Ooni Pro 16 vs Ooni Karu 12

Why I feel Ooni Pro 16 is better than the Ooni Karu Pizza Oven?- Ooni Pro 16 vs Ooni Karu

Pizza is a very great food that you can enjoy any time you want. It is a great food to bond with your family or to make it with them using high-end pizza ovens such as Ooni Pro 16 and Ooni Karu.

The Ooni Pro Pizza Oven can cook Pizzas up to 16 inches in size, while the Ooni Karu is known for its portability and multi-fuel options that help you make 12-inch pizzas inside the oven as well.

Cooking pizzas at home will give you more ingredients to use. Keeping it fresh is the best way to make pizza to remove the notion that it is an unhealthy food to eat.

Making your pizza at home involves choosing your ingredients to keep the pizza healthy. It also needs to be cooked in the environment that they require to keep it authentic.


Ooni is a company that makes pizza ovens that are smaller than most ovens, but they have the power to keep the process as authentic as possible. That is what makes them popular.

The Ooni Karu is one of the recent models from Ooni, and it is also one of the favorites. It uses multiple fuels to keep the interior hot and ready for cooking authentic pizzas at any time.

Ooni Pro is one of the pizza ovens from Ooni that go a little bit out of the notion. It is not portable considering its size, but it has the features to keep it in small spaces for storing it.

Both of these pizza ovens are powerful and can cook pizzas in just minutes or sometimes even seconds. They make the process as authentic as possible without too much hassle.

So you need to stop cooking pizzas in your conventional oven and start cooking with either of these two. I promise you, the pizzas will turn out way better, so let us see what they have to offer.


Significant Differences Between The Ooni Pro And Ooni Karu

Buying a pizza oven is not as easy as you think. You will have to see which one fits your personality and preferences most to make the best choice before purchasing one.

If you are in a situation like this where you need to choose between two options, you need to know the differences between them to see which pizza oven will do better.

Keep in mind that these will stay with you for years if you take good care of them. So make sure to get your money’s worth and buy the best pizza oven according to your lifestyle.


Size and Cooking Space of the ooni pro and Ooni Karu Pizza Oven

One of the first things you need to consider is the size of the pizza oven you want to buy. That way, you will know how much you can cook and what platform you should set them up.

The Ooni Karu is a small pizza oven that has a width of 13.7 inches. That is large enough for you to cook 12-inch pizzas while having enough space to turn the pizza inside the oven.

Add two inches to that length to know how long or how wide you need the setup area. This is a lightweight pizza oven, so you will not need a very sturdy table, but then, better safe than sorry.


Ooni Koda 16 vs Ooni Karu 12
Ooni Karu 12


Ooni Pro is a slightly larger pizza oven that measures a little over 17 inches. The interior is just right for you to cook 16-inch pizzas in it, but it is a bit heavy, so you will need a strong table.

The Ooni Pro weighs over 20 kilograms or around 48 pounds, while the Karu weighs about 12 kgs. This makes the Karu relatively more portable, and hence it is more travel friendly than the Ooni Pro.

Both pizza ovens have portable features like foldable legs, so you can still cramp them in the car. Bring them with you in campings, tailgating, and other outdoor activities for a pizza.

The Ooni Pro is a nice pizza oven if you are entertaining a larger number of people, while the Ooni Karu is more suitable for a family of 4-5 people.

Either way, if you want to cook more food at once, then definitely go for the Ooni pro pizza oven as it is larger in size and cooks quickly as well.

The size of the pizza oven in any way does not affect the speed of cooking. Hence you can expect both the pizza ovens to cook food at the same rate even though the Ooni Pro is larger than the Ooni Karu pizza oven.



Firing up the pizza ovens is easy but keeping the temperature stable is another job. It involves air, which is sometimes uncontrollable and certainly unpredictable, so you need a bit of control.

Both of these pizza ovens from Ooni have chimneys that allow you to control the airflow inside them. The chimneys have levers that you can easily switch to limit or open up the airways.


