Read this Before Ordering From Wild Fork Foods…

I have been buying a lot of meat recently for my weekend barbecue with family and friends. Having online shops to buy some of the best cuts of meat is truly a convenience.

Wild Fork Foods is one of the leading companies that offer online ordering and services to customers like myself but you need to read this to the end before you buy from them.

Here we will take a look at both the qualities of the products they sell and the customer service and the overall performance of the whole brand as a seller of high-quality meat.

St. Louis Style Ribs on Wild Fork Food

What are the downsides of the meat and the services they offer? This has been in my mind ever since I started buying from them and I figured you might be curious about it.

Is the meat they sell, of perfect quality? Where does it come from?

It is important to know where their produce comes from as it makes a difference in the quality of the meat.

I have found out many great things about Wild Fork Foods and some complaints, so you might want to read to the end of the post to see what other people say about this great brand.

What Is Wild Fork Foods?

Wild Fork Foods is an online retailer company that offers the best cuts of meat for affordable prices. They use blast freezing so the meat is fresh when it is delivered to your doorstep.

This online company became popular and convenient for people like us who love cooking meat, especially during the height of the pandemic.

Since the meat they sell is blast-frozen, the meat keeps its quality and is made sure to arrive at your house without any reduction in the nutrients and flavor of the produce.

The company also sells other products aside from meat, which we will look at later in this post.

It started in Florida in 1995 so it is a true pioneer for selling or delivering meat. It did not take long before Wild Fork Foods spread out across the country with different physical stores.

You can check out its story here as well.

If you are wondering who owns Wild Fork Foods, the name you are looking for is Edward Deutscher and the company is under JBS, which is a producer of quality meat to different grocery stores.

That is the basic information that you need to know about the company but what about the products they sell?

Are Wild For Foods Meat Any Good?

The meat from Wild Fork Foods are of great quality. This is according to the many reviews online and my personal experience from ordering food from the online store.

Like most customers, I agree that the cut of meat or beef from the loin and rib areas is of the best quality.

Short Ribs on Wild Fork Foods

Even when frozen, the cuts of steaks that I have ordered stayed juicy and tender once I was done cooking them. They were great and the flavor was exceptional!

Some reviews were not satisfied with the product saying that the products they got looked nothing like the pictures online, but apart from that, all the reviews were great.

How to order fromWild Fork Foods Ordering?

The ordering process from Wild For Foods is pretty easy. They ask for your zip code to see if they deliver to that area and then you can proceed to place your orders.

After reading a lot of reviews about the ordering process of Wild Fork Foods, I have found that many people are confused or complaining that they have been charged more than what their cart says.

From my experience, this has not happened as Wild Fork Foods has been very clear about the charges. 

For instance, there is a note below when you order from them that says there might be additional charges based on the slight variation in the weight of the meat that you order.

Wild Fork Foods selects the cut of meat that is delivered to you. The weight of the meat might vary and Wild Fork Foods cannot cut an exact 1-pounder all the time.

You will see this right before checkout and payment, so they do notify you about the charges. Stay aware.

If you order something that weighs 1 pound and if your actual order has 1.2 pounds, you get charged for the additional 0.2 pounds of the meat.

This is seen towards the end of the order as a side note, that you authorize your credit card for this additional payment, and in case you are charged extra before your order was shipped, then it means you were charged for some additional weight.

You can also add your tip to your order, towards the end of placing your order. This way, you do not need to separately tip the driver while they deliver your packages.

Look out for this box on the Wild Fork Foods website so you can tip your delivery driver online

This is something I love because I do not like tipping in cash and love to pay for everything online.

Wild Fork Foods Packaging

In my case and many other customers, the packaging of Wild Fork Foods orders is great. The meat arrived perfectly on my doorstep with some dry ice to spare when I could not claim it right away.

There are two options for the package. If you choose same-day delivery or pick-up, your orders will be packaged in an insulated bag that is packed with dry ice.

Wild Fork Foods ensures that your order will arrive in perfect condition by using an insulated box that is also pre-packed with dry ice for shipments that will take a day or more.

The bag packaging has enough dry ice that will last for 4 hours on your doorstep, while the insulated box has enough dry ice to last for a day.

I have not experienced leaving my orders outside for a whole day but that is their guarantee. It is best to get the delivery box as soon as possible and not let it stay outside for too long.

Wild Fork Foods Shipping

When you order from Wild Fork Foods, there are several shipping options. Unless you are a member, you will pay for the shipping fee.

However, I highly recommend subscribing to their membership as you only need to pay $29 a year, and all of your orders above $35 will be shipped free of charge.

