Weber Jumbo Joe 22 Vs Weber Original Kettle 22 Grill

Weber Jumbo Joe 22 Vs Weber Original Kettle 22 Grill

If you wonder which of these weber grills are better, check out this Weber Jumbo Joe 22 Vs. Weber Original Kettle 22  grill comparison. 

 Weber has been around for quite some time in the grilling industry. They have made many models that most customers love, and they continue to produce the same quality grills.

 The Weber Original Kettle 22 is the grill that started it all. It is the one that was a flagship product and has been the model followed in the next grills.

 That includes the Jumbo Joe 22, a large grill that is still portable enough to bring anywhere you want.


Weber Jumbo Joe 22

It is also a powerful grill that can cook almost any food you want to cook.

 They have many similarities since most of the grills from Weber come from the original one.

However, they do have their differences, and here, we will try to figure them out.

If you are a little confused about a better grill, then read on as we will be talking about the details, features, and cooking capabilities of each grill to help you make the best decision.


Getting Started With The Grills

 These grills are called portable grills for a reason. They do not need too much assembly, and they only weigh a few pounds which means that you can bring them away from your house.

 Setting them up is also not a hard task as you only need a table that suits your height when cooking since the grills can sometimes be too short for some people as they grill with them.

 However, they do come with their stand, which you can switch to shorter ones.

If you go for the original stand, you might not need any table to set the grill up and adjust to your height.


Weber Original Kettle 22


The other option is a smaller stand that you can use if you have your own working space in your backyard or on your patio.

If you have a table ready, then you can use the shorter legs for that.

 Setting them up does not include a lot of work, as you just need to place them where you are most comfortable.

Once you do that, you can start cooking by fueling them and starting them.

 As for the storage, you can either put a cover over them and leave them outdoors or place them in a small storage area just to be sure. They can withstand most outdoor elements.

 I do not recommend leaving the grills outside the house, especially when you are not planning to grill any time soon. Just get them inside and place them in a small cabinet.

 Aside from that, you will be ready to grill with these amazing portable charcoal grills. You can then start to discover the impressive features that we will take a look at next.


What I Liked About The Grills

 One way to compare these grills is to look at them and compare what they have in common, and see which grill does it better. So that is what we are going to do here in this post.

 We will try to look at what we love the most about the grills and see which of them has a better feature in terms of cooking, temperature range, capacity, convenience, and many more.



 Starting with the feature that almost had us not believing in these grills is portability.

This is where you will know whether or not you can bring these grills on your next cookout or tailgating. 

Even I got confused when I first saw these grills like the one named Jumbo is not as large as the Original Kettle.

So although the name leads to a large grill, they are both portable and light.

 The Original Kettle 22 is only 33 pounds with the tall stand included but is somewhere around 20 pounds without stand, so it truly is light enough to bring to long distances. 

The Jumbo Joe 22 is somewhere around 28 pounds with the small stand.

So since they are lightweight, you will not have to worry about transferring them onto the back of your truck.


Weber Original Kettle 22

 Their dimensions are almost the same as they have the widest measurement of only 23 inches; you can argue for 25 if you include the stand but all in all, these grills are pretty compact.

 That means that if you have a small car, you do not have to make too much space for the girls to fit in the trunk.


The Cooking Space

 So as we have said above, these grills are pretty small and compact. While that is an advantage for people who travel a lot, some may say that the small grills cannot cook a lot of food in them.

 However, these grills have a decent cooking area where you can cook a lot of food at once. These grills are great for cooking meals for a small group of people or your family at home.

The Original Kettle 22 and the Jumbo Joe 22 both have a cooking space that measures 22 inches across. Since they are circular, the cooking grates seem bigger than 22 inches.

Both grills have a total cooking area of 363 square inches. That means that you can cook two large fishes simultaneously on the grills or cook up to 10 burgers at a time with a lot of space.


Weber Jumbo Joe 22

What makes these two different from each other is the cooking grates themselves. The Original Kettle 22 has a steel-plated cooking grate that does a great job resisting too much heat.

