Perfect Bacon-Wrapped Beef Recipe On Traeger Grill 

Perfect Bacon-Wrapped Beef Recipe On Traeger Grill 

This perfect bacon-wrapped beef recipe on a Traeger grill is one of the most fun recipes to make. It is one of the best meals that you can cook easily with the help of this amazing grill.

 You can cook almost anything on a Traeger grill, and that included restaurant-grade meals. If you love a meaty meal, then this recipe will surely get you cooking more of it in the future. 

Beef is a great type of meat for grilling as it usually has nice marbling in it.

There are different beef cuts, so you can select the best one you want and make this recipe.

 Traeger also presents recipes that you can follow, which is one example of those recipes. What we do here is specify the things you need so that you can follow them easily.

 Bacon-wrapped beef might sound a little complicated, but once you know the basics of the recipe, you will be able to cook this one more easily, especially with the Trager grill. 

So follow the instructions and the recipe below and concentrate on the techniques first rather than the process itself. That way, you will get to master it and customize the recipe.


What You Will Need

 You can select any type of cut for this recipe and just follow the instructions. However, if you want an easy-to-cook cut of meat or you want to follow this specific recipe, then we have it here.

 What you need to get is the filet mignon cut of beef. This is a lean type of meat with a lot of protein in it, which is great as it contradicts the fats on the bacon later when cooked. 

Filet mignon is a lean cut of meat which means that selecting it will not be depending on the marbling on the meat. 

The most basic way to get one is to select the bright red cut of meat.

Suppose the filet mignon you see at the butcher shop has a rich red color, which usually means that it is fresh and has a slightly softer texture.

You can order it online from Snake River Farms.

Get the ingredients for the rub to season and tenderize the meat a little bit before cooking it.

There are no complicated ingredients for the rub, so there is no need to worry.

All you need for the rub are salt, pepper, garlic, and softened butter. 

That is it; you do not need a lot of flavors on the rub to avoid overpowering the flavors from the meat and the bacon.

 You will need about eight strips of bacon or more, depending on the thickness of the strips.

Make sure that one strip is enough to wrap around one steak or one cut of filet mignon.

 There are some other ways to make this recipe, but the easiest one is to cut the filet mignon into separate smaller steaks.

This will get you to cook them faster and more evenly as well.


Bacon-wrapped Beef Recipe On A Traeger Grill 


Step 1: Prepare The Rub

 In a small bowl, mix the salt, pepper, minced garlic, and softened butter. Whisk them well together until the dry ingredients are mixed evenly throughout the softened butter.

If you do not want to go through the hassle of mixing the rub yourself, you can get Traeger’s original Beef Rub.

It is a great rub that you can use on any type of beef steak that you cook.

Once you have mixed the ingredients for the rub, get the filet mignons and then rub the mixture on all sides of the meat.

Place the filet mignons on the side and let them rest for 10 minutes.


Step 2: Preheat The Traeger Grill

While waiting for the seasonings or the rub to seep into the filet mignon, fill up the pellet hopper of the Traeger grill and then preheat it to 450 degrees Fahrenheit with the lid closed.

Let it preheat for 15 minutes with the lid closed to improve the even heating inside the grill.

I also recommend getting the right type of pellets for this recipe to improve the flavor. 

Cooking the filet mignons will not take a lot of time, so they do not have much time absorbing the flavors from the smoke, but it still helps to match the flavor of the meat to the pellets you use.

I suggest putting the flame blocker as well underneath the grill grates to prevent flare-ups.

This will help prevent burning the filet mignon when it is cooking inside the grill at high temperatures.


Step 3: Cook The Filet Mignons

 While the Traeger grill is preheating, get the filet mignons and then wrap each slice with strips of bacon on the side.

Season the bacon as well, and then secure it to the meat with a toothpick.

Place the steaks directly on the grill grates and let them cook for 5 to 8 minutes with the lid closed.

Make sure that you do not open the lid frequently to keep a consistent temperature.

After about 8 minutes, open the grill’s lid and then insert the meat probe into the thickest part of the filet mignon.

Make sure to flip the filet mignon as well and then let it cook again.

Cook the other side of the meat for another 5 to 8 minutes before checking it.

To know the doneness of the filet mignon without opening the grill, check the internal temperature. 

If the meat probe reads 130 degrees Fahrenheit as the meat’s internal temperature, you can remove them from the grill. This means that the filet mignons are medium-rare.


Let The Beef Rest

Once the internal temperature of the filet mignon reaches your desired doneness, remove them from the grill and then allow them to rest on a cutting board or a plate before serving them.

As we have mentioned earlier, Filet mignon is a relatively lean cut of beef that does not have much fat in it.

That is why you need to let it rest before serving it to get a juicier finish.

By allowing the filet mignon to rest, the muscles inside will relax and absorb the juices inside the meat.

That way, you do not have to cut it while it is still tough and dry inside.

After letting it rest, you can then slice them and then serve. Another way of cooking it when you can slice them first and wrap each cut with bacon before cooking them.

However, I recommend cooking the filet mignons while they are still whole, so you get all the juices from the indies. That way, the lean cut of meat will become more tender when cooked.



 If you have leftover filet mignons wrapped in bacon, you do not need to put them to waste.

You can store them in a sealed container and then place them in the fridge for eating later or the next day. 

Storing the leftover bacon-wrapped beef in the fridge will get them to last up to four days.

 After four days, do not risk it and throw them away as they have developed bacteria that can be harmful.

If you freeze them, make sure to wrap them in aluminum foil before putting them in a sealed container.

This will prevent freezer burns and will get them to last for up to three months.



 If you think filet mignon is too expensive, you can go with other cuts of beef.

The same process goes with the other cuts, and the results are always great as long as you do it the right way.

 Make sure to invest in a good meat probe so that you can measure the accurate internal temperature of the meat and be sure what the finish or doneness of the meat.

 Also, remember to always let the meat rest after cooking, so it becomes juicy before slicing them.

Follow the instructions above and cook the best bacon-wrapped beef for your next meal!

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