You can opt for a $2.90/month plan and pay this membership fee in installments, instead of paying it all at once. If you order every month, then $3 per month for free shipping is a good deal.

You have to place orders above $35 as that is the minimum order value, and they do not process online orders below that value.

Wild Fork Foods also offers FREE shipping to everyone(member or not a memeber) if it is your first time ordering from them. 

Their customer service is also excellent as they typically reply within the hour, so if you have any questions regarding shipping and your order, you can rely on their customer service. 

You can also opt for pick-up if you do not want to be charged a shipping fee as long as there are nearby stores in your area.

If you are not a member, these are the shipping options from Wild Fork Foods:

  1. Same-day scheduled delivery – $4.95
  1. Next-day ground delivery – $9.95
  1. Two-day ground delivery – $14.95 to $19.95
  1. Next-day air shipping (minimum order of $50) – $35

So as you can see, while there are many shipping options available from Wild Fork Foods, the membership is still a great deal for paying $29 a year with free shipping for orders over $35.

When I ordered from Wild Fork Foods, I chose the next-day ground delivery and my first order arrived on time. The next was late by a day but they were really cooperative.

I was scared that the meat would be spoiled since I felt that they had packaged the meat in a way so it lasts just for a day or so.

But, when I contacted them through talk@wildforkfoods.com, and they told me to measure the internal temperatures of the cuts of meat that are not frozen solid.

Wild Fork Foods refers to the USDA guidelines, and according to that, any cut of meat with an internal temperature of over 40 degrees Fahrenheit should be thrown away.

This is important because food that has stayed too long outside and is over 40F might have bacteria that can be harmful even when cooked.

Some of the meat in my order were not frozen but was still below 40F internal temperature, so luckily, my orders were still in good condition after I tested them.

From there, I immediately placed the meat inside the freezer to keep them from bacteria development. As long as the internal temperature of the meat is not over 40F, you can refreeze your orders.

Price, Quality, And Taste Of The Meat

As I have mentioned, Wild Fork Foods sell quality meat for affordable prices. You can look at the reviews; most of them say that they are satisfied with the price of the meat considering its quality.

However, you should be ready for your orders’ tax and shipping costs.

The quality of the meat that Wild Fork Foods sell is great. I love ordering steaks from them as they stay juicy when cooked and are perfect for a hearty meal with the family.

The company highlights keeping their products fresh as they ship or deliver the meat in bags and boxes with built-in insulated coolers sot the meat keeps its quality.

I did not find any major differences in the flavor of the meat compared to fresh ones you get from butchers near you. The flavor stays the same, but in a good way.

Speaking of taste and flavor, Wild Fork Foods also sells dry-rubbed meat, a pre-seasoned or pre-rubbed cut of meat with spices that I am sure you will like.

There are selections of types of meat that you can get so if you are looking for cuts of meat other than beef, you can others like the following.

What Are The Different Types Of Meat From Wild Fork Foods?

As I have previously mentioned, there is a wide variety of meat that you can get from Wild Fork Foods. The first and most obvious are beef, pork products, and chicken and poultry products.

For the beef cuts, some of their best-selling products are wagyu, tenderloin, rib-eye, skirt steaks, briskets, and of course the dry-rubbed cuts that are pre-seasoned for you!

One of my favorite things about Wild Fork Foods is that you cannot find high-quality cuts of frozen meat that are sold online such as wagyu and rib-eye.

Ribeye Steak on Wild Fork Foods

For the pork options, you can order chops, tenderloins, Berkshire, ribs, bacon, belly, sausages, and dry-rubbed. The pork cuts are also of great quality with juicy and tender finishes.

Chicken and poultry products are also favorites from Wild Fork Foods where you can get chicken breasts, wings, drumsticks, thighs, or order the whole bird.

You can also find turkey cuts from the store for the next Thanksgiving dinner you are hosting.

If you want seafood, you can also order from Wild Fork Foods.

There are the more common options like salmon, trout, tuna, and whitefish while they also have rare ones like lobsters, clams, shrimps, octopus, and more.

As you can see, there are many options to choose from, so it has also got me wondering how and where Wild Fork Foods get these many options, all with good qualities?

Where Does Wild Fork Foods Source Their Meat?

Wild Fork Foods source their meat from across the country. There are different places that they get the meat from and each company they source meat from has a long-standing relationship with Wild Fork Foods.

The beef products are sourced from the slow feeders in Nebraska and Colorado. That means that the meat of the beef is perfect for lean and properly-marbled cuts because they are not rushed.

