Ninja Foodi Grill Review- The best Indoor Electric Grill OUT THERE!

All great appliances need a spot in your kitchen but portable versions of the real thing need considerations. That is why this Ninja Foodi Grill review will see to those considerations.

Indoor grills are not that appealing when you first look at them. However, they pack a lot of surprises that will actually help you in cooking almost anything that you want inside your house.

The Ninja Foodi Grill is one of those grills that is powered by electricity so it really is safe to use inside the house. This grill is a great appliance that you should definitely invest in.

This is now one of the most sought-after grills in the market, especially during the lockdown. It gives people the opportunity to cook like they are using regular grills but inside their homes.

Many users, I for myself, have used this grill with many recipes. It is able to cook almost anything and considering its size, this grill will surely surprise you with how well it can cook.


It looks like a simple rice cooker but it does more than what a rice cooker can do. It is so powerful that you can actually cook any food that you want in it whenever you want to.

The simplicity of this appliance is what struck me most as I really did not assume that it will be that good. It was able to lift off some tasks for me without actually spending that much energy.

Keeping the design compact was also beneficial as it did not need to sit all the time on the counter. You can store it in small cabinets and bring it out whenever you want to use it.

So if you want to know more before actually purchasing this product, read on as we give you a detailed review of this product to let you know how well it performs and where you can use it.


Setting Up The Grill

The setup is pretty simple as all you need to do is plug it in a wall socket and let it run. There is no need for you to make space for this grill as it will fit in the smallest areas in the kitchen.

The one thing you should consider is turning it on when it is away from flammable objects. It does heat up pretty quickly and produces high temperatures so it is a little bit risky.

Some customers have been complaining about the size of the grill and say that it is too large but I totally disagree. It is one of the most compact indoor grills that have ever been produced.

Keeping it away from plastic materials is also a must. The sides of the grill are made with stainless steel and although it has great insulation, it can still heat up and melt plastic objects.

With merely the size of a plate, you can set up this grill on a separate table while you are cooking your mains on another appliance. It is a really fun grill to use and you should definitely get one.


The Grill Grate

Since you are going to use it mainly for grilling, it is best to talk about the grates first. Do not imagine the grill grate of this grill to look like the common one that is used in most grills.

The first thing that you will see in this grill is its non-stick feature. The grate is coated with a non-stick ceramic that cooks food without leaving so many residues on the grill itself.



The material is not specified in the product description but I think it is safe to assume that the grill grate is made out of heavy-duty stainless steel as it features a few small bumps.

It is also extremely durable so even when you drop it, you do not have to worry about breaking it. You can also cook heavy foods like steak in it and it will not be damaged during cooking.

In order to get the best out of the grill grates, it is best to preheat it with the grill before actually putting the food on it. This will get your food crackling with heat once you place it inside.




\The grates also produce marks on the food that you are cooking although not with straight lines. The grate has a cyclone-like design that beautifully marks the food when they are cooked.

The deep channels in between the grates also help in eliminating the fats and unnecessary juices from the food. The hole in the center then drains the fats and juices out of the grate.


Main Grill Features

When you first take a look at this grill, you will notice the elegance that was put in the design. It looks like one of those high-end appliances that do something simple for the users.

However, it does not stick to that notion as it is far from simple. The grill is a bit heavy considering its size but it does not take a toll when you carry it or when setting it elsewhere.

The lid is also a bit heavy and with a satisfying click to it when you close it, you can be sure that all the heat the grill produces is kept inside to cook the food properly without wasting energy.


Control Panel

The control panel is found at the front of the grill and sits perfectly with the lid. You will see the start and stop button beside the power button to secure the beginning of cooking after plugging it in.

The grill feature is found on the right side of the panel and by pressing it repeatedly, the grill automatically sets a temperature from low to max with two temperature options in between.

The display is at the center and on its sides are the temperature and timer controls. You can easily control them by pressing the up and down arrows on the labeled controls.

The left side of the grill has four other options that you can press to select either the Air Fry option,  Dehydrate, Roast, or the Bake option to preset the grill to the right temperature.



This grill is truly amazing and you should never underestimate it as it can heat up pretty quickly. After just a few minutes, the grill can go as hot as 500 degrees Fahrenheit inside.

This is the maximum temperature of the grill and it means that you can cook small pizzas or steaks inside it. It gives the right temperature for searing or baking any food that you want.

All the functions that you can select on the control panels can do what they were meant for. That includes the air frying option that gives you your food the same crispy texture.

Baking is also a great option as you can make pizzas with the grill. Along with that are the other options that you can just select so you do not have to specify the temperature that you want.


Cooking In The Grill

This grill is truly impressive as it was able to cook anything that I wanted. Burgers are the common recipe to this grill for me as it perfectly puts the grill marks on the meat.

Whether I go with fresh or frozen hamburger patties, the Ninja Foodi Grill was able to perfect the finish on the meat. It was able to cook the meat all the way through while leaving it juicy.

The closed lid helps in radiating the heat and cooks the food all the way through. One thing that I would want is for the lid to also put some grill marks as well on the food.

However, the lid does not press down to the food that you are cooking so you will need to actually open the lid and flip the food inside in order to get the same grill marks on the other side.



Since the grill’s interior parts are made with non-stick components, it is not that hard to clean the grill. The grill grate is removable so you should wash it with soap and water every after use.

Once you remove the grate, you will see the drippings underneath. Since that part is attached to the main grill, just wipe it off with a paper towel along with the outer parts of the grill.

Let the grill grate air dry or wipe it dry with towels and then put it back into the grill. From there, you can store the grill in a small cabinet and it will be ready for the next use.


Ninja Foodi is not the most famous brand when it comes to grills but it certainly should be. It produces grills like this one that is able to cook almost anything.

The Ninja Foodi Grill is a portable grill that you can use anywhere you are as long as there is an electric socket nearby. It can cook any food that you want in almost any way you want to.



It is very easy to use as you get to see the controls and temperature right away. So if you want a portable, convenient grill, then the Ninja Foodi Grill is definitely for you.

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