With this chimney, you will control the amount of air that gets in and out of the oven. Therefore, you can also control the temperature that you need for the recipe in the pizza oven.

Now, since we are still talking about the differences, let us see what separates the two. The Ooni Pro is a far more advanced pizza oven because of its ability to control the air in other ways.

Aside from the chimney, you can also control the air in the Ooni Pro using other vents. The company installed another vent on the side of the pizza oven to limit the airflow.

The Ooni Karu also has the function to control the airflow and by opening a valve on the chimney. This way, you can control the flow of air in both the pizza ovens.

This function allows you to control the temperature inside the oven; hence, if you cook something that needs a lower temperature then, you can use this feature and cook your dish to perfection.

Both the pizza ovens have amazing heat retention, and you can cook pizzas inside them in under 60 seconds.



Speaking of air escaping, you need to limit it so that the temperature is consistent inside the pizza oven. The opening of the pizza ovens from Ooni is pretty large, which allows air to escape.

Now, to limit this, Ooni made sure that their designs are on top of the game. They made pizza ovens with drooping openings so that the heat does not easily go out of the oven.

You will be able to see this feature in pizza ovens such as the Ooni Karu. This is called FlameKeeper Technology and it works well so that the Karu does not need a door anymore.


Ooni Karu 12 vs Ooni Koda 12
Ooni Karu 12


However, the larger the pizza oven, the larger the opening is. Ooni Pro has the problem of keeping the inside the chamber if you leave the opening without the door.

Ooni made two doors for the Ooni Pro, where one has a large hole in the middle. Wide enough for the classic Ooni 14-inch pizza peel to be slid right in the hole to transfer your pizza.

The other door has a slightly smaller opening, and it is to keep as much heat as it can inside the pizza oven. The hole is for you to see the interior of the oven while it is cooking.



If you look at the maximum temperature of all Ooni pizza ovens, they all have 932 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because of the combination of design and features that they have.

They can produce that much heat, which is perfect for cooking pizzas. With that temperature, you will be able to finish one pizza in just 60 seconds.

The only difference between these two pizza ovens when it comes to performance is that they preheat differently, time-wise. The Ooni Karu only needs 15 minutes to reach the maximum temperature.

As for the Ooni Pro, you will need at least one refill of the firebox and 20 to 30 minutes to reach the maximum temperature. From there, these two are pretty much the same.


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Even their fuels are the same since they both use charcoal or wood. That means you can switch your fuel in the middle of cooking when you run out of the initial fuel.

Cooking inside both the pizza ovens is pretty easy, and it does take a little time to get to know the temperatures at which you can cook a pizza under 60 seconds, but once you get there, you can quick more than five pizzas in under 5 minutes, which is awesome.

You need to keep an eye on the pizza, though, because the Ooni pizza ovens cook pizzas quickly, and you can easily burn your pizza.

Make sure you turn the pizza after 20-30 seconds, so the pizza does not burn. The pizzas cooked by the ovens are the perfect Neapolitan style pizzas that you are looking for. The taste can take you back to the best pizza that you have had in a pizzeria.



The Ooni Karu 12 is a portable multi-fueled pizza oven that cooks pizza in under 60 seconds. While the Ooni Pro 16 is just a heavier version of the pizza oven with slightly more features.

You can cook double of the quantity that you can cook inside the Ooni Karu inside the Ooni Pro 16, so if you are looking for a larger pizza oven, then the Ooni Pro pizza oven is the perfect oven.


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Portable pizza ovens like the Ooni Karu are the perfect choice when you want it for portability. It is the perfect choice for camping, and if you have not been able to get your hands on this pizza oven, then now is the time to get it as both these ovens go out of stock pretty quickly.

You can pair them up with some of the best accessories from the Ooni pizza oven, I love their pizza peels, so if you do not have one, I highly recommend you get one from them based on your pizza’s size oven.

When it comes to choosing one amongst the two, I will go for the Karu as it is portable, but if you are looking for a pizza oven with more fuel options and versatility, then the Pro should be your consideration.

Check out both the pizza ovens and let us know what you think in the comments below!




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