That means the cattle are not force-fed to produce more meat that is of lower quality.

Nebraska and Colorado are also two places that sell the best cattle because of the cold climate and wide grasslands where the cattle can feed freely and healthily.

Pork, chicken, and seafood are sourced from different parts of the country but you can be sure that the products are still of the same quality.

Chicken Wings on Wild Fork Foods Website

It is important to note that no matter what the company or producer Wild Fork Foods get the chicken from, they always make sure that the poultry is raised without antibiotics and hormones.

They are hatched on free-range farms in the US and are fed with non-GMO vegetarian diets.

All of the points mentioned above are promising so now I am starting to wonder how can I get my hands on these products, if you are thinking the same, then read on!

What Are The Delivery Options?

There are promos from Wild Fork Foods that you can afford to get benefits on the meat delivery. The standard delivery might be too much for you if you order frequently.

Some places in the US might also not be available for delivery so make sure that you are in one of these States to only pay for the standard delivery fee.

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North/South Carolina, California, Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Arizona, Nevada, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Washington D.C., Delaware, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey, Connecticut, Tennessee, Mississippi, Minnesota,Colorado, Nebraska, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico

These locations are updated as of September 2021 so make sure to see if the State you live in is available for delivery.

Same-day delivery depends on where you are and the standard delivery fee is only $4.95 which is good and affordable.

Note that there are Wild Fork Foods physical stores available around the country. This can make a difference in what the delivery fee might be.

If you leave in a place where there is a physical store around, Wild Fork Foods enforce you to order a minimum of $35 and $50 for national deliveries.

So you do have the benefit of being able to order smaller amounts of meat if Wild Fork Foods has a physical store near you.

The national shipping fee can range from $9.95 to $14.95 which is a huge disadvantage for places with a nearby physical store.

The delivery fees can be confusing because of the differences in the price and having a simpler, more consistent delivery fee would help, right? Well, there is so let’s continue.

Is There A Membership?

Luckily, Wild Fork Foods offer two types of membership. There is the standard membership available for people who leave near a physical store and the national membership otherwise.

Membership on Wild Fork Foods

The standard membership is a subscription where you will be paying an annual fee of $29.

What you get from this membership is you can buy the minimum order at any time and have a free delivery advantage.

If you are outside of the states or places where there is a nearby physical store, then you will need to afford the membership for national shoppers.

It is slightly more expensive at $49 a year, but it will be better if you frequently order from Wild Fork Foods since you do not have to pay a delivery fee every time you order.

You can check out the online store or the website of Wild Fork Foods and check out the memberships that will fit your needs as you are met with friendly customer service.

Customer Service

If you check the reviews about the customer service of Wild Fork Foods, you will see that it is one of the best customer services in the industry.

The call and email options are perhaps the best because they are extremely responsive. They make sure that you get your concern across and they immediately try to make a solution.

The online presence of Wild Fork Foods might not be the best but the call and mail service is perfect. I could not ask for a better way to address my problems and give solutions to my complaints.

There is a bot that answers most of my questions and when I was transferred to human support, they were very friendly and could offer solutions.

The outstanding customer service made me want to listen more when they promoted some of the rare products they have, which I was interested in.

What Are The Other Products From Wild Fork Foods?

Apart from the common beef, pork, seafood, and poultry products, there are also non-meat and exotic cuts that Wild Fork Foods offer like frozen fruits and vegetables.

If you want frozen fruits, you can choose from the options like strawberries, peaches, pineapple chunks, mango chunks, mixed berries, and mixed fruits.

Mixed Fruits, Snacks and fries on Wild Fork Food

There are zucchini spirals, mini potato hash browns, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, mixed veggies, babycakes, and more for the frozen vegetable options.

Desserts on Wild Fork Food

If you want to be more adventurous with your recipes, Wild Fork Foods offer rare, exotic, and healthy cuts like ostrich meat, rabbit, goat, elk, yak, bison, veal, and even alligator meat!

There are also plant-based products waiting for vegans so you never run out of options no matter what your diet is.

So Is Wild Fork Foods Any Good?

Yes, and absolute yes. Wild Fork Foods is a great store to try out new things or stick with common recipes that you love repeating or cooking at home.

People who love seafood and want to try out recipes with shellfish will find what they need here. Many options can help you become a better cook.

You cannot limit yourself to the basic recipes that you just find online, I encourage you to explore and be adventurous with the exotic cuts of meat from Wild Fork Foods.

Wild Fork Foods made sure that they started early and spread out quickly by using the advantage they get from the rise of the internet and social media so you can order from anywhere.

