How To Grill Rockfish With A Gas Grill

How To Grill Rockfish With A Gas Grill

There is a lot of fish that you can grill, and they all come out amazing. However, you should know how to grill Rockfish with a gas grill as they are trickier than most seafood.

Depending on your preference, grilling fish can be the best way to cook a fish. It brings a lot of flavors and leaves the meat of the fish flaky and tasty when cooked.

Gas grills cannot give that smoky flavor to the fish or any food because they do not use wood for fuel. However, they do have the right heat consistency to cook any seafood you want.

Rockfish is part of the Scorpaenidae family, which is a group of venomous fishes. That is why you should learn how to cook and handle them properly to be safely consumed.

When cooked properly, rockfishes can be tasty and firm. So instead of meat just falling into your mouth, you can savor the taste of these fishes as they can be quite firm when cooked.

Either way, this type of fish can also bring many flavors if you put it along with other recipes. They are very healthy and contain a lot of nutrients that help you strengthen the body.

Just like all fishes, you should know how to handle this fish on the grill, so you do not end up with mashed up or shredded fish meat on your plate. So we will guide you on that process.

There may be specific instructions to the recipe you are going for, but they all stick to one general rule: how to cook a whole Rockfish properly on the grill.

So stick around as we dive deep into these deep-sea dwellers to figure out how you can safely handle them and cook them on the grill for your next backyard party.


How Long To Grill Fish On A Gas Grill?

It is one of the general rules of cooking fish. You can order any type of fish you want, but you should always follow how long to grill and consume them safely.

Cooking fish on a gas grill should take around 8 to 10 minutes per inch. So if you have a 1-inch thick cut of fish, the time of how long to grill it should be 4 minutes each side.

It will cook the fish through the middle. When you cook fish for this long, you get to remove all the toxic chemicals inside it and other microorganisms in the fish meat.

There might be some types of fish with thicker and more firm meat, so you should also consult with the instructions and guidelines of the recipe you are trying to cook.

It is the general rule of thumb for fishes, so it may vary with particular fishes. You can also make sure that the fish cooks by measuring it with an instant-read thermometer.


Is It Safe To Grill Fish In Aluminum Foil?

Yes, it is safe to grill fish in aluminum foil. It is safe and improves the flavor and juiciness of the meat as it can keep all the moisture inside.

When you grill fish in aluminum foil, you also get to keep the shape of the fish. The meat will not stick on the grill grates, so the fish will not crumble into pieces when cooked.

You also get the opportunity to add any herb that you want. Put all the necessary ingredients and flavors inside the aluminum foil to help the fish absorb more of those flavors.



Preparing the Rockfish

There is a certain way to prepare a whole rockfish safely. That is why you will need someone to prepare them to prevent any accidents that may lead to hospitalization.

The spine of the Rockfish contains venoms that they insert instantly into the bloodstream. It helps them capture their food and prevent predators from eating them.

If you accidentally step on these fishes or prick yourself with their spine on top of the skin, you should seek immediate help to get you to the hospital and get some anti-venom.

So when preparing the Rockfish, make sure to wear gloves. Not the gloves made out of threads, but gloves made out of rubber to prevent pricking yourself with the fish.

Hold the fish down and then cut the spine and skin off by pressing down the knife from the fish’s head. Run the knife along the back of the fish and make sure that you remove the spine.

Once you have removed the spine and skin, fillet the fish by running a filleting knife from the tail. Leave the bones out and get all the meat that you can from the fish.



After you have filleted the fish, lay the fresh meat down, and then wash it if you want to. This will ensure that the whole meat is safe from debris such as crushed bones in it.

Pat the fish fillet down with a paper towel. This will absorb the water that you used to clean the fish so that the seasoning will seep right into the meat without the water blocking it.

Season the fish by sprinkling salt and pepper on it, or you can use your herbs and spices. Do not be too generous with the seasoning, as a thin layer or a sprinkle of it will be enough.

You can let the fish refrigerate for at least an hour or overnight. When it is ready, let it out of the refrigerator and then start the cooking process by preheating to make it good to grill.


Preheat the Grill

Fish is a delicate type of meat, so you do not need too much heat when grilling because the meat will be exposed right over direct heat and flames, so make sure to keep it intact.

Preheat the grill to medium heat while letting the fish go down to room temperature. This will make the finish even better, and the fish cooks evenly on the grill.


Grill the Rockfish

If you are not grilling in foil for cooking, make sure to put a generous amount of oil on the fish, so it is good to grill witholut sticking to the grates. You can put vegetable oil on the grill grates as well.

Put the Rockfish on the grates and then let it cook. Avoid moving it around while cooking, so you do not break the mead down and end up with meat pieces all over the grill.

Let it cook for about 4 minutes on each side if it is one-inch thick or longer if it is thicker. If you want to flip the fish, make sure to use a wide spatula to support the fish’s entire length.

Grilling in foil when cooking the fish will take longer, but it will also even out the cooking process. So if you use one, make sure to let the fish stay longer for about 5 minutes.

 You can also experiment with other seasonings or garnishes to make spicy grilled rockfish on your grill. A grilled whole fish like seabass, rock cod, Alaskan rockfish, and others are also great with this recipe.

Let the Rockfish Rest

Once the fish cooks through, place it on top of a paper towel to dry off the oil. Once the oil has dripped, cover it, or wrap it in foil and let it rest for 5 minutes.

Letting the rockfish rest for a while will bring back the juices to the meat. Therefore, when the fish is well-rested, the meat will be more tender once you serve it.

Squeeze some lemon juice on the fish and then serve!

 I also recommend cooking a Pacific rockfish recipe on your charcoal grill with your own homemade sauce. Baked rockfish fillets is also a great recipe for your fish fillets.


Rockfish is a truly rare but delicious food. It is often looked down on because of being venomous, but it is as good to grill if not better than most fish meats if you cook it properly.

Just make sure that you process it properly or ask help from others who have the proper experience when preparing the fish, as its venom can cause intense pain and bodily damages.

The venom of the fish can cause cardiovascular damages, which leads to difficulty in breathing. It also attacks the respiratory system, so be careful when preparing these fishes.

Once you remove the venom, you should now be able to cook the fish like any other. Make sure that the meat has turned opaque or if its internal temperature has reached 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is a truly great fish that you can eat when cooked. The Rockfish is delicious, and you can use it along with other recipes to bring a bit of sea flavor to your meal.

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