How to make French Toast on a Griddle

How to Cook French Toast on Griddle {Tips and Techniques}

Even though it is not a usual part of our everyday breakfast, it is good to know how to cook French toast on a griddle as it is a really delicious type of toast that everybody enjoys.

It is easy how to make French toast on a griddle. I usually do it on a cast-iron skillet but since I tried cooking one on the griddle, it was hard for me to come back to my skillet method.

I have my Blackstone 22-inch Electric Griddle that I love using when I make breakfast.

It did not take long before I went and experimented with other recipes that I would not usually make in it.

French toast is one of my favorite foods to cook on the griddle.

Since I got used to cooking French toast in a skillet or on the grill, it did not take long to cook one on my griddle.

The surface of the Blackstone Electric griddle is not cast iron like a skillet but it is still great.

The ceramic titanium-coated material on the cooking surface is non-stick so it was easy to use.

Cooking this really simple recipe on the Blackstone Electric griddle is really easy but you have to know the basics. That is why I have here the best tips and techniques for you to use.

Can You Cook French Toast On A Griddle?

Whether you have the Blackstone Electric griddle like the one I have or any type of griddle at all, you will be able to cook French toast easily in it. I have tried it on a grill and it was really easy.

That is why making it on a flat surface can even be easier.

There are also other appliances that resemble a grill or a griddle like an electric skillet where you can cook French toast easily.

The good thing about this is that you do not have to worry about the toast sticking to the cooking surface.

The flat surface is able to distribute the heat evenly throughout the toast.

The hot surface evenly cooks the entire surface giving it that nice golden-brown crust.

This, in my opinion, is the best way to make French toast at home with your recipe.

If you use a frying pan on the grill, then you will almost certainly have the same experience as you do with griddles.

What Temperature To Cook French Toast On A Griddle

You have to keep in mind that you are not cooking a steak here.

Yes, the griddle needs to be hot but you do not need to put chars on the toast, you want a golden brown finish on the surface.

The best temperature to cook French toast on a griddle should be medium-high.

That is around 350 degrees Fahrenheit as it is hot enough but the temperature is not scorching hot.

This medium-high temperature will allow you to cook the toast with a golden brown finish.

The toast will be crispy on the outside but will still keep the moisture inside the bread itself.

You can simply set medium-high on the electric griddle that you have and you are ready to cook. If you have a single-setting griddle, then you would just need to keep an eye on the recipe.

How do you serve French toast?

The usual way of serving up french toast is with some maple syrup or honey, but there are other ways in which you can serve your french toast and some of them are-

– Peanut Butter
-Ham and Cheese
– Fruits and Honey
-Fruits and cream
-Peaches and whipped cream
– Nutella and chocolate chips
-Chocolate syrup
-Cinnamon and powdered sugar

The list goes on but these are just a few ideas, if you have more unique ways in which you served your french toast then should list them in the comments section below!

What Kind Of Bread Should I Use?

The general rule for the bread that you would use to make your French toast is something that is dry.

If the bread is dry, then the result will be a crispy finish on the outside or less soggy results.

If you use a thick slice of bread for making your French toast, then that would be great.

That means that it will be able to soak up the batter while also becoming crispy when cooked.

french toast with butter and honey

Again, the grill or griddle should not be too hot as it might leave the interior of the thick slice of bread soggy while the outside is burnt.

French toast also does not take long to cook.

I also recommend using stale bread, one that has been stored but not for too long.

If the bread is slightly stale, then you will be able to get the best results for your French toast recipe.


If you are worried about getting the bread soggy then make sure to not dip it for too long in the french toast batter.

You just have to dip thin slices in for thirty seconds on each side respectively. If you have a thicker slice then do it for a minute.

It is all about practice when it comes to knowing how long to dip the bread slice since different bread slices need different durations.

The second reason your bread gets soggy is that it is soft and fresh. Stale bread is hard and hence doesn’t absorb the french toast batter like a sponge.

The third reason why bread gets soggy is that the french toast batter is way too watery.

According to for every 2 eggs, you need 1/3rd cup of heavy cream, and trust me that works like a charm.

This actually works perfectly for me and hence I highly recommend you do the same! This way you do not end up with an eggy taste in your french toast.

It is preferred to use day-old or slightly stale bread but if you have fresh bread then you can air dry them or dry them in the oven.

How Do I Dry Out Bread For French Toast?