It can prevent the food from burning by absorbing the heat and distributing it evenly inside the grill. This is also what makes the grill perfect if you want to put nice grill marks on your steaks.

The Jumbo Joe 22 has a more modern grill grate made with stainless steel and porcelain coated. This not only puts grill marks on your food but also keeps the fire in check.

I prefer the grill grates of the Jumbo Joe since they have a material that makes the charcoal fuel more efficient. They do a great job of absorbing heat for cooking evenly.


All About Temperature

 Since you will be dealing with high temperatures on these grills, you need to know what protects you, the food you are cooking, and the grills themselves from the intense heat they produce. 

These grills have lids, which are both made from porcelain-coated stainless steel. This blocks the cold wind from the outside so you can continue cooking at a consistent temperature. 

The lid also helps retain the heat inside by absorbing the heat from the charcoals and then bringing it back down on the food. This also makes for efficient use of charcoals as your fuel.

 The lids have their handle, and you can carry, remove, or place them on the grill whenever you want. You do not have to worry about the handles going too hot to handle with their shield.

 The plastic and rubber handles are stainless steel plate made, so the steam from the grill does not heat the handle and burn your hands when you lift the lid.

 Controlling the temperature of the grills includes a vent on the lid as well. The vent consists of four holes that you can adjust according to the temperature you want to cook.

 So you can either close them up or make them fully open to get maximum ventilation and temperature inside the grills. You can also slightly open them to reduce the temperature.


Cooking In The Grills

 My first time cooking in the grills, I was amazed by how powerful they are despite their small and compact design. They are truly great, and they can perfect any type of recipe you want.

 I did not find too many differences between the two when it comes to cooking, so we will go ahead and review how well they cook the food that you want on each of the grills.

 As far as convenience, I did not have to worry about other things when cooking. Even the lid is strategically placed on the grill side, so you do not have to put it on the ground when not in use.

 There is a dedicated hook on the lid which you can use to hand it on the grill. The cooking grates were a little hard to manage, especially with the Original Kettle 22 grill, but it was good.

 My only issue was that there are times when the grill grates absorbed too much heat, and they burned the fish or steaks on them. You can control this by putting the lid of the grill on.

 The Jumbo Joe 22 has a better grill grate, and the food does not stick to it. The heat it absorbs is mild, so it does not burn the food quickly, which gives you more control in cooking.

 Perhaps the thing I liked the most about these grills is the power they have. They can cook almost anything because of their ability to get to very high temperatures without burning the food.



 When it comes to cleaning these grills, there is no need for you to go through all the hassle. There is an ash catcher right under the grill for easy cleanup, and discard the charcoal as well.

 You do not even have to open the grill and remove the grill grate when you want to clean the firebox. Just use the one-touch cleaner underneath the grill and catch the dirt from the grill.

As for the grill grates, you can wash them with soap and warm water as they will not absorb any of the chemicals from the soap. Just make sure to remove all the food residuals from them.

I do not suggest brushing the grill grates with a tough brush as it might remove the plating. Just wash them every time you complete cooking so no food will stay on the grill grates.



As you can see, there are no huge differences between the Original Kettle 22 and the Jumbo Joe 22. This makes it even harder to decide which one is better or if there is one. 

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I prefer the Jumbo Joe 22 because of the amazing heat retention and the relatively better grill grates. However, you can still get the Original Kettle and do the same. 

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Since both of them are versatile, you can use them with any recipe you want. It is up to you which grill fits your lifestyle better so take a look at the features and see which is best for you!

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  1. A lot of info but not what I was looking for. I am trying to find out if all the attachments fo 22 inch Weber grills work on both grills. Also is one of the grills deeper than the other. Thanks.

  2. The Jumbo Joe’s bowl is definitely more shallow than the One Touch plus instead of the 3 slots w/ the 3-arm sweeps, the Jumbo Joe has a 1 large vent at the very bottom for both ash to fall onto the ash pan just as the One Touch

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