6 hours of smoking, the pellet hopper did not even use up half of the full load I put in it.

 This also meant that I did not need to refill the pellet hopper in the middle of cooking, although it does not disturb the cooking process even if you open the pellet hopper to refill it.

 There is also built-in heat distribution technology in this grill which helps prevent cold spots from occurring everywhere and cooking the food I like perfectly.


How Was Cleaning It?

 When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, you only need to do a few things. However, two features combine for easy cleaning and discarding waste, such as grease and food residuals.

There is a grease cup that you can find at the back of the grill. Just place aluminum foil inside it to not have to clean the cup itself after you cook.

The other feature is the grease catcher within the grill itself. I also recommend lining this grease catcher with aluminum foil to catch the food’s drippings.

From there, you can throw away the aluminum foil with grease on it and start the real cleaning. First, make sure that you brush away everything that is stuck on the cooking grates.

Do not use a hard-bristled brush as it might remove the porcelain coating of the grill grates.

However, since it does not allow food to get stuck on it, you can use a simple brush or even paper towels.



Ensure that you place the grill somewhere safe from rain and animals if it does not have a cover on and you are not using it. From there, it will be ready for your next cookout.

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The Z Grills ZPG 6002b grill is one of the best grills on the market. You can cook anything you want with it and you will be able to perfect all those hard recipes that you want to learn 

With easy control and various cooking settings, you can cook different recipes without changing the appliance you use.

It is also cheap to get the 6002b grill now as it only has limited stocks available!

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