With the overwhelming variety of foods that you can get from Wild Fork Foods, you will never run out of recipes to cook for you and your family!

Photo Credits- Wildforkfoods.com

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  1. sorry wild fork foods has some great choices and a fraction what the other online stores cost. They offer a lot more products as well. The other meat online stores have you buy chicken and hot dogs with the cuts of meats you want. works out to 9 dollars a lb but for franks and wings, too much.

  2. I think the one you recommended is triple the price of Wild Fork Foods. Wild Fork Foods are awesome, not a thing wrong with pre-shrinking the meats as soon as they are cut, because although frozen, it keeps the freshness in. No way can you go wrong with Wild Forks, to many satisfied customers to be talked crap about!

    1. Well, I think it is a matter of personal preference. I just do not find ordering from them any different than getting it from the store or a butcher. In a way, I felt there was nothing NEW there but the one I recommended is expensive because they have high-quality meat which is good for online purchase but otherwise, I get meat when I go grocery shopping. I mean if it works for you then good, but in my opinion, I rather get it from SRF or my nearby store. I think it does come down to preference

  3. I did order from Wild Forks about a year. Happy with the variety and prices. Suddenly, it seems impossible to order on line. Cut off with no explanation whatever. Obviously, they now feel that they have a large enough customer base to require a paid “membership.” No doubt, the prices will also be raised soon. I think they will have a rude awakening, at some point. I know that many others are outraged about this very rude marketing endeavor.

    1. You pay $29 a year and get free unlimited shipping on orders over $50. Every other place Ive seen charges shipping every time.

  4. After three acceptable orders, ordered an ‘approximately 6lb’ pork belly. Arrived less than 3lb total weight and part of that was tiny trimmings thrown in to make weight. No response now a week later to my emails about it. Back to MeatnBone…more expensive but terrific customer service.

  5. I’ve been a Wild Fork Food buyer for two years now and I swear by them. It’s the only place I buy all our protein. We have several favorites including Ground Prime Rib, Citrus Chicken Thighs, salmon, shrimp, all their 5 lb resealable bags of chicken allow you to pull out what you need that day. Waghu is great and low priced. Plus their Dinner bag meals are really tasty. And all their prices are very, very reasonable. With my membership, I can receive or send orders anywhere in America for $2.90. That’s wild! We usually get a good size order every other week. And I made a lot of family members happy across the country at Christmas. I like the simplicity of their stores here in California too. I have zero problem finding everything. BTW their Beignets and Hamburger buns are fabulous too!

    1. You’re going to see prices slowly inch back up toward the rest of the industry.

      My assumptions and a few other companies believe they are willing to lose a certain predetermined amount on gaining market share, but at some point pricing will reflect the rest of the industry.

      Enjoy it while it lasts, they’re delivering a ton of meat at zero profit!

  6. They litererlly deliver at a loss on most products. At some point investors will want to see profit.

    Whatever they’re doing, it can’t be sustainable.

    4 lbs. of shrimp at $35 + $15 Shipping for $50

    That shrimp costs about $16 and that shipping costs about $35.

    That’s a net profit of $9.

    After you factor the labor, failed deliveries by UPS and customer returns/complaints — there’s nothing left.

    How long can they continue to do this is a mystery.

    BTW, I’m a competitor and we’re all equally baffled, most places price products close to ours, so the entire industry is baffled by Wild Fork.

    2 months ago they were delivering Sea Scallops cheaper than Costco was selling them per poud.

    1. Thankyou for providing this insight, I was wondering how can they have some products at such a low price point and now I think I need to redo this review!

  7. I have little regard for their prepared “ready to eat” soups, stews, etc. overpriced for what they are, not nearly enough good things. BUT the meat is more than competitive w/ local markets & uniformly good. Offer several levels of beef products. I especially recommend their hams as great values and delicious– as are all pork products we’ve tried. Roasts are significant values and tender.

  8. I would like to hear from someone about my order. I am left guessing if it will be coming tomorrow or next year. I do not need a specific date but to hear why it is late and that someone is working on it. I was told when it would arrive, planned a dinner party and then told it was not coming and to stay tuned. Please reach out. Thank you

    1. Hi, since I’m not associated with Wild fork foods, it would be best if you contacted them about it. Check out their official website for more help. Im sorry I cannot help you with your order.

  9. Recently a Wild Fork store opened by me. Wondering if their Seafood is farm raised; also do they only sell sustainable seafood?

    1. I’m not sure on this; you can send an email to them and get this cleared by their rep. Since these websites keep changing these things, it is best to ask them before ordering.

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