If your bread is a little soggy and you want it to have a firmer texture before cooking, I recommend putting it on the table overnight at room temperature to dry it out. 

You need air to freely enter the bread to dry it but make sure to cover it so the bread does not get contaminated. You can use a colander or a mesh cover to cover the bread.

There is also another method where you can use your oven to dry out the bread.

Put the oven at a very low heat and dry the bread inside for 15 minutes, flipping the slices halfway through.

Make sure to check the bread slices always and see that they are not burning inside the oven.

You do not need to start cooking them, you just need to get the excess moisture out of the bread.

How hot the griddle should be for French toast?

You need to cook french toast at a medium to high temperature. The ideal temperature should be about 375 degrees Fahrenheit and you can get it up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit too in some cases.

When you cook it at these temperatures you make sure that the griddle temp. isn’t too hot which can cause the outside of the toast to be crispy but the inside is soggy and uncooked.

How Long To Soak The Bread?

You might be tempted to just dip the bread in the batter and cook it right away on your grill or griddle. However, I recommend letting the bread soak for a bit for several reasons.

The longer you soak the bread in the egg mixture, the softer it will get. So this question can only be answered according to your preference as it will determine the texture you like.

Some suggest that you soak the bread for at least 15 minutes in the egg mixture.

This will result in something like toast casserole where the outside is crispy and has a soft, custard-like center.

The longer you soak the bread, the easier it will cook as well. You will not risk burning it immediately on the griddle.

If you just dip the bread in the egg mixture, you will just be covering the surface of the bread. The interior might stay soggy instead of it being creamy or soft inside.

The time that you spend soaking the bread in the egg mixture also depends on the thickness of the slices.

While it is ideal to soak the bread for just one minute, this depends on the thickness.

See, if you have thin slices of bread, then I would recommend that you only soak it for a minute while pushing it down gently in the egg mixture. If the slices are thick, you can go over 1 minute.

French Toast Recipe

Now that you know all the tips and techniques for making French toast, let us get to the recipe. This one is a very simple recipe that uses basic pantry ingredients that are easy to find.


-8 slices of bread

-4 large eggs

-1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

-1 teaspoon vanilla extract

-2/3 cup of milk

-1/4 cup of all-purpose flour

-1/4 cup of granulated sugar

-1/4 teaspoon of salt


Step 1: Preheat The Griddle

Once you have gathered all the ingredients, start the cooking process by preheating your Blackstone Electric griddle. Set the temperature to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and wait.

If you are using a skillet over a stovetop, preheat the skillet over medium-high heat. This is the temperature that you would use when you have simple toast bread or the like.

Step 2: Create The Egg Mixture

While the skillet or griddle is preheating, get a large bowl or a shallow dish and then mix all the ingredients (aside from the bread slices) and then mix them really well.

You can use a blender for this and then transfer the mixture to a shallow dish when done. I recommend a shallow disk over a bowl so you can soak the flat slices easier later on.

Step 3: Dip And Cook

Once everything is ready, grease the griddle surface with a thin layer of oil or butter. Dip the bread slices in the egg mixture (take note of the tip above on how long to soak the bread).

Place the soaked bread directly on the hot griddle and then let it cook for a few minutes. This will take about 2 minutes but it is best if you look at the toast itself and see if it is cooked or not.

Once the bottom of the French toast turns golden brown, flip it over and then cook the other side the same way.

Once done, you can then put the cooked French toast on a plate and then drizzle your syrup and granulated sugar over the toast.

Serve while it is still warm to enjoy the crunchy texture and delicious flavors!

Can you freeze French toast batter?

You can freeze french toast batter in an air-tight container. But the question is why?

it is easier to just mix egg and milk fresh rather than wait for the mixture to thaw once you freeze it.

I rather prefer to just put it in the refrigerator and use it within a day. Do not keep the uncooked egg and milk mixture for long in the refrigerator.

It is way easier to make the mixture in small batches rather than remove it from the freezer and thaw it every time you want a French toast.

Can you Freeze French Toast?

You can easily freeze french toast, and keep it in the freezer for 1-2 months.

Although I have never done this, a little research told me it is best to keep the french toast in the refrigerator for 24 hours to thaw before you reheat it again.

This is probably the best way recommended to freeze french toast and there is no difference in the taste of the french toast.

Let me know if you have ever frozen french toast yourself and how was the experience?

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